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New Jersey Private Well Testing Act Vas Komanduri & Marc Ferko Office of Quality Assurance.

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1 New Jersey Private Well Testing Act Vas Komanduri & Marc Ferko Office of Quality Assurance

2 What is Private Well Testing Act ? Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) is a new law. The law requires homeowner wells to be tested in NJ before the sale of property is effected The law requires testing before a property is leased The Law went into effect September 14, 2002 Tests shall be conducted for specific contaminants

3 What to test for PWTA? pH Nitrates Total Coliform Arsenic (Required only for 10 counties in North and Central region) Certain Metals (including Mercury in 9 Southern counties) Volatile Organic Compounds, and Gross Alpha Radioactivity (implemented in a phased manner)

4 When is the Gross Alpha Testing Effective? March 15, 2003 Starts in Cumberland and Gloucester counties

5 How Many Counties require Gross Alpha Testing? Initially 2 Southern counties. 4 additional counties by September 2003. 6 additional counties in Southern and Central by March 2004. In all 12 counties by March 2004.

6 What is the Approved Method for Gross Alpha Analysis? 48-Hour Gross Alpha Testing is the approved method for PWTA The Department is certifying Labs for the method

7 What is 48-Hour Gross Alpha Testing? Based on EPA 900.0 Method Is a Double Counting Method First counting must start within 36 to 48 Hours from sample collection If Gross Alpha >5pCi/L, count the same planchet for a second time

8 48-Hour Gross Alpha contd.. Second counting shall be 20 - 24 Hours after first count Report second count data Use Th-230 alpha source for calibration of counting efficiency of the gas proportional system

9 Why 48-Hour Gross Alpha Testing? Allows complete decay of short lived 222 Rn progenies Reduce contribution from unsupported 212 Pbnearly by 80% to the Gross Alpha Activity

10 SAMPLING REQUIREMENTS Samples collected for the PWTA must be collected by either a New Jersey Certified Laboratory or a Laboratory Authorized Representative. Samples must be tested for pH under PWTA, and that must be done by a NJ certified Laboratory. Samples for PWTA must be collected and Preserved in accordance with N.J.A.C 7:18 Regulations

11 SAMPLING Contd.. Samples must be collected prior to any water treatment If water treatment system is in use, the system must be disconnected. If new well or no tap on the subject property, collect sample at wellhead.

12 REPORTING REQUIREMENTS The Laboratory shall report results within five (5) business days after completion of tests The Laboratory shall submit results electronically to the Department.

13 Laboratory Certification The OQA certifications apply for the following parameters under PWTA –Sampling (1 st Time offered) –48-hour Gross Alpha Testing(1 st Time offered) – Chemical Testing – Microbiological Testing

14 CONTACTS PWTA Hotline: 1-866-4PW-TEST Office of Quality Assurance: (609) 292-3950

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