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1 State of play Evaluations undertaken for DG REGIO.

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1 1 State of play Evaluations undertaken for DG REGIO

2 2 Ex post evaluation of ERDF Objective 1 & 2 (2000-2006) Kai Stryczynski, Anna Burylo Evaluation Unit

3 3 State of play In the middle of the work, first final reports ahead Many evaluations in stage of case studies; See distributed list WP 5a+b: Survey on outputs for all programmes Draft final reports WP 10 (unit costs) + WP 11 (management): June WP 9 (rural)+ WP 7 (gender+demography): July

4 4 WP 10, unit costs: data collection

5 5 WP 11 Management and Implementation Systems Short country overviews: published Under consultation: EU10: assessment of Effectiveness, Sustainability and Spillover Effects (10 National Assessment Reports) EU15: assessment of Added Value (7 Cases Studies) EU25: assessment of Sustainable Development (10 Case Studies) Final Report with Conclusions and Recommendations: mid-year 2009

6 6 Use of evaluation (selection) Hearing planned on 23 June (WP 7, 10,11) Open days seminar (5-8 October): –WP Transport, Environment, URBAN, INTERREG Seminar on structural change (WP 4): Oct 09 Summary report (WP 1): beginning of 2010

7 7 State of play by work package See next four slides for details! All published reports: ner/evaluation/rado_en.htm

8 8 Annex: State of play by WP - I WP 1 (coordination + summary report): –Country stories published –Update of GDP statistics in April WP 2 (database on indicators) –Finished, on Inforegio WP 3 (HERMIN, QUEST): –Summer 2009

9 9 Annex: State of play by WP - II WP 4 (structural change + globalisation) –First interim report published (literature review etc) WP 5a (transport) –Case studies underway WP 5b (environment and climate change) –Case studies underway WP 6 (business environment + innovation) –Case studies underway

10 10 Annex: State of play by WP - III WP 7 (structural change + globalisation) –Preparing draft final report WP 8 (transport modelling) –Summer 2009 WP 9 (rural development) –Case studies underway WP 10 (business environment + innovation) –Data collection finished

11 11 Ex post evaluation of URBAN (2000-2006) Daniel Mouqué Evaluation Unit

12 12 URBAN interim report - June –Survey of the 70 programmes (output result and context data, interviews, etc) –Control group work where data (~50) –Evaluation of URBACT Final report - October –15 in depth case studies –Analysis, policy recommendations

13 13 Ex post evaluation of INTERREG III (2000-2006) Pasi Rantahalvari Evaluation Unit

14 14 Main objectives of the evaluation Targeting policy-level conclusions on the overall impact of the programmes To help to improve the implementation of the current programmes To provide evidence-based recommendations for the future programme design The evaluation is about integrating accountability objective with the policy objective To tell a story of Interreg III

15 15 Main tasks of the evaluation Policy and literature analysis (task 1) Data gathering and analysis (facts&figures)(task 2) financial data & outputs, results, impacts An overview of all 81 programmes Analysis of Espon and Interact (task 3) Developing a synthetic indicator and typology (task 4) measuring the depth and intensity of co-operation creating groups of programmes with main characteristics Indepth analysis of 16 programmes (task 5) on the basis of which conclusions can be extrapolated to all 79 programmes (excluding Espon and Interact) Main conclusions and strategic recommendations (task 6)

16 16 Time schedule and deliverables The inception report was approved in February 2009 1 st interim report in June data gathering on 81 programmes, draft Espon&Interact reports, a synthetic indicator and typology selection of 16 OPs for indepth analysis 2 nd interim in September Indepth analysis completed Final report in December 2009

17 17 Study on the translation of Art.16 Reg.1083/2006 (2007-2013) Cvetina Yocheva Evaluation Unit

18 18 Gender equality, anti-discrimination & accessibility for disabled Scope: interventions co-financed by ERDF & CF in EU27 for 2007-2013 Aim: to what extent Art.16 is reflected in OPs + recommendations on how to strengthen the three themes Method: 50 OPs to be reviewed 15 examples of good practices Timing: January – September 2009

19 19 Thank you for your attention

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