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© 2010 Deloitte 1 PSI Pricing Study Presentation M. de Vres LAPSI meeting – Muenster 27 January 2011.

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1 © 2010 Deloitte 1 PSI Pricing Study Presentation M. de Vres LAPSI meeting – Muenster 27 January 2011

2 © 2010 Deloitte 1.Assigned by the European Commission DG INFSO 2.Consortium of Deloitte & Touche Belgium, Tech4i2, Marc 3.6 months (January – June 2011) 4.Aims: a.what are the effects of different pricing models for PSI b.Snapshot of the Apps market, based on PSI c.What is the impact of portal initiatives like 5.19 case studies, 10 good guys (group A = marginal or for free, 9 bad guys (group B = cost price or cost price+) 6.Deliverable: report 7.Larger context: is article 6 PSI Directive to be amended? 2 Study in a nuthshell

3 © 2010 Deloitte 3 The big picture: which PSB charging model for PSI works best? PSBRe-userEnd-user Pricing (A+B+C) Availability (E) Down stream impact market data (a)# re-users (b)# ftes employed (c)# new products, like Apps (D) (d)# sales (money and quantity) (e) market impact assessment + welfare effects Up stream impact PSB data (a)availability of PSI (b)quality of PSI (c)# ftes employed (d)# new products, like Apps (D) (e)Costs and returns (f) PSB impact assessment

4 © 2010 Deloitte 4 Who is the boss? – what are the drivers in sectoral value chains PSI characteristics PSB characteristics Market characteristics Impact assess- ment 1.Production PSI in the core of the public task or more in the outskirt? 2.Are there substitutes for the PSI? 3.Are there private sector bodies producing the same raw data? 4.Are the data volatile? 5.Is the quality key? 6.Does it concern high risk data? 7.Is there a final consumption date? 8.Proportion and importance of PSI in re-users products 1.policy making discretion or simply execution 2.spending or earning department freedom the lime light or in the dark, public scrutiny 5.autonomous or dependent on other PSBs basis: statutory basis? Contractual basis? 7.Influence other organisations, including users 1.What is the market structure? 2.Are there entry barriers? 3.Buying power re-users 4.Is it a need to have or nice to have product? 5.What is the spending power of the (re-) users? 6.What is the buying frequency 7.What are the consumer roles (who pays, who uses, who influences?) 8.availability of substitutes 9.presence of competitors

5 © 2010 Deloitte 1.Every case selected needs to be spot on 2.Cross border sectoral comparison is key 3.Rubbish in is rubbish out: availability of data is key (group B) 4.The call: a.French organisations b.three sectors: meteorological, geographic information and business information c.3 countries (for the 9 case studies under objective B) 5 Selecting the right case studies – points for consideration See a list of potential case studies in the next section Support by European Commission: Letter of recommendation Any contacts?

6 © 2010 Deloitte 6 Possible case studies: C urrent long list – INPUT? Objective B FR: Météo France DE: Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) UK: Met Office PL: Polish meteorological service SE: Swedish meteorological service FR: Institut géographique national (IGN) & French cadastre DE: Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie & local agencies UK: HM Land Registry UK: NLPG - IDeA – Address data ES: IGN-CENIG NL: Dutch cadastre IT: Italian cadastre (Agenzia del Territorio) FR: SIRENE business register provided by INSEE DE: Handelsregister and Unternehmensregister by Federal and State Ministries of Justice UK: Companies House NL: Dutch Chamber of Commerce AT: Austrian business registers IT: Italian business registers (Infocamere) PL: Polish business registers DE: Juris GmbH – Legal IT: Ministry of Justice – Case law Objective A ES: AEMET NL: Dutch Meteorological Service NO: Norwegian Meteorological Service UK: Ordnance Survey ES: Spanish cadastre AT: Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (BEV) DK: Danish cadastre DK: Erhvervs- og Byggestyrelsen (EBST) – Address data FR: Légifrance – Legal DE: Statistisches Bundesamt – Statistics ES: Centre of Juridical documentation (CENDOJ) – Legal NL: RDW – Car registry Meteoro- logical PSI Geo- graphical PSI Business register PSI Other PSI sectors

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