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“The Tell-Tale Heart Stations”

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1 “The Tell-Tale Heart Stations”
You must label every station. Label your paper correctly. We will work on the stations Wednesday and Thursday in class. You must turn them in Friday. You will have sslam time on Friday to finish any stations not completed!! We will not work on these in class on Friday!!

2 Station #1 IDEA Vocabulary
You may write on this paper. Choose 6 words and complete the chart. Be sure to complete each section thoroughly. Remember to choose 6 different things for elaborate on all 6 words. (You can not use the choices more than once.)

3 Station #2 Drawing Activity
You work for a newspaper as the staff's artist. One of your coworkers comes to you with a great story on Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" and asks you to illustrate it. For this news assignment, you must do the following:  Choose a memorable scene from the story (example: the murder scene, the confession scene, etc.) and illustrate it in color. Give an explanation of the picture - what is happening in this scene? Be as specific as possible. You must write at least 5 sentences explaining.         Finally, you must include two kinds of figurative language, which you come up with on your own, to make your description more interesting (choose two: alliteration, onomatopoeia, metaphor, simile, idiom, and personification) You may refer to your literature book under literary terms to refresh your mind on figurative language. You are to draw on the plain white paper and it must be colored.

4 Station #3 Comic Creator
You will need to create a comic strip/movie slide with at least six blocks that summarizes a portion of the story “The Tell-Tale Heart” Think about six important parts of the book. In each movie clip, sketch the scene that shows that important part. Remember details that you see, feel, taste, and hear. Write a short title for each scene on the top of the clip. This will be your rough draft copy. When you are finished, you will need to use the comic creator for the finished product. You may write on the paper provided.

5 Station #4 IPODS 1) First, push play on the iPod to play “The Tell-Tale Heart song.” Look and Listen to the words as the song plays. 2) Please write the questions on your own paper. Then read and answer the following questions in complete sentences: A. Describe your mood prior to hearing this song. B. How do you feel after you have listened to it? C. What is your opinion of the song? What judgement would you make about the songwriter? What choice would you have made if you had his same feelings? What is one question you would ask in an interview with the narrator? You may need to listen to the song more than once. **On the back of your paper, draw a picture of your visualization as you listen to the song.

6 Station #5 Computer Research
1) Using the internet, look up information about the author. 2) Write the answers to the questions at your station on your own sheet of paper. 3) All questions must be complete! **Questions may also be found on my website if you run out of time in class!! ***You may use any search engine you prefer. When you finish the author research, work on the comic creator. The website is on the back of the research questions.

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