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Social Insurance Management Information System (SIMIS)

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1 Social Insurance Management Information System (SIMIS)
General Organization for Social Insurance, Saudi Arabia Implementation of the Social Insurance Management Information System (SIMIS) Hussein AlOkby GOSI, CIO Ahmed AlOmran GOSI, Infrastructure Manager ncxbznmcbzbcx International Conference on information and communication technology in social security Moscow, Russian Federation 29 June – 1 July 2005

2 AGENDA SIMIS- The project SIMIS- A closer View SIMIS- e-services
SIMSI- Key challenges Radical Shift in GOSI operation Benefit to GOSI Infrastructure Road Map

3 Strategic study been done in 9999
SIMIS- The project Strategic study been done in 9999 The project was compliant with Component Based Development on the Latest technologies. Iterative Development Methodology was adopted, based on OOAD principles, in compliance with development methodologies assessed at SEI-CMM Level 5 Duration 3.85 years Effort 106 p.y Peak team size 105

4 FOCUS POINTS Web Based System for Social Insurance & Management functions. Intranet / Extranet / Internet access for GOSI stakeholders - Employers, Hospitals and Contributors Workflow/Security Component for Role task assignment, user authorization and authentication Data Warehouse implementation for Top Management and Actuarial Reporting Integrated Document Management System Data Migration to port the existing system data to the new application Extensive "e-services" implementation

Release 1 comprising of Inventory, Purchase, Contracts and Investments application modules which going LIVE from Sep 2003 Release 2 comprising Budgets, Fixed Assets Real Estate and Personnel application modules going LIVE in Oct 2003 Release 3 comprising Social Insurance and Financial Accounting modules going LIVE from Mar 2004

105,462 Number of Employers being serviced 2,733,033 Number of Contributors being serviced 162,472 Number of Beneficiaries being serviced 147,557 Volume of Investments supported 10123 Number of social insurance transactions per month 2296 Number of contributors added per month 20531 Number of establishments added per month 4812 Number of Finance receipts issued per months 1651 Number of contribution payment certificates issued per month 11537 Number of Annuity benefits registered per month 11530 Number of Injuries registered in a month Number of Daily Allowance payments per month

7 Common/Management Functions
SIMIS- A CLOSER VIEW Functional Domain Supported Social Insurance Common/Management Functions Registration Contributions Hospital Annuities Occupational Hazard Bank Internet User Establishment RPA Financial Accounting GOSI Application

8 HIGHLIGHTS Rule Driven approach-
easy maintenance Easy enhancements / customizations Dual Language- supporting Arabic and English languages (labels, error messages, reports, letters and online help text) Dual Calendar- Establishments can choose the calendar with respect to timing their GOSI-related commitments. Second level of Authentication- sensitive tasks need a higher level of security authentication, iKey technology been used to provide second level of password The user will be identified by the password stored in the ikey. Ikey will be given to users performing sensitive work only. User can not perform any sensitive work without connecting the ikey to the device.

Enhance business efficiency Give a better understanding of the business. A base for Actuarial analysis. DW Market Intelli- gence Contribution Seasonality Income Defaulters Coverage Benefits Cash flow Fraud analysis OH Risk Profiling Advisory services Expense analysis Investment Trading income Interest income Fund Mgr. - performance Actuarial Pricing advice - industry/region etc. Risk analysis Benefit calculations O L T P Registration Investments Operational- Performance

10 HIGHLIGHTS- WORK FLOW Effective tracking of activities and productivity Round-Robin method. Roles are identified and tasks assigned to the same. Users are assigned roles and thus the workflow is devised based on approval rules. Each intranet user has his / her own Workflow inbox Interfaces with the Personnel module to establish availability / non-availability of users and to assist in workflow routing. Work flow Approve rejected manager Reg. clerk cancelled DB

