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Presented by Hanneke COPPOLECCHIA-SOMERS European Parliament DG Internal Policies Directorate for Relations with National Parliaments.

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1 presented by Hanneke COPPOLECCHIA-SOMERS European Parliament DG Internal Policies Directorate for Relations with National Parliaments

2 ECPRD European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation Created in 1977 by the Conference of Speakers of European Parliamentary Assemblies

3 Secretaries-General - administrative responsibility Discuss ECPRD activities and endorse the Activities Report every second year, when they meet during the Conference of Speakers

4 Network ECPRD is a network of staff in national parliaments to exchange knowledge and parliamentary and legislative information. Members: all parliaments/chambers of the member states of PACE (46), plus special guests at PACE (4), plus EP, PACE and WEU

5 Internal organisation Two Co-directors & two Co-secretaries, one of each appointed by the SG of the EP and by the Clerk of the PACE.

6 Corespondents One Corespondent in each chamber/parliament (+Deputy-Correspondent), appointed by their S.G., Meet once a year: Annual Conference of Correspondents (October).

7 Executive Committee Consists of 2 Co-Directors, 3 elected Correspondents & 2 Co-secretaries, Meets at least twice a year, Ensures continuity of work between annual Conference of Correspondents.

8 Secretariat - no specific staff Entrusted to officials of the European Parliament: 1978-2004 c/o EP Library, Since January 2005 in the Directorate Relations with national Parliaments.

9 Financing EP budget for meetings, publications, secretariat and computing expenses, PACE budget for certain activities, Indirect financing by national parliaments for hosting meetings.

10 Working Languages Officially 3: English + French + German, Publications as well as WWW site only in English, Seminars: the hosting parliament/chamber provides the interpretation.

11 Activities A - Meetings/seminars (also Working Groups), B - WWW site, C - Publications, D - Comparative requests, E - Hosts IPEX - wider public.

12 A - Meetings/seminars Average of 10 per year, Executive Committee meetings, 1 meeting WG ICT, 1-2 WG Macro Economics, Other seminars.

13 B - WWW site The spill for dissemination of information to all members, Intranet EP:, Internet:, Password and ID to access private sector.

14 C - Publications Issued regularly: Activities Report (EN+FR+DE) - every 2 nd year, ECPRD Directory (idem), ECPRD Newsletter (EN) - twice/year. Issued ad-hoc (only in EN): European Affairs Committees, Codes of Conduct in Europe, Electoral Systems in Europe, Knowledge and Power, Parliamentary Immunity (all full text via WWW site).

15 D - Comparative Requests Forwarded by Correspondent to Secretariat, Sent out to the whole or part of Correspondents, All supplementary information and single replies added on the WWW site, Final comparative survey.

16 E - IPEX Inter-parliamentary Exchange of Legislative Information Subsidiarity check of EU-legislation in national Parliaments, hosted via ECPRD WWW site, Each national Parliament in charge of own input!

17 WWW site - Overview Top: News Flash, Search Module, My ECPRD, Sitemap, Central Part: Quick Links (most used parts), publications, current affairs/news, help & contact, Various chapters (left column).

18 WWW site - Search Module Located on the top, right side, Go to search Database, Select specific field or Entire Database, Give 1 or more keywords or date, Click on results to open.

19 WWW site - Quick Links Info on internal organisation (Directory, lists), Calendar, All publications, Links to current affairs + NEWS, Help-modules, Contact Secretariat.

20 WWW site - ECPRD Directory Parliamentary staff in all chambers/parliaments Updated continuously on WWW site, In paper - form every 2 nd year, Search possibilities by name, department, chamber/parliament, Provides various lists.

21 WWW site - Calendar Chronological list of ECPRD Meetings/Seminars, Invitations, practical info, Programmes, Related documents/speeches, Lists of participants, Final reports.

22 WWW site - News Articles on various subjects: New correspondents, International meetings, New publications. Most often with links to related documents!

23 WWW site - Parliaments Links to: Parliaments, chambers with R.of P. and Constitutions, COSAC and IPU, Government-sites, WWW sites for Elections, WWW sites of political parties.

24 WWW site - Legislation Links to: EU-legislative Bases (OEIL, Celex, Prelex, ScadPlus, EU Treaties, etc.), Documents of EU-Institutions (by Institution), Documents of Council of Europe, National legislative Bases.

25 WWW site - Studies Access to specific database Studies with Search-Module & links to: Factsheets of EP, IPU & ASGP-publications, Eurostat publications, Others.

26 WWW site - Libraries Links to professional networks: Parliamentary libraries, International co-operation (IFLA, EBLIDA, GABRIEL, EUROLIB, etc.), Specific publications.

27 WWW site - Internal Various Lists, Directory, ECPRD Brochure (EN,FR), ECPRD Statutes (EN,FR,DE), Tool for Statistics Requests, ECPRD Newsletter, Procedures of ECPRD.

28 This presentation was prepared by DG Internal Policies, Directorate for Relations with National Parliaments of the European Parliament The presentation is an information tool and in no way commits EU Institutions All rights reserved Contact:

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