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1 Transnational corridor-projects (Interreg III B)

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1 1 Transnational corridor-projects (Interreg III B)

2 2 The actual priorities of the transnational network of transports (EU TEN T) …..

3 3 ESPON: Development of GDP 2002 – 2015 Baseline Competition Cohesion Change of position in comparison to Baseline:

4 4 Perspektive Nord-Süd-Plattform Spatial development and growth initiative: Baltic – Adriatic – Development Corridor

5 5 Aspects of transnational and cross border cooperation in the North-South-Corridor................................... Members of METREX – Network EU – member states until 2004 EU – member states after 2004................

6 6 1.creating a spatial development and growth alliance in the North-South-Development Corridor 2.offer and request to the German and the European neighbours and partners for participation 3.cooperation in the preparation of transnational projects and political support 4.preparation of a conference in autumn of 2007 Resolution of the Ministerial Conference on Spatial and Planning and Infrastructure Magdeburg 10.05.07 (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Berlin, Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Sachsen und Thüringen)

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