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SAE Record Books Presented by Allison Touchstone Kuna High School Ag Department.

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1 SAE Record Books Presented by Allison Touchstone Kuna High School Ag Department

2 SAE Record Books  Who? All students required to maintain an SAE Program  Why? Basic Record Keeping Skills Part of the course of study for all ag classes

3 SAE Record Books  What Idaho SAE Record Book Hard Copy OR Electronic Version  How? Work with students to figure out SOMETHING they can use Abridged record books

4 Inside Cover  Student Name – Be sure to include this – it transfers to other pages  Years degrees received – It says YEARS for a reason, do not put x’s

5 Inside Cover SAE Programs in this book – Type these in!! They transfer to a variety of locations throughout the book

6 Goals Page  Highlight text that is there BEFORE adding goals  Encourage students to fill out goals for ALL applicable areas

7 Activities Page  Encourage students to fill this out completely as they go through your classes  REMEMBER the state degree application calls for a MINIMUM of 5 activities above the chapter level AND a chapter office or chairman of a major POA committee. If they keep track as they go, it will be easier to fill out award applications  ONLY INCLUDE activities from that calendar year!! With the exception of freshmen, they can include activities from the fall of the school year.



10 Improvement Program  Have parent signature  If students have a home improvement project, they should NOT include improvement activities on this page.  Have instructor signature


12 Inventories  Titles transfer automatically  Beginning Date should always be January 1.  Closing Date should always be December 31.  CURRENT ASSETS –will be used up or sold within the calendar year. Feed, Market Animals, Seed, Crops for resale  NON-CURRENT ASSETS - will be on hand and used for more than the current year. Breeding animals, equipment, etc.  Separate inventories for each project  DO NOT INCLUDE PERSONAL ASSETS NOT RELATED TO THE PROJECT AT HAND.


14 Balance Sheet - Assets  Combination of all projects  Inventory totals transfer automatically  Beginning Date is always January 1  Closing Date is always December 31  DO NOT INCLUDE PERSONAL ASSETS NOT RELATED TO THE PROJECT AT HAND.

15 Key in this total Auto transfer

16 Balance Sheet - Liabilities  New book has the balance sheet on one page  Key in liabilities as appropriate  DO NOT INCLUDE PERSONAL LIABILITIES NOT RELATED TO THE PROJECT AT HAND.

17 Liabilities and values must be keyed in Lines 6-9 calculate automatically

18 Generic Budget  Can be used for any type of project  Open ended  Appropriate for specialty projects as well  MAKE SURE STUDENTS TRANSFER BEGINNING INVENTORY TO BUDGET PAGE  Make sure students estimate closing inventory  Be sure income and expenses are reasonable. Students may forget to include a cost for feed if they work for their parents to pay for feed Be sure that hours they work for parents are shown as a cash value for income here and in journal


20 Be sure to estimate sales, do not let students include animals to be on closing inventory. Make sure students estimate values of assets at the end of the year (12/31).

21 Be Sure to Key in Total

22 Agreements  Agreements MUST be filled out for ALL projects. If a student has more than one of a project type, split the space.  Placement/Work Experience – for all employment projects  Self-Employment – for all ownership or entrepreneurship projects  Research – for agriscience projects  Fill this out completely – who is responsible for what.  SIGNATURES!!!!!!

23 Weight and Loss Record  For all animal projects.  Weight tracking for market animals  Calculate average daily gain and days on feed automatically.  Record any animal or crops losses

24 Breeding Record  Animal Projects  Planning for births  Ancestry Tracking  Breeding Efficiency

25 Cash Flow  Break down income and expense into categories for analysis

26 Skills Record  Encourage students to fill this out as they go as appropriate to their project  Skills are required on proficiency applications

27 Journal  Record of Daily Transactions  Record hours worked for parents as a cash income in the journal.  Record expenses that are traded for work as cash transactions in journal.  List ALL HOURS a student works in the journal, paid or not. These are needed for award applications.  BE SURE to transfer information from the left side to the appropriate project column on the right side.

28 Hours of labor toward a project List item purchased or sold Item transferred to SAE All 3 of these should say YES if both pages completed correctly

29 Summary Page  Totals used for tracking efficiency  Totals used on a variety of applications  Student’s overall income and expense  Be sure to have students key in efficiency factors

30 All Automatically Transfer Automatic Transfer Key In this Date All Automatically Transfer & Calculate

31 All expenses automatically transfer & calculate Auto Transfer Key in numbers on 1 st line, units on second

32 Common Oversights  Losses and births NOT recorded  Ending inventory of one year DOES NOT match the Beginning inventory of the following year.  Personal assets mixed in with SAE program assets  SAE Program Titles not listed on cover  Dates not listed on inventories  Agreements not completed and signed.  Animals not tracked for state degree applications

33 Abridged Record Books  All students are supposed to have an SAE  The whole record book can be intimidating  Abbreviated versions include only what is needed for that project type  Primarily used for students NOT applying for degrees and awards  Helpful for freshmen and/or new students

34 Abridged Record Books  Livestock  Crops  Ag Business

35 SAE Record Books QUESTIONS??

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