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Project presentation With the support of the Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Union.

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1 Project presentation With the support of the Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Union

2 General project data 2 Project title ALISIOS Academic Links and Strategies for the Internationalisation of the HE Sector Duration 28 months September 2013-December 2015 EU Grant amount 323.580,00 EUR Coordinating organisation University of Coimbra, Portugal

3 Partners EUROPE University of Coimbra, Portugal (Coordinator) Campus France, France European University Association (EUA), Belgium Foundation of Portuguese Universities (FUP), Portugal University of Bologna, Italy BRAZIL Association of Brazilian Higher Education Offices for International Relations (FAUBAI), Brazil Coimbra Group of Brazilian Universities (GCUB), Brazil Institute Brazil-Europe of the University of Sao Paulo (IBE-USP), Brazil 3

4 Project objectives Creating better synergies between the EU Policy Dialogue with Partner Countries by exploring strategies for better cooperation between European countries and their international partners, in particular, with Brazil; Comparing and sharing experiences in managing different higher education and research cooperation programmes (including large- scale grant programmes, such as the Science without Borders Programme); Enabling mutual learning within Europe and Brazil and between Europe and Brazil; Providing tangible suggestions for the enhancement and coordination of European and Brazilian university cooperation with international partners; Contributing to the full development of the potential of the Euro- Brazilian partnerships in academic cooperation, research integration, innovation and exchange. 4

5 Target groups 5 Direct beneficiaries Individual HEI staff but also HEI associations and other networks Pro-rectors for Postgraduate Studies and Research, Pro-rectors for International Relations Heads of department, Heads of research groups and labs, PhD supervisors Heads of International Relations Offices Rectors’ Conferences Other networks of EU universities and international organisations active in the HE sector, such as ACA, etc. Governments and governmental agencies: CAPES, CNPq Ministries of Education and Research and External Affairs in Brazil EU Commission, EU-BR Steering Committee, EU DG Research & Innovation Other SwB agencies and associations coordinating SwB in Europe (Universities.UK,, NUFFIC, DAAD, etc.) Indirect beneficiaries Students, post-docs and academic staff Governments and governmental agencies outside Europe and Brazil

6 6 Main activities and outputs Products organisation of 3 workshops in Europe and Brazil; steering of virtual and face-to-face forum; production of short papers, policy messages, recommendations; development of public website and newsletter; production of video; production of final project publication; organisation of final project conference. Methods and experiences Sharing international cooperation processes and methodologies; Sharing managerial lessons learned and know-how; Exchange of experience, ideas and best practice through the establishment of communities of practice. Policy Draw on the overall experience of projects within a programme or from individual projects that are particularly innovative or effective (Erasmus Mundus, Marie Curie, FP7, SwB, new Erasmus+, Brazilian strategy on S&T 2012-2015 and the EU Horizon 2020) Feedback to inform policy making within the Brazilian Government, the EU Commission and within the Member States.

7 7 Special feature and most important outcome The creation of communities of practice engaged in: bridging policy and practice, making policies and funding more visible, aligned and directed to the relevant agents at HEI; contributing to better prepare HEI to implement international education and research cooperation programmes more systematically and efficiently; generating content that is highly reusable, of high strategic value and/or the source of significant competitive advantage. One example, already in practice, is the SwB Forum steered by Carla Salvaterra of the University of Bologna, one of the project partners. This group is constituted by the people involved in the coordination and implementation of the Science without Borders (SwB) programme in Europe. Other Higher Education institutions and organisations of HEI, which are sending and receiving SwB grantees, can be also members. The SwB Forum has met three times personally and a web platform is being developed within the ALISIOS website.

8 8 Project events Workshop 1 29-30 January 2014, Brussels, Belgium Workshop 2 14 October 2014, Recife, Brazil (pre-event of the GCUB Seminar and Assembly) Workshop 3 April 2015, Brazil (pre-event of the FAUBAI Conference) Final Conference October/ November 2015, Brazil (pre-event of the GCUB Seminar and Assembly)

9 RITA MAIA [PROJECT OFFICER] University of Coimbra, Portugal Joaquim Ramos de Carvalho University of Coimbra, Portugal Colégio de S. Jerónimo, Largo D. Dinis 3001-401 Coimbra - Portugal Email: Tel.: +351239857003 Website: Contacts

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