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English for tourism About English for tourism in Kanchanaburi By Friendship Mathayom 5/8 The Project Advisor Miss Jantana Khamanukul Kanchananukroh school.

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1 English for tourism About English for tourism in Kanchanaburi By Friendship Mathayom 5/8 The Project Advisor Miss Jantana Khamanukul Kanchananukroh school kanchanaburi

2 Preface In Kanchanaburi province, there are many travel place in province. Including in historical place, natural, resources, location wisdom and cultural tradition so Kanchanaburi is the province that can attract a lot of tourists. And it had econmy effects to of Kanchanaburi province and Thailand. My group are interested in learning about English for tourism in Kanchanaburi my group would like to thank for kindness of Miss Jantana Khamanukul and other people to complete our on in this English project.

3 Source and meaning In nowadays the tourism regards again the one factor of human, something get relax the happiness will in order to we then think should do the project about the tourist attraction in the Kanchanaburi. This project will advantage to build who take an interest.

4 Procession 1.Gather into a group and very meet to fix. 2.Project headings see true place and seek. 3.Project data’s gather into a group and assign the work translate English and the data add. 4.Lead the work down “power point”. 5.Present the work in classroom.

5 Advantage 1.Know the tourist attraction in a Kanchanaburi province get circumspect increasingly. 2.Can talk English has and a tourist dexterously. 3.Advantages have the unity in the staff and have can to adjust oneself with others 4.Know the sacrifice and have the responsibility.

6 Khao chon kai

7 Place. Used as a military training course students (water), about 60,000-70,000 people per year during the month of January. The month of February each year. A test area is the spirit body most men never forget, and also a historical area. Very interesting.

8 In the past, the area around Khao Chon Kai On the hilltop and Khao Chon Kai. Have discovered the remains of the ancient tower. This is believed to create. To commemorate victory of war sloping grass field army in modern warfare 9 early Rattanakosin. At his Khao Chon Kai. Is important in times of war. With the height of the mountains.

9 Not grown large; 3 balls are the same in the highest total of approximately 272 high ฟิต about 5 or line distance of approximately 3 km walk uphill with a strategically located place and is the center of Kanchanaburi It has been used as the other is the forward movement of the enemy. The view down apparent. When Burma lines traversed the mountains to find the vast plain area. To arrive in Kanchanaburi town. It is Thai, can send down the jump Campo tenable at all times, In times of war. Thai Army can overcome Burmese military has decisively.

10 It is also believed that He Khao Chon Kai area home of a former nobleman's father ขุนแผน Krairit ขุนแผน which later received official Scroll up and was appointed a prefect or his bow slowly Kanchanaburi, it win Villager has created the court, “he godfather Khao Chon Kai” breaking. A worship.

11 Wat Pha Thaen Dong Rung

12 Wat Pha Thaen Dong Rung Create a contemporary but not showing any evidence that presumably continue to build with the patch Pha Thaen found sanctuary in the modern beehive Lord Brm urn Which is mentioned in the temple and sanctuary Pha Thaen Niras Wat Pha Thaen Dong Rung nest of novice refinery, which has come to mind Pha Thaen nest with beautiful mountain jungle on Year 2376.

13 Later Prabat majesty king Prarachtan royal permission. Wat Pha Thaen Dong Rung raised a hand. Buddhist monastery to celebrate the third grade category Wrwihar the royal ceremony Foundation His Majesty the King Royal Oarsa ธิ. Crown prince of Siam.

14 Wat Phra Thaen Dong Rang Woravihan District is located in Tha Maka From Bangkok to Kanchanaburi Province by highway number 323 to separate the market area ports. Turn right to Highway number 3,081 kilometers between the 9-10 place this ancient temple which has a large stone pedestal that villagers believed.

15 Buddha is a holy king Pha Thaen respectively bowl Pha Thaen North nirvana rock bar is translucent pages บรรทม slope like a podium or cot The old nest is sheltered from Pha Thaen from each side. Bend to balance. A historic temple in the area related to Buddhist history, such as depression บ้วน พระโอษฐ์. Sanctuary and the royal pleasure, etc. Every year a local museum about the middle of 4 of the worship is tremendous.

