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Improvement SAE Book The Improvement Project is designed to be used by anyone attempting to improve the value or appearance of the home, place of employment,

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1 Improvement SAE Book The Improvement Project is designed to be used by anyone attempting to improve the value or appearance of the home, place of employment, community, or school; the efficiency of an enterprise or business, or the living conditions of the family.

2 Improvement SAE Book Unlike the other SAE Books/Project types, the Improvement SAE will usually involve a number of diverse activities or a series of steps over a long period of time or days to complete the project. A separate SAE Improvement project is not completed for each individual improvement project. The SAE Improvement project should encompass all activities and improvement projects conducted during the record year.

3 Improvement SAE Book Individual Improvement Projects may be completed by: Only the student With the help of others or family As part of a much larger group or class Regardless of the type of individual improvement project, you can not keep SAE records as both an improvement project and another type such as Skills and Tasks or Entrepreneurship.

4 Blank pages or parts of blank pages will be shown during this presentation. General directions will be given followed by entries for an Improvement SAE Project. New entries will be shown in Blue Print.

5 Agreement - Contract Pages
Pages 1 and 2 Agreement - Contract Pages These pages are a legal agreement between the signing parties. It must be typed or written in ink. It must be signed in blue or black. It should be completed before the SAE project begins.

6 Page 1 Remember that these must be used throughout the SAE Book
Improvement Project 3 The Enterprise Name and Number should be the same throughout the entire SAE Project Book. The Enterprise Name and Number should appear the same on the Cover, Pages P-3, and S-1, as well as the Improvement Project Pages. It should also be noted that the Enterprise Name will apply to all individual improvement projects during the record year. For this reason the Enterprise Name: Improvement Project may be most appropriate.

7 You are now ready to start the actual contract or agreement
You are now ready to start the actual contract or agreement. This information must be agreed to by all parties. The information must be typed or entered in pen. The student name should appear the same throughout the SAE book. Page 1 Remember the following as you complete the agreement pages.

8 You are now ready to list the individual improvement projects that will make up your Improvement SAE Project for the record year. The agreement page allows for twenty separate projects, but can be reduced or expanded as necessary. Note and then follow the highlighted directions for naming the projects. Page 1 Note the variety of project types. Some are done individually, while others are completed with a group. Some projects may be completed at home alone or with family members, while others are done in the community or as part of a class project. The key is to use you imagination when developing your project list.

9 Remember to enter the correct Enterprise Name, Number, and Student Name on the top of all pages within the Improvement SAE Section. Goals for the project should always be complete sentences and are shown in blue. Poor goals are shown in red. If you have more than 10, add supplemental pages. Page 2

10 All SAE projects may have special conditions or arrangements that should be taken care of before the project starts. This is especially true for an improvement project, since there could be major expenses with little or no income. It is best if all parties know what to expect before the project begins. Page 2 If the project is being conducted on the property of other individuals, you must make certain that all parties understand who and how expenses will be covered and in what time frame. Even though this agreement page does not require signatures of a third party, you may want to have some type of signed agreement to prevent possible misunderstandings in the future.

11 Page 2 To complete the agreement or contract on pages 1 and 2, all parties must sign the agreement.

12 Introduction to Pages 3 - 5
A major difference in the Improvement Project SAE Book as compared to other types can be found on pages 3, 4, and 5. The student must complete a page 3, 4, and 5 for each individual improvement project that is listed on page 1.

13 Page 3 Remember to enter the correct Enterprise Name, Number, and Student Name on the top of all pages within the Improvement SAE Section. The Improvement Name and Improvement Number must agree with the information on page 1. Remember that you must complete pages 3 to 5 for each project listed on page 1. When placing the these pages in the SAE book group all Project 1 pages together followed by Project 2, then Project 3, etc.

14 Page 3 Give a brief description of the project. It should provide the reader with an understanding of what will be done during the this improvement project. Information on labor, various steps or tasks, and expenses will be provide later on pages 3 and 4.

15 Enter the jobs or practices that need to be done for successful completion of the improvement project. Each practice should have a start date and an estimation of the hours by the student and others needed to complete the project. For good planning and organization, it is recommended that you list the practices in the order that they would be started. Page 3

16 The proposed budget of cash costs is exactly what the name implies
The proposed budget of cash costs is exactly what the name implies. Before the project begins you must be certain that funds or financing are available to cover the expenses. There should be an understanding as to who will pay any needed expenses. This should agree with the information on Page 2. Try to make the budget as accurate as possible. Also remember that you may be able to take advance of sales if you plan in advance. Page 4 Enter the information at the top of page 4 for each of the individual improvement projects before starting the project budget. Additional information should include the expected starting and ending dates. Remember these dates and the expenses to be added next are your BEST guess before work and project actually begins.

