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UK Project Update Madeleine Starr Carers UK. New Coalition Government New Challenges.

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1 UK Project Update Madeleine Starr Carers UK

2 New Coalition Government New Challenges

3 New external factors Changing economic climate –New UK Coalition Government pledged to cut public spending Changing political climate –Big Society presupposes greater self sufficiency of families

4 Changing economic climate 1 Cuts in public spending: return to work –New Care Partnership Managers in Jobcentre Plus under review –Replacement care for carers training to return to work under review –Caring with Confidence programme cancelled as not cost effective –Learning for Living not included in new National Qualifications Framework

5 Changing economic climate 2 Cuts in public spending: social care –Expectation that social care services will be subject to tighter eligibility criteria, so only those in substantial or critical need will receive them –New Commission set up to explore how the UK will fund social care in the future, with an expectation that individuals will contribute to the cost of care over a lifetime, through increased taxation or social insurance

6 Changing economic climate 3 Cuts in public spending: welfare benefits –Proposed welfare reform will review Carers Allowance, with a proposal to make it subject to means testing and conditionality (meaning that carers receiving the benefit will have to demonstrate why they are unable to work or lose the allowance)

7 Changing political climate 1 The Big Society –David Camerons vision calls for a smaller state and more localism with input from citizens and communities –Families expected to be more self sufficient – (quote from a Government Minister at recent party conferences) –Tension between expectation that carers will work, and expectation that carers will care

8 Changing political climate 2 Equalities and Human Rights Commission –New EHRC report identifies: inequalities suffered by people in middle age sandwiched between childcare and eldercare (25% of women aged 55 are carers) greater risks to carers of falling out of work

9 Threats Cuts in all areas –Fewer care and carer services –Fewer return to work services –Reduced benefits Do it yourself approach –Big Society a cover for lack of support to families

10 Opportunities Focus on supporting carers to stay in work –Coalition Governments Refresh of National Carers Strategy to prioritise workplace support for carers –Equalities Act now protects carers against discrimination at work and in the provision of goods and services

11 Shift in focus New areas of work –Promoting awareness of carers rights at work To employers To carers –Embedding carers in equality and diversity Training –Exploring issues for former carers in the workplace Developing support through Employers for Carers

12 Shift in focus New areas of work –Working with technology providers to develop 21 st century solutions for employers and working carers –Growing the UKs online carer community –Developing online resources, e.g., redesigning Learning for Living as open source online training accessible at home, at work or in the community

13 Business as usual Campaigns –National Care Service –Fair funding settlement –Support for families –Right to work and care where that is an option –Right to support through the benefits system where that is not an option

14 Carers UK Websites:

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