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Kosovo Donor Coordination

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1 Kosovo Donor Coordination
Edon CANA, CEO Agency for Coordination of Development and European Integration

2 Donor Coordination in the sectorial level
Main conclusion from the High Level Forum was the coordination of foreign assistance in the sectorial level. Government decision to start with the coordination in five sectors: decentralization, public administration reform, education, health and water sectors. Donor leaders have been identified among donor community: - decentralization – USAID, - public administration reform – DFID and EC, - education – SIDA, - health – Luxembourg and - water – Switzerland.

3 ACDEI’s role in this process
ACDEI will be the focal point at sector level and will liaise with sector officers at line ministry level as well as development partners and CSO stakeholders to ensure aid effectiveness as well as financial accountability and focus on results. The Kosovo Government (line ministries and government agencies) and the Development Partners agreed to closely work with ACDEI and cooperate with them in all activities related to donor coordination and involve the ACDEI in the initiatives undertaken in all sectors to ensure better streamlining and flow of communication. The main responsibilities of the sectorial donor coordination working groups have been prepared that present the basis for dialogue on planning, budgeting and implementation at the sector level. In preparation of the next HLF the sector working groups will provide information on aid effectiveness (how GoK and DPs work together) and agree on appropriate indicators for the results to be monitored. The ACDEI committed to work towards the following objectives for the donor coordination and aid management thus strengthening the government’s own monitoring and evaluation systems and setting up a donor coordination software.

4 Main expectations from the sectorial donor coordination working groups
Reach agreement on annual priorities for donor assistance in all relevant sectors. Decide on an annual working plan for coordination of donor assistance in all relevant sectors. Reach agreement on key monitoring indicators for each sector and approve semi-annual and annual monitoring reports about the implementation of donor assistance in all relevant sectors based on the annual working plan. Make suggestions and recommendations for High Level Forum (HLF) for improving donor coordination in all relevant sectors. Presenting for approval to HLF strategy and priorities for donor assistance in all relevant sectors. Reporting to HLF about the progress made in the implementation of programmes in the relevant sectors. Sectorial forums shall submit annual monitoring reports to HLF about the implementation of donor assistance in all relevant sectors based on the annual working plan.

5 Aid Management Platform – country-level aid information management system
Strengthen the Agency’s ability to serve as a “one-stop-shop” for basic information on donor-funded activities, including enabling the Agency to produce regular, accurate reports on donor activities. Strengthen coordination—across government entities; between the government and donors; and among the donor community (e.g. project-level coordination; priority setting). Strengthen the transparency of information on donor-funded activities information Provide a tool that facilitates the planning process for major stakeholders Improve strategic planning by enabling a clearer picture of the relationships between projects and strategies (e.g. MTEF, EPAP). Reduce transaction costs on the part of all the government and donors

6 Main expectations Furthermore the GoK will highlight IPA assistance on a limited number of priorities fully aligned with the European Partnership Action Plan and reflect sector strategies. IPA programming process should reflect better coordination with other donors with a particular focus towards improvement of planning, prioritization and sequencing. The possibility to associate other donors with IPA management in areas where these have a comparative advantage will be explored. GoK is looking forward to strengthen its ownership of IPA projects.

7 Main challenges Commitment and readiness of certain government sectors to start the donor sectorial coordination. Commitment of donors to report regularly on their actual and future activities. Signing an MoU between Gov’t and Donors regarding the reporting to the AMP.

8 Thank you for your attention!

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