16 Important. Pha Thaen patch that is reliable nest nirvana of Buddha. Company, and a poor one place. In four of the Buddha. Location is born. Place learning Show Location Buddha's first sermon. Place bowl and December respectively nirvana. This place is located in the current Despite the belief that In India,

17 even in front of the temple entrance Pha Thaen Dong (left) hand in front of chapel Pha Thaen Dong (Central) Pha Thaen Dong Buddha nirvana nest locations (bottom) environment within the chapel Pha Thaen jungle nest (Pictures and images on the bottom), note strange light hanging over Phra Thaen Beam specimen that appears to the Licensing of the divinity that Will see frequently in photos Buddhist ceremony.

18 Make sacred by some magic of his. To pray and practice the dharma body image in this movie before the devil fight Dr. Blank had จิ Brahma family break for prayer, support, Qatar Expo is the imaging ญา be strange light. Float from the paintings hanging above Pha Thaen nirvana (Bottom) The chapel within the sanctuary and his joy.

19 In a legend about the Buddha's footprint stamp cachet. And is building his Tatuehdiis many. Pha Thaen including Buddha and others for screening Pha Thaen existing in the annals. Pha Thaen stone seat. Time since the city Sukhothai. But Dong Pha Thaen nest Is not in the annals It may be assumed that findings in the Ayutthaya period end.

20 Astonishment of the jungle nest Pha Thaen tower with the wrong object. Because someone believes that Buddha has come defunct North nirvana bowl at hand Pha Thaen this patch, a fact that Thailand is a Central Indian Location as omniscient and born respectively December nirvana of the Buddha bowl.

21 Current cover Pha Thaen create a sanctuary. Continue to build on that long, because when the Year 2376 has refined novice traveling worship Pha Thaen nest with beautiful mountain jungle. Niras to get it. The Pha Thaen is a stone at the end of the belt project Is similar to a high rock beside a bar next to one side, high minimum measurable progress elbow. And are also higher as the next pillow. Wider developments around fraction About a high draw Next Pha Thaen high end 16 inch long, 11 cubits wide Pha Thaen fraction 4 cubits wide area of the lower part 3 elbow stump

22 Stone Garden

23 King Park Srinakarin Kanchanaburi (UK: Stone Garden) is a public honor, the King of Sri pour royal minister Chnni 80 year note No. 8 is located at Ban Thung Tambon Nong serpent king grass Muang Kanchanaburi province is on 600 rai fraction Somdej Lord. her she. Royal belle Ni Watthana Krom Luang Narathiwat royal governor. His Highness the President opened the garden on 31 January 2531 The public park called King Srinakarin that "rock" or rock garden because the area is arranged in stalagmite. Regulations in the area about 200 rai.

24 Trips to Garden Stone The nearest route. Is to travel from the pier of the two river's tributary rivers is less. River and stream. Ferry crossing to the opposite side. Grave box they travel through time and college he chicken cavity; Kanchanaburi Province Distance of approximately 9 km route to the streets again lift light growth. Coalition through the cemetery three separate burr left cataract. Bridges across the River tributary. The path to the temple, he will cement the King Park area Srinakarin 21 km distance.

25 Agencies responsible for maintaining the Kanchanaburi Agriculture College. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION Tree in the garden is a pot of new pot of local wood is in Kanchanaburi Thailand. the nature park. King Srinakarin Park was originally scheduled for Kanchanaburi Prachuap Khiri Khan province since the year 2525 at a parish หว้า Goss's Science Park หว้า Beach, but with the current location, it's not ready to move in that area of Kanchanaburi province. study.

26 Location of park areas in agriculture and technology colleges KANCHANABURI He is a plain rich in species-oriented non-local species rich and diverse. Beauty is different from a King Srinakarin the other foot, he said that is abundant limestone rocks poke above the soil with various shape and size. Is able to imagine. The idea of looking like a tiger whale lion rhinoceros dinosaur fish, etc. Some like bell when clot thunderous bat Some large trees caress the clot. Some trees are small chunk knows the insertion or fracture as well as Livermore, and except fern garden, a natural stone, natural wood species and numerous wildlife species, including barking deer chamois hare and pheasant many bird species. In nature, these animals begin to show the number increased

27 support young king re. On 28 February 2543 His Majesty The King เกล้าฯ please please. His Majesty the Lord ลูกเธอ. Royal Chula dancer ณ์ identity bracelet. Acr royal daughter. His Highness the President re-opened the King ย์ support young King Sri minister, Chris King know that Chnni enshrined in the garden.