11 HIGHLIGHTS- DMS transactions will be entered in SIMIS and related document will be scanned locally. Transaction and its corresponding images will be routed for higher approval. Approval cycle can be within office departments or up to the top management in the Head Quarter. More than 50 scanning stations images per day

12 SIMIS- eServices To be really effective, an e Government initiative should touch almost every aspect of Information Technology. To ensure a focused and cost-efficient approach, it is necessary to really understand the end needs of the actual customers. With employees With companies SIMIS communication With other governments With citizen

13 Establishments requirements Government requirements
SIMIS- eServices -continued The users were categorized into three different groups. The requirements of such groups were defined to be certain that SIMIS fulfill all requirements in order to ensure the system success. Citizen requirements Access everywhere, anytime Personalized, simplified Establishments requirements Speedy, efficient, low cost Transparent & reliable processes Government requirements Exchange and sharing information All Contributors registered with GOSI will be able to access the application from Internet 24*7 from anywhere through their Social Insurance Numbers and PINs given to them. All Establishments registered with GOSI will be able to do various functions, which have been logically grouped into the Registration, Contribution and Occupational Hazards module, over the Internet so that both parties, GOSI and the Establishments, are benefited. SIMIS provides a lot of services to other government’s agencies, for example it allows the authorized government's agencies to inquiry about the registered worker and establishments through secure internet link.

14 Data Migration: Migrating 30 years old ADABAS data to Oracle
SIMIS- Key challenges Data Migration: Migrating 30 years old ADABAS data to Oracle Different structure Complicated mapping rule Clean and migrate at the same time New Technology: state-of-art technology used to develop and operate SIMIS, which needs expertise to run and administer User Resistance: Users afraid from the new technology Users don’t want to lose their experience in the old system

15 Benefits to GOSI Reduction in Transaction Cycle Time Fraud detection Unified Processes Paperless operations Fully automated and integrated systems

16 Infrastructure SIMIS provide service to GOSI’s users and to the online users as well, so it must be available 24/7 and accessible form anywhere. IN ORDER TO PROVIDE THESE SERVICES GOSI built a reliable, available, and secure Infrastructure, consist of the 3 P’s: Platform People Processes

17 Infrastructure -Network
WAN covers 30 field offices in the Kingdom: Point to point leased lines VSAT networks Network Management Network Security (Firewalls, IDSs) 24/7 Monitoring Communications Messaging/ Corporate Internet Access Voice Over IP Voice/ Integration

18 Infrastructure –Systems & storage
Server management 60+ high and low end servers High-Availability Clustering support load balancing and failover. Storage Storage Area Network (SAN): 3 Tb EMC Clariion Network Attached Storage (NAS): An attached storage to serve support applications and tools.

19 Infrastructure –Control tools
Desktop management Remote Management Software Delivery Asset Management NSM Network Monitoring: online and historical reports Help Desk 24/7 User Support Remote Problem Diagnosis and Resolution

20 Infrastructure –Security
All machines that connected to GOSI network are protected by an antivirus system and are updated periodically. A BS7799 Gap Analysis made to block the security gap and to ensure that our system is complying with international policy and standards. A periodically pen test and vulnerability study made to ensure best security level.

21 Infrastructure –Disaster recovery
Jeddah To ensure the continuation of business in case of a disaster occurs, A fully redundant system been installed in the main site (Riyadh) A disaster recovery site been built in Jeddah office, 1000 km away from Riyadh Head Office. A plan been prepared that shows how to fail over to the DR in case of disasters.

22 Road map –IT strategic initiatives
Future projects that will add new services to GOSI's pool of e-services: Portal: A single point of entry into the systems, Personalized to each user or user group. CRM:

23 Road map –IT strategic initiatives
Quality accreditation: SIMIS developed and unified work procedures in all GOSI’s facilities. Now GOSI is aptly placed to certify its business and IT processes substantiating the same through certifications such as ISO. GOSI's ICT center started studying the requirements and conditions to acquire the ITIL quality certificate in performance.


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