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IMAC National Academy for Information Management.

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1 IMAC National Academy for Information Management

2 Background Research on the desirability of an Information Management Academy Unique collaboration between nine government organizations Foundation in October 2003

3 the Centre for Work and Income the RDW Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information IB-group for student grants and information management the Union Employers Insurances the SVB for the administration of Dutch state pensions, survivors benefits, child benefit and other social insurance schemes the Dutch Tax Administration of the Ministry of Finance the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment Organisations

4 Connector The Dutch Government must improve its performance on information management and electronic services Start of a new profession: the connector

5 IMAC method Demand driven Cost-effective For and by the government Information management Focus on target groups

6 Future Well-balanced portfolio Exploring other government organisations Research and innovation

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