28 Double kill Ram Temple India (measured above), Kanchanaburi Province.

29 Double India kill Ram temple is the oldest temple. And a measure of historical significance. North County home in Muang district's assume that this measure created more than hundred years ago. Tells the stories continue to articulate that witty dean. Create a temple of this Year 2310, the Burmese military raised มาตี Ayutthaya split second.

30 Have herd people. Store of wealth and people to Myanmar Witty dean, a novice ordination with Myanmar to be herd. Later, you can ordain in Myanmar And return to Thailand associate with 5 through 6 of the fake priesthood May. To find that Thai authorities have moved in Kanchanaburi To set a new district Pak Phraek You can build a temple near the city.

31 Measured double India kill king Raja Ram has been the support portion respectively. Year beginning in 2374 King Prabat Sit thou skull head. Have built the temple and restore the temple town of Kanchanaburi five double measure assume that India is one of five killed Ram temple. In Year 2420 Prabat King Hulhameklga you are heading. He Tadpraentr visit Wat Thewa Sangkharam He that damaged the church.

32 Word has a royal prince to Kanchanaburi Tax money to repair the city of Kanchanaburi is a Buddhist temple when He has come Year 2431 double India kill Ram temple at the time to demolish the church building. He has donated 10 royal property helps in weight construction. Buddhist temple after the current Start Year built building completed in 2481 when the Year 2500 and Year 2506 has created sermon hall in a monastery instead of the old back out.

33 He is a Thai pavilion. And a pavilion to welcome the king in the present time his clothes Kathin ceremony early in the year. Wat Thewa Sangkharam Foundation has been a Buddhist monastery on Year 2505.

34 Nine army war.

35 Siam is a war between the Burmese After the Blue Chula Prabat Buddhist world Maharat Has moved from Rachtani Thon Buri To the east. Founding Rattanakosin Rachtani a new During that time the government passed a new war coincide the housing make the city As well as various time ราชวัง castle has only been 3 Pip.s. 2328 rebuke of the Lord King Ang. Brm is a crown after the Burmese king. Would like to announce military force. Propaganda influence. The war gathering in small towns and small cities as a unified sovereign country. Then have to raise troops มาตี Thailand Are intended to destroy the war Rattanakosin like to ruin such as destruction of Ayudhya

36 This fierce battle of the Lord has come to move troops and 9 are the army said the force up to 144,000 share of the attacks Rattanakosin direction is 5 to 1 to raise the army มาตี royal lands in the fortnight. South from the city until the city Nakhon Si Thammarat Ranong 2 raised to the army, the city Ratchaburi is to centralize the military force that hit southern lands, then to attack the army Rattanakosin 3 and 4 to each parent in Mae Sot drunken army. 5-7 lands to the north from Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang เชียงแสน hit lands from north down to match the army of lifting 3 to 4 in each parent drunk. To defeat the army, Tak, Kamphaeng Phet, Nakhon Sawan-Phitsanulok 8-9 Lord of the royal army,

37 a fierce army supervision. The most up to 50,000 citizens are said to raise a pagoda wait for the third quarter to match North and South, with the objective of Bangkok. Thai Prabat time, the majesty of the Blue Buddha dodge is collected only 70,000 citizens have said is less than 2 times the Burmese army, but God is the courage of war expertise. Meet a military battle of former Thon Buri God can save the government time to pay of Ayudhya. Her Majesty the Blue Buddha Prabat Chula world. He is planning consultant with the enemy.

38 His Majesty King you brother. His Majesty King Bwr you Suraphong great battle cry propitious place Bwr Department palaces. That will prevent the government? Prabat battle plans of His Majesty the Blue Buddha. Military is organized into 4 by the army to fight for the key. Then change the rest of the army shot at the army to be raised 1 to Myanmar army in the northern city Srrcs the army to lift the 2-pagoda in Myanmar for the third. This army is the army. His Majesty King Bwr you have come to a battle cry Suraphong pacha Forward to the palace of the Lord to rebuke a pagoda in the third quarter to raise 3 to the Burmese army to the south from the town of Ratchaburi Royal army is the army that 4 Prabat with His Majesty the Blue Buddha. Wait a jailer as the army is backing When the army? Advanced will be done, I'm waiting a precipitate His Majesty King brother.

