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1 PHARE Achievements Dr. H. Schröter PHARE Programme Manager EUROCONTROL version 1.1, 31.5.99.

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1 1 PHARE Achievements Dr. H. Schröter PHARE Programme Manager EUROCONTROL version 1.1, 31.5.99

2 2 PHAREs Achievements l Outline the Achievements of PHARE l Specific results and lessons learnt are covered in other presentations l Spin-offs from PHARE for early implementation and further development l Highlight the successes, not hiding the items which did not work l Influence on the future ATM R&D in Europe l ATM R&D coordination

3 3 Potential ATM Research Issues as seen in 1990 l Airborne and ground systems interaction l The possible and acceptable level of automation support l The man-machine interaction l The influence of airspace organisation and l The procedures applied by ATC

4 4 Key PHARE Research Topics l Full use of the capabilities of the aircrafts systems, Development of the Experimental Flight Management System l Advanced automation support for controllers l Ground Human Machine Interface for operating such automation support l Use of datalink for the exchange of information between air and ground, in particular for the process of trajectory negotiation l Better meteorological forecasting to improve the trajectory prediction l Use of common methodology and standard tools/ procedures for validation.

5 5 The PHARE Programme l Progressive increased collaboration : ê Exchange of information and harmonisation of tools ê Formulation of common goals and exchange of results ê Definition and execution of shared and commonly financed activities l Merging of bottom-up and top-down, definition of a structured research programme l 11 Projects with defined timescale and budget frame l Basic PHARE Agreement complemented by a special agreement for each project

6 6 PHARE Studies l Medium Term Scenario 2000-2015 Description of the PHARE Concept l Complemented by : Detailed operational specifications and scenario descriptions for each of the PHARE Demonstrations l Operational experiments within PHARE l The role of the man within PHARE l PHARE Air-Ground Data Exchange

7 7 Airborne Programme (1) Airborne Programme: two closely related projects Airborne Programme: two closely related projects 1. Experimental Flight Management System (EFMS) 2. Airborne Human Machine Interface (AHMI) EFMS Development é to demonstrate the capabilities of advanced 4D FMS é to negotiate User preferred trajectories é to guide the aircraft on that trajectory in space and time AHMI é to allow pilots (of live research aircraft) in a realistic cockpit environment to participate in the real-time simulation experiments

8 8 l EFMS and AHMI deployed in ê VFW (Advanced Technology Testing Aircraft) of DLR (Germany) ê CESSNA CITATION II of NLR (The Netherlands) ê BAC1-11 of NATS/DERA ê the Multi-Cockpit Simulator (Boeing 747) of EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre (Brétigny, France) l Airline pilots participated in ê specific evaluation of these systems ê PHARE Demonstrations l Overall great success ê Concept of 4D Navigation readily achievable ê Direct manipulation of trajectories appreciated ê Trajectory negotiation quickly assimilated Airborne Programme (2)

9 9 PHARE Common Modular Simulator (CMS) l Aimed at providing an environment for interfacing software components from the different partners and providing a platform for initial testing l Definition of an open modular architecture and Application Programming Interfaces l Prototype development of such common platform showing the technical feasibility of its approach, successfully achieved l Full application for PHARE Demonstrations has not been achieved l CMS project has contributed significantly to the present definition of a European ATM integration platform

10 10 PHARE Advanced Tools (PATs) set l Common Definition and Development of nine Advanced Tools by separate teams of the partners l No missing functionality or tool was found in the experimental trials, however some conceptual mismatches l The objective of each tool was achieved and all were used in one or the other PHARE trial l The objective to use all tools together in one tool-set in the PD/3 trials was not successfully achieved l The Demonstrations showed that some tools provided considerable advantages even without data link and 4D trajectories

11 11 PHARE Ground Human Machine Interface (GHMI) l Elaboration of Human-Machine Interface specifications by an international team of human factors specialist, engineers, operational experts l Advanced features used : Colour, windowing, features of standard software tools l Highly successful, major contribution to a quasi standard future HMI

12 12 PHARE Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (PATN) l Datalink is a key element of the PHARE concept l PHARE Demo 1 used enhanced Mode-S capabilities l PHARE Demo 2 used a dedicated high speed VHF data link l For PHARE Demo 3 an experimental Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (using the SATCOM subnetwork) was set-up l Disappointing performance of the SATCOM subnetwork l More work needs has to be done (and has started) using commercial data link to demonstrate their capabilities for future ATM applications

13 13 PHARE Meteorological project l Additionally contracted Partners : ê UK MET office ê METEO France l Successful development and test of a numerical prediction model using aircraft derived down-linked data to achieve an improved weather nowcast l Not used in real-time as component of the PHARE Demonstrations l Considered as a potential solution for future implementation

14 14 PHARE Validation project l Development of a common methodology l Production of recommended Measures of Merit for evaluating trials results l Production of analytical methods for assessing trials measurements l Successful application of these principles in the PHARE Demonstrations l Major contribution to the definitions in the EATMS Validation Strategy Document which is considered the basis for ongoing validation activities within the European ATM R&D

15 15 PHARE Demonstration Programme 1993 1994 1995 1996 19971998 1999 Development & Integration En-Route TMA Project Definition En-Route, TMA @ 3 sites PD1 PD2 IOCPs, Development & Integration PD3 Development & Integration Validated Options for EATMS PD1+ PD2+ PD1++ P C/ T C PD3CT

16 16 PHARE Demonstration Results PD/1 & PD/2: Significant results. Potential for increase in traffic throughput/reduction of controller workload PD/3: Did not fully satisfy expectations. In general, the PHARE Demonstrations confirmed : ê feasibility of PHARE Concept ê assumption of high accuracy flying of 4D trajectories ê possibility of de-conflicting of aircraft up to about 30 min. ahead ê acceptability of automation tools ê benefits even in a mix of not fully 4D FMS equipped aircraft ê requirement for good performance data link for achieving full benefit

17 17 Spin-offs Spin-offs relate to the è progressive alignment of understanding on a possible advanced ATM concept è deliverables and products developed è orientation and co-ordination of ATM Research and Development

18 18 Influence on ATM R&D and Co-operation l European understanding and mind-setting l PHARE-X Association l Development of an R&D Strategy in support of EATCHIP l Set-up of European ATM R&D Programme Review Group, Prioritisation of R&D topics contributing to ATM2000+ Strategy l Stimulation of co-operation between the European Commission and EUROCONTROL l Co-operation with the US FAA and NAV Canada

19 19 Outlook l CARE (Co-operative Actions of R&D in EUROCONTROL) l Co-operation has value l Areas of improvement identified and to be applied in CARE l PHARE has found its successor l PHARE achievements will contribute to the success of CARE.

20 20 PHARE Achievements Dr. H. Schröter PHARE Programme Manager EUROCONTROL version 1.1, 31.5.99

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