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European Commission: 1 Environmental Noise Directive 7-8 October 2010 EEA, Copenhagen.

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1 European Commission: 1 Environmental Noise Directive 7-8 October 2010 EEA, Copenhagen

2 European Commission: 2 Directive 2002/49/EC Content 1. Legal background 2. Charachteristics 3. Implementation 4. Importance of the review 5. Regulatory Noise Committee 6. Next steps

3 European Commission: 3 Policy development l Green Paper on Future EU noise policy 1996 l 6th EAP 2001 l Adoption of the Directive 2002/49/EC 2002 l Transposition due by 2004 (2004-2007) l Renewed SDS 2006

4 European Commission: 4 General objectives l Determine exposure to environmental noise m strategic noise mapping l Inform the public on exposure and effects m NOISE, CIRCA, EUROPA l Manage environmental noise m action plans l Develop Community measures to reduce noise at source

5 European Commission: 5 Implementation l Reporting obligations Reportnet – Recommended by the European Institutions uDF4 uDF5 uDF6 uDF7 uDF8 l CNOSSOS-EU (article 6 of END)

6 European Commission: 6 What has been done so far? l Transposition l Legal action - compliance of the provisions of D2002/49/EC l Study on the implementation of the END rService contract (Milieu, TNO, RPA) r2009 – June 2010 rFinal report – comments are welcomed r r l Noise Observation and Information Services for Europe – NOISE l CNOSSOS - final report r

7 European Commission: 7 Review of the END l Article 11 of the Directive 2002/49/EC m Commission shall submit to the European Parliament and the Council a report on the implementation of this Directive m The report shall in particular assess the need for further Community actions on environmental noise and, if appropriate, propose implementing strategies m The report shall, if appropriate, be accompanied by proposals for the amendment of this Directive

8 European Commission: 8 Review of the END l Delay m no sufficient data (DF4, DF6,7) m Scientific evidence (WHO) l 2 steps approach, consultation m Report rQuality Assessment (EEA/ETC) rMilieu study - obstacles and possible options for a revision of the noise directive m Proposal

9 European Commission: 9 Milieu Study Options No change Minor changes Compliance promotion Harmonisation of methods for mapping Closer integration with Air Quality Action EU-wide noise limit values or trigger values Additional source based measures

10 European Commission: 10 Role of the EU l European Commission (DG ENV, DG ENTR, DG MOVE,.. ) l European Environment Agency, European Topic Center (Barcelona) l Joint Research Center (ISPRA) l (World Health Organisation) Implementation and Review of D 2002/49/EC

11 European Commission: 11 Role of the Member States Regulatory Noise Committee m Twice per year m Official platform for discussion and voting m Comitology CNOSSOS, Modifications of the reporting (Article 13)

12 European Commission: 12 Future steps l Exchange of letters - data flows l Infringements due to non-compliance of the provisions of D2002/49/EC l Report foreseen by 2011 (step 1) l CNOSSOS by 2010 (article 6) l Views of the MS

13 European Commission: 13 Thank you for your patience

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