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Appoquinimink School District October 13, 2011 Appoquinimink School District October 13, 2011 Delaware World Language Teacher Leader Network.

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1 Appoquinimink School District October 13, 2011 Appoquinimink School District October 13, 2011 Delaware World Language Teacher Leader Network

2 Welcome and Introductions Appoquinimink School District Brandywine School District Caesar Rodney School District Capital School District Christina School District Delaware Department of Education Delaware Military Academy Delmar School District Milford School District New Castle County Votech School District Red Clay Consolidated School District Sussex Technical School District

3 PART I Network Vision Network Membership and Organizational Structure Network Board Nomination Process

4 Network Vision The Delaware World Language Teacher Leader Network envisions all Delaware students graduating from high-school college- and career-ready with high levels of proficiency in languages other than English. Proficiencies in world languages are life and work skills that give Delaware students a competitive edge.

5 Network Mission The Network exists to build district capacity to ensure that all students are leaving Delaware high schools with levels of proficiency in languages other than English that will be beneficial for them as academic or workplace skills. The Network will develop and continue to foster world language teacher leaders in districts and charter schools who will provide their districts with:

6 Vision and leadership regarding proficiency-focused world language learning in general; Assistance and guidance in implementing the world language graduation requirement; Assistance and guidance in using multiple measures of student growth for evaluation of teacher performance (DPAS IIComponent 5); An understanding of the use of data to inform instructional and programmatic decisions in order to implement appropriate interventions and set measurable goals and objectives; Opportunities for sharing their expertise in a variety of targeted areas for world language professional learning, especially for Race to the Top world language professional learning communities (PLCs).

7 Guiding Principles The purpose of the Network is to develop and support world language leadership in the districts and charter schools. To this end, Delaware World Language Teacher Leader Network participants will:

8 Liaise with their district administration about world language issues, policies and concerns to guide/lead district colleagues in the design and implementation of programs that promote high levels of world language learning as a life and workplace skill; Refine knowledge about key issues related to world language learning such as proficiency-based learning, and can-do assessments; Identify their dominate leadership style and understand what impact that has on how they can lead efforts in their districts and charter schools more effectively; Develop an understanding of the seven quality types of effective leaders and how to strengthen targeted areas; Develop a repertory of facilitation strategies to help district administration or fellow world language teachers reach consensus and/or make important decisions regarding world language learning.

9 Network Participation Large Districts: 2 Participants Small Districts: 1 Participant World Language Teachers (Elementary, Middle or High School) District Curriculum Supervisor

10 Network Meetings 4 Meetings per Year: OctoberNew Castle County (Oct 13) JanuaryKent County (Jan 12) AprilSussex County (April 19) JulySelection by Board Chair (July 12) 9 am-3 pm Agendas/Parts Minutes

11 Network Governance Members of the Delaware World Language Teacher Leader Network will include representatives from each district and high school charter school* in Delaware who have signed MOAs to participate fully in all aspects of the Network and the Education Associate for World Languages from the Delaware Department of Education.

12 Network Board The World Language Teacher Leader Network will be governed by a Network Board of six people. Members of the Teacher Leader Network will approve the Network Board which will made up of one World Language Teacher Leader from each county, one district curriculum supervisor whose duties include the supervision of world language teachers, an invited university world language teacher educator (non-voting) and the DOE Education Associate for World Languages. The Board will serve a two-year term.

13 Network Board Purpose Establish and approve operating policies and practices for the Delaware World Language Teacher Network that promote the goals of improving proficiency-focused world language learning throughout the state; Take a leadership role in developing and overseeing a strategic plan for K-12 World Language learning in Delaware, including teacher professional development; and Promote partnerships among the states districts, charter schools and universities to enhance the learning of world languages K-12. The Network Board may establish sub-committees to identify and manage projects related to the vision and mission of the Network.

14 Network Board Chair The Network Board will elect from its membership a Board Chair who will serve a two-year term. A Board Chair shall not serve more than one consecutive two-year term. The Board Chair shall be responsible for collaborating with the Board and the Teacher Leader Network at large to organize the quarterly meetings, establish meeting locations, set meeting agendas and facilitate the meetings.

15 Board Chair-Elect The Network Board will also elect from its membership a Board Chair-Elect who will serve a two-year term in preparation to become the Board Chair for an additional two-year term. The Board Chair-Elect shall be responsible for representing the Board Chair in his/her absence and shall assist the Board Chair in his/her duties as requested. The Board Chair-Elect is the only four-year term position.

16 Board Nomination Process How do we elect the Network Board? Process for Nominations Procedure for Voting Voting

17 PART II World Language LeadershipFinding Your Leadership Style Seven Quality Types of World Language Educational Leaders

18 World Language Teacher Leaders What does leadership mean in the field of world languages? What are the diverse styles of leadership? What are the qualities and traits of leaders? What is my own leadership style? How does my leadership style affect my ability to work effectively with different groups of people?

19 Glanzs Five Essentials Everyone can lead in some way to some degree in a given situation at some time. All leaders are not the same. Leadership styles, personalities and traits vary greatly. No one way of leading is better than another. Each leader is talented in a different way. Effective leaderships depends on context. Matching the right leader to a particular situation is the most important. Effective organizations need all types of leaders. Different leaders positioned strategically throughout a school or district can contribute greatly to organizational effectiveness.

