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Technology & Wholesale Scanning Services Exclusively to the Trade

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1 Technology & Wholesale Scanning Services Exclusively to the Trade

2 © 2009 Penny Imaging Exchange, Inc.2 Overview Penny Imaging Exchange provides imaging technology, indexing & wholesale scanning services exclusively to imaging professionals. We are not a competitor We are transforming the way imaging providers outsource. The exchange does not serve end users and we do not attend bidder’s conferences. Focus Our focus is to enable imaging providers to grow, offer new services with faster turn around times and generate more sales.

3 © 2009 Penny Imaging Exchange, Inc.3 Scanning & Indexing of : Roll film, fiche, paper and aperture cards Archiving Writing of digital images to film Technology FicheMaster® : High speed image segmentation software DOCHQ: Branded online repository Create a demo account: Custom development also available Conversion Services

4 © 2009 Penny Imaging Exchange, Inc.4 Penny Imaging Exchange Unique in the Industry Proven Project Management Skills  Sales support focused on imaging providers  Systematic techniques  Long-term relationship  History of success providing prompt scanning services and technology to imaging service providers throughout the U.S and Canada Infrastructure  High end scanning equipment  Facilities in Georgia and New York  Capacity for large and on-going projects  In-house developers

5 © 2009 Penny Imaging Exchange, Inc.5 Do you do your own scanning and indexing ? We don’t work directly with end users so we are not a competitor but an alliance Count on us as a resource for overflow indexing and scanning projects Make use of our infrastructure & experience Use our branded online document repository

6 © 2009 Penny Imaging Exchange, Inc.6 Contact Email: Phone: (631)563-6366 x301 Company Videos Create a demo repository account: Your alliance for archive writing to film, indexing, scanning services and imaging technology

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