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The good have no need of an advocate Plutarch Expanding Educational Access for Girls.

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1 The good have no need of an advocate Plutarch Expanding Educational Access for Girls

2 Reality *At the current rate of progress, Millennium Development Goals of universal primary education and gender parity are unattainable.

3 Engaging to achieve MDGs – Assess and strengthen assets to achieve gender equity program goals – Advocate for resources and action

4 Sample INGO Gender Assets 10 years ago intense investment in gender – Staff training in gender analysis: HQ, field, all levels – Program principles, norms, incentives instituted – Requirements for disaggregated data and reporting 10 years later Value and awareness very strong! Gender and female focus in programs Gender analysis and systems not – Less than 25% of trained staff in place – Staff out of touch with gender discourse

5 Advocacy: No NGO is an Island… Changing roles: pursue mission AT SCALE! INGOs embedded in international NGO networks for – Program implementation, gender assets – Policy and resource advocacy INGOs increasingly called on to – Organize networks of local and national NGOS – Mentor those NGOS in program and Advocacy

6 NGO Advocacy Environments and Allies/Assets: – international, e.g. Save the Children Alliance – national, e.g. Basic Education Coalition – Local, e.g., Basic Education Network, Ethiopia Differences INGOs must engage – International, national, 3 rd nation environments – rights/evidence based approaches

7 International Advocacy Rights based : – every child/person has rights – every state has responsibilities Evidence based : – education can be achieved – education drives productivity, health and reproduction, democratic and global citizenship Tension, example, Community Schools

8 Evidence: Quality is a gender issue Quality has differential gender effects on – household investments in – Academic achievement Malawi comparison of 1.Government schools 2.Government schools plus Save the Children teacher training (MTTA, USAID supported) 3. Save the Chldren Community schools with teacher training, community ownership and management, more active learning and smaller class sizes

9 Advocacy: synergy of rights & evidence US based INGOs, relative to Euro and Southern NGOs rely on – Use evidence base to develop messages that typically appeal to the targets self interest – Bring diverse actors and resources to the table – Use communications approaches rooted in advertising Segmenting audiences Specifying behavior change / results targets Avoiding confrontation and negative messaging Euro and Southern NGOs generally emphasize rights – CRC – EFA/MDGs – Holding governments responsible

10 Engaging differences between rights & evidence based advocacy Rights based promotes the transformative goals of CRC, EFA, MDG – Transforms local norms and expectations – Maintains political pressure and will – Holds governments responsible Rights based advocates for equitably distributed investments in social goods, e.g. – Primary agenda must not be sacrificed in pursuit of secondary – Rights must not be sacrificed to efficiency, e.g. reaching disbled, pastoralists, remote or small minority groups…

11 Engaging differences between rights & evidence based advocacy Evidence based advocacy – Distributive : pragmatism, Who gets what?- at least until the pie is big enough to meet all needs What approach gives the best outcome? – balance of efficiency and effectiveness, coverage and quality – Diverse: opening the space for diverse providers, diverse content – Neo-liberal, instrumental: equity will come… some day, maybe… * Disclaimer: Views expressed are those of presenter, not…

12 INGOs advocating for gender and education Rights based advocacy? Advocate for quality? Advocate for access – to primary? – To secondary? Are these either / ors? Are we successfully engaging our differences? Are we effectively advocating for this girl?

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