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PoA Challenges & Opportunities

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1 PoA Challenges & Opportunities
7-8 May 2011 Bonn, Germany PoA Challenges & Opportunities Who am I What experience do I have of the UN Biggest since SALT Now an NGO perspective JENNY PEETERMANS

2 Agenda Main Stakeholders Challenges Opportunities Solutions
Procedure - Timeline Government Region Opportunities Methodologies International PoA Solutions Public and Private Sector Funding and Financing Others

3 Main Stakeholders DNA: Designated National Authority
the Host Country administration responsible of the CDM issuing the LoA of the PoA EB: CDM Executive Board PoA registration and CER issuance CME: Coordinating and Managing Entity Communication with Board, distribution of CERs DOE: Designated Operational Entity PoA validation, CPA inclusion and PoA verification Others: project participants, project implementer

4 Current Challenges Project Pipeline Overview Procedure Region Volume
Success Rate Overview Procedure DOE: CPA inclusion DNA – LoA : Letter of Approval Additionality Verification Project Timeline vs. Upfront cost Region CME: Coordination challenges

5 Opportunities Methodologies International PoA
Success vs. Volume vs. Monitoring/Verification Electricity generation from renewable power Household applications Others International PoA Coordination in the Region Sustainable Development Benefits

6 Proposals Procedure International PoA Funding & Financing
Capacity building Technical assistance Sampling International PoA Funding & Financing International organization & UN agency Approach from public and private sector Capital flow

7 Thank You

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