17 The costs from the proposed budget should be totaled before the signatures are attached. Even though there is not a place for a non-family member’s signature, you may want to have a third party sign this page if a third party is paying the expenses for the project. Page 4

18 Page 5 Page 5 should be duplicated many times so you can tell the story of your Project in pictures. Drawings, blueprints, or plans can be included depending upon the actual project. The photos you use may show before, during and after the project. You will need to decide how to best tell present the information. Include a description or a narrative with each photo. Note: Since you should not combine photos from different individual projects on the same page, it is not necessary to list the improvement project number besides the photos since this information is given at the top of each page 5.

19 Page 5

20 Page 5 Most likely you will have larger photos and use smaller print for the descriptions. For this presentation the photos have been made smaller and the print larger so the viewer can read the descriptions and have an understanding on how to proper complete these pages. Remember to group the page 5’s in order by project number.

21 What goes on the Page 5’s? Many projects should have before and after photos. Other items to be included on page 5 based on the example individual improvement projects on Page 1 would include such things as: landscape plans, copies of the Eagle Scout ceremony program, newspaper articles and bills; copies of Kelly Blue Book value showing the change in values from a truck in poor to excellent condition. Remember to use your imagination to document your SAE project.

22 Carefully look at pages 6 and 7 and read the directions before making entries. You will enter the Enterprise Name and Number and Student Name just like the previous pages, but there are some additional items that need to be addressed before starting. Pages 6 & 7 Next decide if you want to enter time units as hours or minutes and then circle that unit. Suggestion: Use hours since it will make book closeout easier. First make certain that the project numbers are listed on page 1 and you don’t change their order. This will be needed to properly complete your daily log. Once these items have been completed you are ready to start making entries on page 6 and 7.

23 When completing your daily log, you should make your entries in complete sentences. Enter both your time and the time of others that was used to perform the various tasks. Pages 6 & 7

24 Pages 6 & 7 Note that the daily log is in chronological order, not in order by individual improvement project number. Some projects such as the class project will have many more hours by other individuals than by the student keeping the records. Once pages 6 and 7 are filled with entries, make additional copies of page 7 as needed to complete your records. Totals at the end of the year for each individual improvement project should be transferred to 9.

25 Page 8 ALL expenses for ALL individual improvement projects are entered on page 8. Entries should be made as they occur. Remember to use the correct Project Number when entering the expenses. You must enter expenses paid by both the student and by other individuals. Even though there is not a way to separate on this page, this will need to be done on Page S-1 when the SAE book is closed out for the project year. If a large quantity of expense entries are paid by other individuals, you may want to have one page 8 for student paid expenses and a second page 8 for non-student paid expenses.

26 Page 8 Expenses are entered in order they occur during the year.
Each expense entry must have a project number that corresponds to the project found on page 1. Enter a description of the item(s) purchased and the total cost. Enter quantities and cost per unit when practical.

27 Page 9 Next transfer all individual improvement project names from page 1 to page 9. Total the hours for both student and other labor from pages 6 and 7, plus expenses from page 8. If the SAE book is done on the computer, these totals will have been automatically transferred. Page 9 is a summary page. After completing the information at the top of the page, make certain that all project hours are in the same unit (preferably hours). Total all columns and then transfer only the student totals to page S-1.

28 Page 10 Page 10 should be used to evaluate all of the individual improvement projects. Evaluations should be completed by the student, parents, teacher, or other individuals that have been involved with the various projects. More than one person may write an evaluation on the page. Try to group the evaluations for individual improvement projects together when possible. You may want to have a separate page 10 for each individual improvement project; however, this is not necessary especially when some individuals supervise or oversee numerous projects. Make certain that the evaluation identifies the individual project or project number that is being evaluated.

29 Page 10 Project 1 – Painting the Living Room March 12, 20xx – Jim Smith – I completed painting the living room and the new carpet and furniture has been ordered. During the project I learned that removing old wall paper, and fixing up plaster walls is more difficult than I expected. The actual painting was what I expected; however the preparation and cleanup were much more difficult. The only unexpected item was the need to replace one of the receptacles. I personally think the room looks great and can’t wait to have friends come over to our home. Jim Smith March 13, 20xx – Jacob Smith – Jim finished the living room project and did a great job. I am proud of the fact that he was able to complete the project within the time frame that was set up. He has developed a much better understanding to time management and the need to complete projects on time. Of course the fact that the TV could not be used while the project was underway may have had a factor in when the project was completed. At first Jim had difficultly understanding the need for proper preparation, but once I showed him the results of a poor job, there were no more problems. He quickly learned how to properly use all the tools for this project. The new carpet should be installed in a week and we plan to allow Jim to have his friends over for a party in two weeks. Jacob Smith In most cases the evaluations will be completed in pen. If the evaluations are entered into the computer version or typed, the person giving the evaluation should sign or initial the final typed statements. In cases where the teacher has little or no supervisory oversight of the project, comments may be entered on the common pages i or ii in the front of the SAE Book during an SAE visit or at another time. April 23, 20xx - RJMcKlosky – I saw the living room and the photos didn’t do justice to the job Jim did. RJMcKlosky

30 If you still have questions about the Improvement Project SAE Book, review this presentation again or talk to your agriculture instructor.

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