39 King Bwr you come Suraphong battle cry Army to raise the city KANCHANABURI Set for the army in the area sloping grass field. Foot of the hill line. Resistance to the Burmese army came into force are collected within In addition to cutting capacity by transporting purveyance to Myanmar's military lack victuals. Then used to plot The back is made out in the night. Rainbow morning when it came to military duty to relay As if it has a more energetic always. When Burmese army shortage victuals coincide with dread when the Thai military is thought that more than Did not dare to invade the attack. His Majesty King Bwr Suraphong great battle cry when you meet the 8-9 chance to attack military and retraction of the Lord, the rebuke that attacks can not penetrate to meet both the military lack victuals has Back For attacks in other To the north prince prefect Lampang each pot will be brought forward to prevent the Burmese army lands north successfully.

40 The army came to invade the Dan Mae Lamao Powerfully than can defeat Phitsanulok. However, when the war finished third in the pagoda. Her Majesty the Blue Buddha Prabat Chula world Maharat So come help move troops to the northern lands. The plant under way. His Majesty King Bwr you Suraphong great battle cry Completed in fighting grass decline. Come down to help move troops south to the pin detectors. But before you go to Myanmar army attacks the town of Ranong city prefect Tlag Tlag time, just not decease the new prefect. But Tlag village led by lady Siddharth prefect Tlag deceased wife and her sister มุก. Collected are the enemy and fighting in their best.

41 Fortification Burma can not seize the city Tlag. After the war, Prabat Somdej Buddha Blue Chula world Maharat Please เกล้าฯ. Siddharth is a lady named Tgaw thep krasattri (Tgaw deity or women) มุก her sister is Tgaw srisunthorn In addition, the army can defeat some Myanmar Nakhon Si Thammarat. And further down to defeat Songkhla. City Department of City and you know enough news Phatthalung defeat Burmese army Nakhon Si Thammarat by dastardliness escape it survive. Pi is a but one name that his great help with respect villagers believe. Phatthalung city to persuade people to fight the army of Myanmar to prevent extraction capture Phatthalung city.

42 Army King King City Bwr you Suraphong great battle cry Army to help raise the lands under the pin detectors. Burma since the army shot down until Achya city Nakhon Si Thammarat When Burmese army to break lose retraction from lands under pin detectors. His great help later to leave Sikkabt and serve. Her Majesty the Blue Buddha Prabat Chula Maharashtra world is set to be a prince He Tukk ราษฎร์. Department Phatthalung city. Back to Thailand after the defeat of Lord rebuke to the collection is defined to มาตี in Thailand next year in the Year 2329 by this rebuke of the Lord and have large army is the army.

43 Victuals ready to provide complete Move troops in the pagoda and then the third quarter of Tha Din Daeng Kanchanaburi town. Her Majesty the Blue Buddha Prabat Chula Maharashtra world to please เกล้าฯ King King Bwr you great battle cry Suraphong He is commander in chief is a general page LUANG Both the army and the Burmese army attacks. Fight only 3 days of the Burmese army is broken to lose. Lord of War the first move troops into the fierce attacks of 9 Thai army has called nine army war. The next time that the bellicosity ท่าดินแดง so called War Tha Din Daeng

44 Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary

45 Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary (Thai: เขตรักษาพันธุ์สัตว์ป่าทุ่งใหญ่นเรศวร ) is a protected area in Thailand. It is located in the northern part of Kanchanaburi province and southern part of Tak province and was created on April 24, 1974. It was later declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations in 1991,[1] together with the adjoining Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary. Thungyai was extended in 1991 and stretches now over an area of 364.000 ha[1]. Combined with Huai Kha Khaeng (257,464 ha), it covers a total area of 622,200ha, forming the second largest protected area in Mainland South-east Asia (the largest currently being the Hukawng Valley in Myanmar).ThaiThailand Kanchanaburi provinceTak province April 241974 World Heritage SiteUnited Nations[1]Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary[1]Hukawng ValleyMyanmar

46 History King Naresuan of Ayutthaya twice made bases in this area (in 1590 and 1605) to prepare for an invasion of Burma. Later this site was called Thungyai Naresuan, which means great grassland of Naresuan.NaresuanAyutthayaBurma The area has been relatively uninhabited. The forested hills are unsuitable for farming and the area is still malaria-infested. This ironically prevented the environment from being changed much by humans and therefore kept it in its natural condition. Because of that, most of the wild animals typically found in forested areas in South East Asia have been seen in this area, including some rare ones such as tigers.malaria South East Asia tigers

47 Climate The wildlife sanctuary's climatic zone belongs to the tropical zone or subtropics due to its height. The average temperature is between (in degrees Celsius) 15 - 35 in summer, 20 - 33 in the rainy season, and 10 - 29 in the dry season. It has annual rainfall of 2000ml.

