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CSP in Spain Cayetano López CIEMAT Director General December 2011.

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2 CSP in Spain Cayetano López CIEMAT Director General December 2011

3 The serious drawbacks of the existing energy supply scheme Imply a change whose main vector is: Reduce the carbon content of the primary energy sources Energy saving and efficiency increase Less fossil fuels More renewables More (at least keep) nuclear (Fukushima accident?, Gen IV?) Possible clean use of coal (CO2 capture and sequestration) Fusion (not available in the short term) None of these alternatives are free of problems. To implement them, a big effort in technology development and political support is necessary. The elements of change in the energy paradigm

4 Electricity Generation in Spain, 2010 Renewables: 35 % Natural Gas, 32 % Nuclear, 20 % Wind, 15 % Hydro, 14 % Coal, 8 % Oil products, 5 % Solar, 3 % Biomass & Waste, 3 %

5 CO2 emissions by unit of electricity produced Renewables in 2010: 11,3% in Primary Energy 13,2 % in Final Energy 35 % in Electricity 5 % biofuels Renewables in the Spain energy supply

6 The solar resource Solar energy is plentiful but diffuse In good conditions, the daily averaged incoming solar flux is around 220 – 250 W / m2 which, integrated, gives a yearly primary energy of around 2000 – 2200 kWh / m2. This is equivalent to a rain of about 20 cm of oil per annum and m2. 1,2 barrel/(year x m2)

7 With Spain at the Epicenter, Global Concentrated Solar Power Industry to Reach 25 GW by 2020 Cambridge, Massachusetts, 28 April Led by development in Spain and potential in the US, concentrated solar power markets are entering a new growth phase, amidst a tumultuous global economic landscape. The CSP industry is scaling rapidly with 1.2 GW under construction as of April 2009 and another 13.9 GW announced globally through 2014, according to a new study from Emerging Energy Research analyzing global CSP markets and strategies. Spain is the epicenter of CSP development with 22 projects for 1,037 MW under construction, all of which are projected to come online by the end of Despite only 75 MW of CSP under construction, the US continues to offer significant opportunity for CSP, with 8.5 GW in the pipeline and scheduled for installation by Attracted to promised lower costs, US utilities have turned to CSP -- through both Power Purchase Agreements and direct ownership -- to meet their Renewable Portfolio Standard mandates. CSP prospects in Spain, 2009

8 CSP in the world (July 2011)

9 CSP in Spain (October, 2011) MW foreseen at the end of MW, 22 plants GWh/y

10 Andasol, 2 x 50MWe

11 Andasol 1: Power Block and Storage 2 tanks: Ø = 36 m; h = 14 m tm of molten salts 7,5 h storage at 50 MW

12 CSP and dispatchability

13 Source: Abengoa Solar, 2009 Matching the utility system load profile

14 Solúcar PS-10, PS-20 Heliostats: 624 x 121 m x x 121 Tower Height: 120 m 160 m Power: 11 MWe 20 MWe PS-10PS-20

15 Central Receiver: Gemasolar Power: 20 MWe. Storage: 15h at full power

16 Novatec/Biosol Fresnel, 1,4 MW

17 Conditions for the RES deployment Politics Legislation, Incentives Subsidies, etc. R + D Technology Centers, Universities, etc. Industry Entrepreneurship, Venture capital, etc.

18 1.- Central Receiver 2.- Parabolic troughs 3.- Direct Steam Generation 4.- Stirling Dishes 5.- Solar Furnace 6.- Water Detoxification 7.- Water Desalination 8.- Energetic Efficiency in Buildings 9.- Fresnel Collectors 10.- Advanced Technologies: gas/molten salts Solar Platform in Almeria (PSA) The Plataforma Solar de Almería is the world most complete experimental installation in concentration solar energy

19 Sobrecalentador Generador de vapor. Desgasificador Recalentador Dep. expansión aceite Caldera auxiliar Campo de colectores Solares Turbina de vapor Condensador Aceite a 295 ºC Aceite a 390 ºC Vapor a 104 bar/371 ºC Circuito de aceite HTF Plant (present) Caldera auxiliar Campo de colectores Solares Desgasificador Condensador Turbina de vapor DSG Plant (future) Vapor a 104 bar/400 ºC Agua a 114 bar / 120 ºC DSG: An important simplification

20 3 Mwe prototype in order to check this technology (CIEMAT, Iberdrola, IDAE, AGECAM, Navarro-Piquer) Hopefully completed in Máx. temperature and pressure: 400 ºC and 120 bar. 11 troughs. Opening: 5.76 m; total length: 550 m; Power: 1.8 MW t A technological breakthrough: Direct Steam Generation Environment friendly Cost reduction (20 %)

21 Molten Salt Receiver installed at CESA-1 Central Receiver Pressurized Air Receiver (SOLGATE) installed at CESA 1

22 - Detoxification plant for pesticide polluted waters in the Almeria greenhouse fields. In operation since June 2004 (ALBAIDA) - CONSOLIDER Project: TRAGUA (Solar Energy for water treatment) - AQUACAT: Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco - VII FP projects: SOLWATERGY (Integration of CSP and Desalination at the Mediterranean Area), Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Egypt, Algeria Environmental Applications

23 Hydro 13,23 (31.600)13,55 (31.400)13,86 (32.800) Solar PV 3,79 (6.300)5,42 (9.100)7,25 (12.400) CSP 0,63 (700)3,00 (8.300)4,80 (14.400) Wind 20,74 (42.300)27,85 (55.500)35,00 (70.700) Other * 0,82 (4.200)1,18 (7.100)2,85 (14.500) Total 39,2 (85.100)51,0 ( )63,8 ( ) Renewables (*) Biomass, Waste. Off-shore, etc Units: GW (GWh)

24 Over-cost derived from the subsidies to RES

25 Other financial data RES Export – Import = M (2015) to M (2020) Avoided emissions = 171 Mt CO2 Jobs related to RES in 2020 =

26 Thank you !!!

27 MENA-Europe Complementarity The Desertec and the Mediterranean Solar Projects

28 Renewable Energies Problem 1: High Cost Possible solutions: Increasing size of the plants Advances in R + D Improvements in component manufacture Series production (market expansion) Experience in O & M Problem 2: Intermitency Possible solutions: Hybridation Energy storage (electricity, heat, H 2 )

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