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Rhyming Words Ms. Antonietta Sosa.

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1 Rhyming Words Ms. Antonietta Sosa

2 Rhyming with Dr. Seuss Reading Dr. Seuss Books help us to learn rhyming words! *What makes a rhyme? *Story Time “The Cat in the Hat” By: Dr. Seuss *What was the story about? *What are some words we’ve heard in the story? * Video on Rhyming words *Rhyming Words Practice *Fill in the blank rhyming Quiz *Reference

3 What makes a rhyme? As a class lets think of a group of words that rhyme….. Start with Cat: Bat Hat Mat Pat Rat ALL THESE WORDS RHYME!! All we did here was change the “c” in cat to a different letter to make new words. We can do this with all types of words… So we see that the ending sound of a word is what makes them rhyme.

4 Story Time

5 What was the story about?
Who were some of the characters? What words stuck out to you from the story? Did you hear a lot of words that rhyme?

6 What are some words we heard in the story that rhymed?
Hat Cat Play----- Day All Fall Down--- Gown Bump--- Jump

7 Video on Rhyming words

8 Rhyming Words Practice
On this worksheet you are going draw a line from the left that matches with the word on the right. Use different colors to show which words rhyme together. Do the same with the pictures below. FUN FUN!

9 Fill in the Blank Rhyming Quiz
Use the word box to fill in the space with a word that rhymes with the given word. 1) Book ________ ) Hat __________ ) House ________ 4) Dad _________ ) Tall __________ ) Star __________ 7) Dish _________ 8) Can __________ ) Pen __________ Ten Pan Ball Cat Far Mouse Sad Fish Hook

10 Summary Today we learned about rhyming words and what they are.
We read “The Cat in The Hat” By: Dr. Seuss. We did a fun practice and took a quiz after. Enjoy rhyming!!

11 References Worksheet: Video:

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