48 Flora The principal vegetation types in Thungyai are hill evergreen forests (54,900ha), dry evergreen forests (112,900), mixed deciduous forest (164,100ha) and dry dipterocarp forest (3,600ha), savanna forest (9,900ha), grassland (3,900ha) and areas of swidden agriculture (15,400ha).

49 Fauna The fauna of Thungyai includes some 120 mammals, 400 birds, 96 reptiles, 43 amphibians and 113 freshwater fish. Some more species are suspected as being present but not confirmed. The sanctuary is big enough to support space for several large mammals, which are rare or absent now in most aras of Thailand. Tiger, leopard, clouded leopard, Asiatic elephant, tapir, Sumatran rhinoceros, gaur, mainland serow and hog deer are found here. In 1985 a herd of 50 gaur was seen, the largest herd recorded in Thailand. Neither banteng, nor wild water buffalo are confirmed for the area, although both species live in the neighbouring Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary. A track of The Javan rhinoceros, which is said to have existed in the area was photographed in 1988.Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary

50 Old House Museum.

51 Location Sub-old home. Muang District, Kanchanaburi. Kanchanaburi. History. Sub-old house is a small river tributary less. In districts in Kanchanaburi. Within approximately 35 kilometers north is a place with historical significance. Because they are captive Hollander has been the basis for building rail lines, one name Dr. Death by Hugo van der c Lauren Stone Age tools found in this area are several collected. Save and share stories about their findings published archaeologist anthropologist. Investor traditional biology as a geologist, etc. Thai. And foreign forces survey. And research the story of an old house from 2503 BC onward, the study found evidence that discovery.

52 Sub-old house was the residence of people from around 500,000 years ago from fragments discovered the story of prehistoric man in an old house. Make the old house into a place that attracts historians. Archaeologist and a number. Museum of Fine Arts Department has established the old home. To store some of the antiquities discovered for tourists. And those interested can visit about the history and research.

53 Nature. Old House Museum. Museum is relatively small. Retain only the antiquities discovered at the old home. Skeleton of a Stone Age man in place on the podium to dig into the clay soil. To have the same level found skeleton. The tools used in prehistoric found in the same area as called stone ax or tomahawk. Various ornaments made from shells, pottery and other materials available in the decorated museum. Evidence found. Human skeleton in the Stone Age. Scale from grit stone tools. Tomahawk modern conflict. From inspection found that the new stone age tools. Stone tools are known that less marrow culture (fengnoi culture) or culture Square less.

54 Route into the old house museum. Travel by train or car. Railways will be down at the old station house. Motorcycle rental and hire the museum. Or to train station and walk back ตาเสือ portal to portal barge measuring 2 km distance to travel by car more convenient. Because the road from Muang Kanchanaburi Kanchanaburi along Line - random valley takes about 1 hour trip.

55 Music warped or dance warped,sometimes called

56 Music warped "or" dance warped "sometimes called" lean dance movies "of the local game. Popular play area Kanchanaburi province. Style of play. From the drum loudly to praise players. View and enjoy the feeling. Then the tempo is slower start. Then the man would sing and dance and then take a cloth to put the shoulder of women. Women, when it was put clothes out to dance and sing to solve man's words spark. Warped, singing words that make up a petition. Of conventional music, the wry words ordinarily interact with such force the gag. The use of music is a drum head for a long cymbal cymbal and pipe.

57 Play music warped. Popular New Year Day Songkran Festival, playing in the festival and auspicious festival of folk Especially in the home district Pnmtwn such as pike creek bridge home home home Nongbon leech field stone will sometimes play of other local players such as playing ball last dance Range balls fag Of play or grab chicken hawk.

58 History of Music game warped. "Warped songs" or "dance warped" sometimes called "lean dance movies" of the local game. Popular play area Kanchanaburi province. Style of play. From the drum loudly to praise players. View and enjoy the feeling. Currently leaning dance clothes or dance, has warped the development of a modern And transfer to a new generation. This folk art to be missing from the lives of people in the community.

59 How to Play Unlimited. The more players more fun. The players divide into each other man to women will include a sing song father and mother refrain dance music played when a man will begin to dispose of women playing music together warped. Of women will get invites to stand with the man during a siege. Mother will sing songs father interact with the music for both sides refrain. เนื้อร้อง often play such a flirtation with a musical assembly including a drum cymbal Rmmana long bamboo tube etc. Play music warped.