20 What is your leadership style?

21 Leadership Quality Types Primary Quality Types DYNAMIC ADAPTIVE CREATIVE Secondary Quality Types AGGRESSIVE ASSERTIVE SUPPORTIVE

22 7 Quality Types DYNAMICADAPTIVECREATIVE AGGRESSIVE Dynamic Aggressive (DAG) Adaptive Aggressive (AAG) ASSERTIVE Dynamic Assertive (DAS) Adaptive Assertive (AAS) Creative Assertive (CAS) SUPPORTIVE Dynamic Supportive (DS) Adaptive Supportive (AS)

23 Dynamic Aggressives Charisma and Control Natural Leaders (CEOs, Superintendents) Enjoy power and thrive on it Center of all activities; may not be good listeners Often create love-hate relationships 0.5% of the people you will meet Famous Dynamic Aggressives: Margaret Thatcher, Martin Luther King, Jr., Franklin Roosevelt, Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosovic

24 Dynamic Assertives Nonconformists and Spontaneous Personally magnetic Intelligent and Introspective Creators of Social Change Creative and Process Oriented Can be stubborn and controlling Not always liked by Dynamic Aggressives but can be a good balance 5% of the people you work with Famous Dynamic Assertives: Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt and Ralph Nader

25 Dynamic Supportives Sincere Friends Charismatic, Warmhearted, Sincere, Reliable Humorous and Compassionate Bridge Dynamics and Adaptives Willing to help others; may experience depression May be lazy and procrastinators Optimistic 15-20%

26 Adaptive Agressives Resourceful, Social Aware, Goal-Oriented Behind-the-scenes operators Develop firm relationships with Dynamic Aggressives and somewhat with Dynamic Assertives Unique ability to transform ideas into action Lead by example 10%

27 Adaptive Assertives Practical leadershipsupervisors, managers department chairs and principals Dependable in a crisis Organized, neat, focused Status-quo; traditional and predictable Can exhibit compulsive and intolerant behavior Clash with Dynamic Supportives and Creative Assertives 15%

28 Adaptive Supportives Majority of teachers Trustworthy and trusting of authority Functional, dependable workers Works to avoid conflict Need to be empowered and encouraged Respond best to Dynamic Supportives

29 Creative Assertives Right-Brain Problem Solvers Introspective and Expressive Bright, Fresh IdeasDifferent View of the World May have mood swings and unpredictable behavior Works well with Dynamic Assertives and other Creative Assertives 5-10% Famous Creative Assertives: Woody Allen

30 Contributions Leadership QualityContribution to Group Dynamics Dynamic Aggressives (DAG)Vision Dynamic Assertives (DAS)Reform Dynamic Supportives (DS)Collaboration Adaptive Aggressives (AAG)Persistence Adaptive Assertives (AAS)Organization Adaptive Supportives (AS)Integrity Creative Assertives (CAS)Imagination


32 Reflection What did you notice about the characteristics of your leadership style that either positively or negatively impacted the work of your group?

33 Actualizing a Leadership Role Leadership StylePage Numbers Dynamic Aggressives (DAG)26-27 Dynamic Assertives (DAS)36 Dynamic Supportives (DS)43-44 Adaptive Aggressives (AAG)52-53 Adaptive Assertives (AAS)60-61 Adaptive Supportives (AS)68-69 Creative Assertives (CAS)76-77

34 PART III Delaware World Language Learning Landscape Setting the Network Agenda Next Steps Upcoming Online World Language Learning Webinars

35 Delaware World Language Learning Landscape Expansion of Languages Arabic American Sign Language (ASL) Chinese Governors Chinese Language Initiative Red Clay Consolidated School District 2 Visiting Teachers from China Online Mandarin Chinese Language Course

36 World Language Graduation Requirement 2 Credits for Graduating Class of 2015 2 Credits of the Same World Language Credits by Course Completion or Demonstrated Proficiency

37 Summer Language Learning Chinese: Sea Dragon King Summer Camp, Lewes, Cape Henlopen School District and the Department of Education, July 2011 Italian: La Mia Piazza Summer Camp, Wilmington, Red Clay School District, July 2011 Hindi: Hindi Summer Camp, Newark, Del Tech, July 2011

38 International Visiting Teachers International Visiting Teachers (MOUs) Spain: 10 Visiting Teachers France: 1 Visiting Teacher China: 2 Visiting Teachers Greece*: 6 Visiting Teachers

39 Governors World Language Expansion Initiative

40 DPAS II Component 5 Student Growth Measures Work Team (17 Members) Cohort 1 Priority with ELA, mathematics, science and social studies Work Dates: October 3-4; November 14-15; December 6

41 Upcoming Webinars Technology-Based Language Learning Rosetta Stone Monday, October 17, 3:00-4:00 pm Middlebury Interactive Languages Wednesday, October 19, 3:00-4:00 pm

42 Next Steps Voting New Board Conference Call (December) Survey for Discussion/Network PD (PLCs) PDMS for Registration for January Meeting Reading Assignment from Finding Your Leadership Style and Viewing of Module 3, Influencing World Language Departments Webinars/Report Summaries

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