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JI Governance – review of JI Guidelines

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1 JI Governance – review of JI Guidelines
Presentation title JI Governance – review of JI Guidelines FIRST SDM JOINT COORDINATION WORKSHOP Bonn, Germany, March, 2012 Vlad Trusca, Strategy and Policy Development Unit Sustainable Development Mechanisms Programme, UNFCCC

2 Content JI Guidelines JI Experience Report 2010
JISC Recommendations 2011 Durban Decision & Next Steps

3 JI Guidelines – JISC roles
Presentation title JI Guidelines – JISC roles JISC (Article 6 Supervisory Committee???) - supervise the verification of ERUs generated by Article 6 (JI) projects JISC responsible for: Elaborating its rules of procedure Establishing procedures under Track 2 verification process Building up on the criteria for baselines setting and monitoring Accrediting independent entities & standards Reviewing and revising reporting guidelines Elaborating PDD forms and other documents Reporting on its activities to CMP Adopting/reviewing the fee structure

4 JI Guidelines – JISC Composition & Work
Presentation title JI Guidelines – JISC Composition & Work JISC - comprise 10 members from KP Parties: 3 members from Annex I EiT Parties 3 members from other Annex I Parties 3 members from non-Annex I Parties 1 member from the SIDS JISC members, incl. alternates shall: Have no pecuniary or financial interest Serve in their personal capacities (max. 2 consecutive terms) Be nominated by constituencies and elected by CMP Not disclose any confidential or proprietary information Other governance issues: Election of Chair/Vice-Chair; resignation, replacement, appointment of members Meeting schedule (at least two times per year) Quorum and decisions (by consensus/voting)

5 Presentation title JI Experience Report 2010 Section “New operational model for joint implementation” JISC recommended Parties to consider adjusting the role, membership and composition of the JI regulatory body: Standard-setting role, rather than a project assessment role Provide an overall policy framework (implemented at national level) Better communication with DFPs, AIEs and other stakeholders Membership reflects the necessary skills and expertise Composition aligned with the new JI operational model Act under the authority of the CMP Monitor systems put in place at national level

6 Presentation title JISC Recommendations 2011 JISC recommended CMP to establish a new governing body which will: Operate under the authority, be accountable, and report to the CMP Set mandatory standards and procedures and best practice guidelines Issue offset credits, on the basis of verification by accredited verifiers Accredit verifiers and supervise their performance Oversee the conformity of the implementation with the mandatory standards JISC recommended Parties to give further consideration to the following issues: Development of a unified accreditation process for JI and CDM Governing body working in an executive, impartial and transparent manner Members of the governing body being drawn from Parties involved in JI activities Appeals process established to allow appeal against governing body decisions

7 Durban Decision & Next Steps
Presentation title Durban Decision & Next Steps Durban Decision 11/CMP.7 “Guidance on implementation of JI” – CMP: Took note of the recommendations on options for building on the JI approach Recalled its decision to initiate the first review of the JI guidelines Invited all Parties, and other stakeholders to submit their views by 16 April 2012 Requested the secretariat to compile submissions into a report for CMP 8 by 31 July 2012 Requested the JISC to draft a revised set of key attributes and transitional measures dealing with the possible changes to the JI guidelines JISC 28 meeting – JISC: took note of the CMP.7 requests initiated its discussions on the key attributes agreed to provide a draft revision of the JI guidelines secretariat + JISC members to prepare draft materials

8 [JI Management Plan 2012]
Presentation title Presentation title “…firmly establish JI as an effective tool of international collaboration for developed country Parties in mitigating their GHG emissions…’’ [JI Management Plan 2012]

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