60 Ban Nong Khao "Ice Ban Nong favors white gold" Tue Teamewg Kanchanaburi.

61 Ban Nong Khao: "Ice Ban Nong favors white gold" Tue Teamewg Kanchanaburi. Ban Nong Khao established from the merger of two villages, the villagers are Rang Dong villages. Don Village and mortar. Were destroyed, Myanmar burn damage. When time to pay the city 2, which together set a new village. When King Taksin the Great to restore independence has been at large lagoon area. This grassy white flowers are called "swamp grass and white flowers" in the short run and that "white pus" in the end.

62 Scent of swamp grass that is not white. Enough to have seen white people in the village of Nong Moo 3 or cow shed. The lagoon is now how to cover. Still have to boil water conditions are. When it left some time. It appears that often constrain the flow of water to stay.

63 The Rang Dong villages in the south of the village of Nong white. Footprint Buddhist temple ruins of pagodas and Buddha. Temple Orange at large. Rang Dong or large measure. Myanmar, which had been burnt to destroy the temple became desolate. And later was restored when the new 2525 BC and villages Don mortar. The east of the village of Nong Khao approximately 1 km of the school is currently located Okwit swamp white magic. Old village with mortar Don Wat Bot. The village temple regularly. But Burma has been destroyed burnt wreckage of a yellow tower as well.

64 Swamp white people, most professionals as the main farm. Off the farm in the day out of the village called "paddy field" or "Na valley" near water sources. Have enough water for the farm. The fall in the day called "Na forests", which must wait for the rainy season. Because no water.

65 "Ice Ban Nong favors white gold" is a musical story that broadcast cultural life of the villagers of Nong white. The opus of dense seed eternal Panich when the Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand. Central Region 1 office in Kanchanaburi. To supplement. Cultural tourism village of Ban Nong white. The first show starts at year 2541 but the original "Ice Ban Nong favors white gold" show on Songkran. This annual event is one of the village of Nong white. The space of Ram temple in paint. Wat Nong or white. Today is the plaza. An exhibit on the 2543 before it is created to show a permanent home at the top Thai Navy 2 million pages Ram temple in paint.

66 The area on the balcony stage cement home page and home turf next stage is the stage show, including stage one thing next stage. The audience was provided mat sitting in direct view of the forecourt lawn. Surrounded by trees. Arched bamboo and several made after the food hall for guest visitors. This outdoor theater is called "home ไอ้ favors gold" from the people unite together white pus. A permanent provost Kayhn prognostication. In Tara Ram temple abbot. Zero budget and mind and get some support. From the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is not just a theater.

67 Home ไอ้ favors gold. To collect equipment for the local view with white pus. The room held a simulated kitchen environment, such as Thai Kitchen. Folk and cooking equipment in the bedroom traditional bassinet that is tied up with local swamp white loincloth. It also has white photos - black. Install it to see the old wall, such as swamp white photos of old people. Video captive in check equation j holds when blue world No. 2.

68 History Writer name: Enawratns Pong Paiboon CV

69 Enawratns Apbolis the undergrowth on 26 March 2483 the district Phanom Thuan Kanchanaburi province is the eldest child of one man and a brother all 5 people or more properties of Mr. and Ms. Somjai (Nine race day) undergrowth Apbolis father is obsessed จู๊ Local opium, but the mother, father, after divorce.

70 Study elementary education at 4 year break from school temple home. And 6 year high school graduate from the school will Sutt radiation. Kanchanaburi Province Secondary school years 7 Pichaiyati the school then moved to Bangkok to study high school year 8 at school increased Pi Qatar Expo. School high school education, Bachelor of Law graduate. From Thammasat University Back to graduate studies at any ordination at Wat Thung Samo Kanchanaburi Province Between จำ พรรษา holding fair hike with you to study Buddhist mendicant slave gardens at La Omkk-Ram district Achya province Surat Thani Arts and honorary degree from Union College, approx.

71 (Kanchanaburi Teachers College) Bachelor of Fine Arts Honorary Postdoctoral Science. (Language and Literature, Faculty of Humanities Prince of Songkla University degree in arts and science Postdoctoral Emeritus (English), Faculty of Arts Witi great ลัย jurisprudence. When work first started school in year 3 because the high school level have found that father write a sonnet to it when young. Want to write it as it works with some poetry and prose when the study is the Law Thammasat University Wrrnsilps was assembled.

