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Comments and Tradeoffs for NexSAT

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1 Comments and Tradeoffs for NexSAT
Prepared by Alan Schuster Bruce - Presented by Andy Lovett Eurocontrol NexSAT Steering Group Brussels, 20 May 2003 Thales Avionics

2 Thales Avionics Satcom Activities
20 May 2003 Teamed With Honeywell In 1990 to: Develop Arinc 741/Inmarsat/AMSS terminals For airlines, business jets and military Over 2500 systems produced. Manufactured over 500 antennas for business jets The leading aero satcom terminal provider in Europe Thales Avionics

3 Thales Assessment for Eurocontrol of NexSAT
20 May 2003 What are the key issues? What are the tradeoffs? Recommendations? Are there any show stoppers? Thales Avionics

4 Services, Coverage Area and Channel Types
20 May 2003 Services Thales believe these should be: simultaneous 1 voice & 1 data but needs confirming based on operational requirements Investigate 2400 bps voice codecs Determine data rate/confirm 1000 bps is acceptable Coverage area Spot beam services should be included to allow simpler terminal - especially for smaller aircraft RF Channel types - Thales recommend Those available on existing Inmarsat equipped aircraft A type based on global beam A type based on spot beams Thales Avionics

5 Link Budgets Comprehensive link budgets must be produced
20 May 2003 Comprehensive link budgets must be produced The heart of any satellite system design Thales Avionics

6 Channel type 20 May 2003 Need to be optimised since link budget is always ‘under pressure’. Thales suggest: Use turbocoding to improve link budget User rate Coding Total Voice 2400 3/4 3200 Data 1000 1/2 2000 Control (est) 200 400 5600 RF Channel SR for QPSK 2800 Thales Avionics

7 HPA Issues 20 May 2003 HPA efficiency (inclusive of PSU and controller) will rise from 30% to 40% Aviation industry does not like uncooled boxes due to installation and reliability issues 100W electrical power is limit of uncooled technology which provides 40W RF power and 60W heat dissipation from But would not be popular and a hence a barrier to uptake. Only suitable on certain aircraft installations Thales Avionics

8 Key recommendations No showstoppers but:
20 May 2003 No showstoppers but: Define services and their coverage (spot/global beams) - clarify need for simultaneous voice and data Provide 2 or 3 services each with an associated channel type (global/spot/existing Inmarsat a/c) Produce comprehensive link budgets and define channel types Lower rate vocoders (2400bps) should be investigated HPA should be cooled for most aircraft Use a low gain antenna to keep cost low and fit on small a/c Thales Avionics

9 Thank you for your attention Question / Answer
Comments and questions to: Thank you for your attention Question / Answer Thales Avionics

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