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1 D1 Oils Dr. Piet van der Linde Barcelona September 20-21, 2007.

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1 1 D1 Oils Dr. Piet van der Linde Barcelona September 20-21, 2007

2 2 Summary D1 Oils: Vision and Background Management and Structure A focused upstream strategy Jatropha curcas L. Plant Science and Agronomy

3 3 Vision and background Vision: To become a global leader in biodiesel supply by building a global supply chain that is sustainable and delivers value from earth to engine Background AIM (LSE) listed IPO LSE AIM October 2004 £40m raised in initial two funding rounds (October 04 and June 05) Returned to markets December 2006 £46m raised to take company to cash positive phase Focus on Agronomy Joint venture with British Petroleum from October 2007

4 4 Structure and Management 2 core elements Upstream D1 Oils Plant Sciences –Plant Science and Agronomy D1-BP Fuel Plants: –Plantation management –Oil Extraction Downstream –Refining –Transesterification –Trading Strong management team Chairman: Lord Oxburgh former Chairman of Shell CEO: Elliot Mannis former CFO AWG

5 5 Focus of upstream activities Focus on biodiesel feedstock species that are Non-edible Avoid competition oil for food vs fuel. Sustainable Environmentally elastic Avoid competition with valuable ecosystems Avoid competition with land for food production Avoid excessive use of (drinking) water High yielding Make feedstock economically viable Social value creation Job/economy creation in emerging markets Optimal use of byproducts

6 6 Normal biodiesel feedstock options Rapeseed Palm Soybean Alternative biodiesel feedstock options Jatropha Pongamia Camellina Crambe Focus of upstream activities

7 7 Jatropha curcas L. (jatros = doctor, trophe = food) Tropical/subtropical shrub Originates from Central America Grows 30 degrees latitude north/south Sustainable High yield of non-edible oil Environmentally elastic Stimulates rural economic development Biodiesel fit Oil produces high quality biodiesel

8 8 Biodiesel fit Edible Iodine CFPP

9 9 Energy balance

10 10 Plant Science and Agronomy – D1s differentiator Mission: Create value through the application of state-of-the-art plant science and agronomy on Jatropha curcas L. and other inedible biodiesel feedstock species. Strategy: By-products value/ha Oil value/ha Phase 4 Genetic Modification Phase 3 Hybridization and Marker Assisted Selection Phase 2 Classical Breeding and Product Placement Germplasm fingerprinting Phase 1 Agronomy research and Accession testing Molecular Marker Platfrom Phase 0 Germplasm collection Crop Domestication

11 11 Plant Science and Agronomy – D1s differentiator Traditional crop development: New Crop development 30-50 years 20-25 years What is the retirement age in plant biotechnology these days?

12 12 Plant Science and Agronomy – D1s differentiator Activities Breeding and Technology Development Product Placement and Agronomy Research Multiplication Sustainable Oil Supply Program

13 13 D1 Oils Plant Science Key achievements Selection of high oil / ha yielding accession collection. Multiplication program of first selected accession. Launch of Sustainable Oil Supply Programme. Global, regional and country R&D network implemented. Cooperation agreement with Keygene on molecular breeding.

14 14 Natural variation in oil content in Jatropha

15 15 Natural variation in nature

16 16 Natural variation in oil composition in Jatropha

17 17 Multiplication of Jatropha

18 18 D1 Oils Plant Science R&D Network

19 19 D1 Oils Thank you for your kind attention

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