72 Copyright 2507-2508 starts in the Ministry of National Development to earn money. In 2511-2512 a magazine editor, "Science of" Thai Wattana Panich. Copyright 2513 TV movie about the show "King forgave gem" of the beautiful mountain gem forgiven but his play does not show close In the 2514-2515 academic teachers for teaching creative writer. The Department of English Board of Education Prince Of Songkla University Pattani Province. The 516 is a screen goddess of กรึง Bank Limited. Until now. It is a cultural specialist. So making concert, under Art. Department of Public Bangkok Bank Limited. Assistant Vice President in the position. Join help กูลอิ chute Google, professor at Ayutthaya in 2514 when Year 2 children are grown people, names daughter filtration beads (sedan) son midget name เก้ glass (head) Copyright 2516 ballad "Sunday to Monday," recorded Oct. 14 story last year in 2516 won a special mention of the noise of Bangkok Bank Ltd. Bualuang.

73 Join help กูลอิ chute Google, professor at Ayutthaya in 2514 when Year 2 children are grown people, names daughter filtration beads (sedan) son midget name เก้ glass (head) Copyright 2516 ballad "Sunday to Monday," recorded Oct. 14 story last year in 2516 won a special mention of the noise of Bangkok Bank Ltd. Bualuang. Copyright 2521 ballad "horse people fly in" award winning week for the intermediate India National Copyright 2523 ballad "Just Movement" award detectors, or how great literary creation of the ASEAN Copyright 2527 ballad "Only Skin, Kloe" award winning National Book Week. Year 2536 has been selected from national parade of cultures. As a National Artist. Wrrnsilps branch.

74 Enawratns undergrowth Apbolis Aupnaik equation is sharp and language books. Writer Aupnaik Association of Thailand Subcommittee of the government cultural agencies, youth (Sich.) consultant culture governor Bangkok And was a consultant to the Minister, departmental University

75 Works include books Poetry - Words drop - Monday to Sunday. - Just the movement. - Horse fly visits city - Inscription R.s. 200. - Flute music over the rice field. - Tak glory sky. - News Search Klong Na Yao - Canary - Music piccolo - Write the earth, etc. Writing first. - บทกลอน name "canary"

76 Composition - This problem um - No corner of the edge - Sword in the deep yellow robe. - My lord! - See Myanmar - Bangladesh Abai widen the sky - Practice area of town. - Outside the school fence. - Marking ประแจจีน escape. - Tread the earth jade - Japan to take short steps. - Faintly through running water. - Sort hundred words. - So I write. - Filtration beads. - วารี orchestra. - Bangkok Twar Wadi - Flow in สายลม indistinctly. - Stop thinking little little pin is 1. - One has inspired others.

77 Fictional - Ban Khao Translated and written about with others. - Book ethics (with very Somkiat happiness). - Illumination lamps (with L. latest stable) - Worry about (with very Somkiat happiness and Charles Rosenthal) - Designate K.k. drive (with วีระ divinity Ku ธิ bowl). - 6 Tula epic (with the contemporary poets) - Day killed pigeon (with Maha Brahma dean ทา ) Honors received. Year 2536 has been declared celebrates honor as national artists. Wrrnsilps branch. Subsidiary poetry. From the office of the National Culture Commission.

78 The award. Copyright 2516 ballad "Sunday to Monday," recorded Oct. 14 story last year in 2516 won a special mention of the noise of Bangkok Bank Ltd. Bualuang. Copyright 2521 ballad "horse people fly in" award winning week for the intermediate India National Copyright 2523 ballad "Just Movement" award detectors, or how great literary creation of the ASEAN Copyright 2527 ballad "Only Skin, Kloe" award winning National Book Week. Reference Thanks to some information from the book's publisher Thai novelist. Golf V drug bow boy

79 By Maneerat wormgsen No.12 Sakunrat yongyoo No.13 Bongkodchakon yimyam No.17 Wanida Mungsi No.18 Supatcha rattanapol No.21 Chidchanok reuanngam No.25 Monthip ployplongsuk No.29 Wannisa reuanngam No.32

Download ppt "English for tourism About English for tourism in Kanchanaburi By Friendship Mathayom 5/8 The Project Advisor Miss Jantana Khamanukul Kanchananukroh school."

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