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1 2 nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 Architecture for Next Generation Grids Kostas Tserpes, NTUA Shanghai, 20th of February 2006.

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1 1 2 nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 Architecture for Next Generation Grids Kostas Tserpes, NTUA Shanghai, 20th of February 2006

2 2 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 The NextGRID Vision An architecture for Next Generation Grids which will enable its widespread use by research, industry and the ordinary citizen thus creating a dynamic market place for new services and products.

3 3 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 NextGRIDs Goals Develop architectural components that will lead to the emergence of the Next Generation Grid. Prepare the way for the broader use of Grid technologies and their widespread adoption by organisations and individuals from the business and public domains. Improve the technology in key areas such as security, development of applications, interoperability, quality of service and robustness. Contribute to the standards which are essential if NGGs are to succeed.

4 4 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 NextGRID Partners NextGRID brings together the elite of Europes Grid research community, together with leading lights from large and small industries. The 22 partners are drawn from across the European Union. Over half the partners are commercial organisations, giving NextGRID a vital insight into the needs of industry.

5 5 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 NextGRID Partners Academic partners

6 6 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 NextGRID Partners Commercial partners

7 7 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 NextGRID Process NextGRID is an architecture centred project. It operates a development cycle which comprises analysis, conceptualisation and design phases. Development activities focussing on foundations, the dynamics of grids, grid interactions and applications feed into this development cycle. The whole process is driven by the needs of business and will contribute to the standards effort of the community.

8 8 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 The NextGRID Process Application needs Existing Business Models Existing standards Expertise Experience with Grid in production Architecture Grid Business Models Reference Implementations Applications Standards Feedback for next iteration Analysis Conceptualisation Implementation Design Evaluation

9 9 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 NextGRID Architecture NextGRID publishes a Vision and Architecture Whitepaper Primary Architectural Principles SLA Driven dynamics Compositional Primitives Minimum infrastructure

10 10 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 NextGRID Architecture Secondary Architectural Principles Dynamic Service Lifetime Dynamic Content Support Manageability Discovery Open Source Model

11 11 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 Expected Achievements Architectural designs for Next Generation Grids. Production of community strength components for the next generation Grid, which is free to use by the community. Ongoing commercialisation of components by NextGRID partners. Widespread take-up of the components by industry and researchers. Take-up of software development tools and methods by developers. Significant and ongoing impact on standards.

12 12 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 Exploitable results NextGRID will generate many exploitable results: Community strength software which can be productised outside the project Other IP which can be incorporated into work done by the partners A significant and ongoing effort into standards Brand recognition

13 13 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 Dissemination and Training NextGRID is undertaking a programme of publicity and dissemination activities. These include a press campaign, workshops and seminars and fact-sheets. NextGRID will provide training for the skills necessary to develop and deploy NGGs. These will be available to those within and outside the project.

14 14 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 A Concerted EC effort NextGRID is one of many projects supported by the EC which are working together to push forward the frontiers of Grid technology. NextGRID is taking a leading role in the area of standards, and is contributing to technical working groups and other collaborative activities.

15 15 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 Ongoing Work Architecture Conceptualization Analysis Design Standards Business Models Business Modelling Methods SLA representation SLA for service providers Foundations Unified Resource Model QoS Information Provision Dynamics Dynamic service discovery Adaptive workflow End-to-End QoS Applications Implied Volatility Derivative Pricing Supply Chain Management Digital Media

16 16 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 Architecture State And Properties Service Description (WSDL) Basic Notification Authentication Resource Access Addressing Control Channel Data Transport Lifetime Confidentiality (message) VO Management Execution Management Self Management Privacy Accounting Service Description (semantic) experiments will be conducted in near future mature specs exist that will be adopted experiments are not needed, or are not possible right now Service Level Agreements Naming Authorization Trust (establishment) