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AUC-EC JOINT CUSTOMS & TRADE FACILITATION FORUM Brussels, Belgium 11-13 December, 2012.

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2 Outline Introduction Work done in Customs & Trade Facilitation Future Plans – Establishment of the CFTA – Activities to support the CFTA & BIAT Conclusion

3 Current Position Africas share in global trade is at 2.7 % Intra- African trade 12.3%. Europe-Over 63%; Major trading Partners- Europe and USA A major factor in the low level of intra-African trade has been the numerous trade facilitation constraints. Removal of these constraints is critical to boosting trade among African countries.

4 Work done Harmonization of Rules of Origin – Draft Protocol developed Harmonization of Transit Procedures – Draft Protocol on Transit procedures developed Interconnectivity of Computerized Customs Clearance Systems – Guidelines, roadmap & strategy developed Integrity & Ethics Common Tariff Nomenclature (CTN)

5 Future Work 2012 Assembly Decision AU/Dec.394 (XVIII) Establish a Pan Africa Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) by an indicative date of 2017 – Envisaged CFTA has the Framework, Road Map and Architecture Endorsed an Action Plan for Boosting Intra-African Trade – Addresses the fundamental issues, PIDA, AIDA, MIP

6 Organogram of the Road Map

7 Architecture For The CFTA CTC

8 Customs Technical Committee (CTC ) Reports to & serve as the TC of the Conference of AU Ministers of Trade - Customs matters & any other issues relating to facilitation of Intra-African Trade Composition – MS level - Directors General / Heads of Customs Administrations – RECs/AUC level- Directors/Heads of Customs Departments/Divisions

9 Customs Technical Committee (CTC ) Functions Develop and submit proposals to the Conference of AU Ministers of Trade on issues such as Rules of Origin, customs regulations and procedures, Implement the decisions of the policy organs of the AU on the facilitation of intra-African trade.

10 Action Plan on Boosting Intra African Trade Seven Clusters of the Action Plan 1.Trade Policy 2.Trade Facilitation 3.Productive Capacity 4.Trade Related Infrastructure 5.Trade Finance 6.Trade Information 7.Factor Market Integration Time Frames - ST,MT,LT

11 Activities for the CFTA & BIAT Comprehensive Trade Facilitation program which will include issues such as – Integrated border management – Rules of Origin – Revised Kyoto Convention

12 Conclusion The AUC will continue to work with MS, RECs and other Partners (like the EC) in the area of Customs and Trade Facilitation. Welcome more Partners to support RECs and MS in the implementation of the CFTA and BIAT The outcomes of the Forum will assist in the development of a Customs strategy for the implementation of the Trade Facilitation Program

13 Thank You For Your Kind Attention

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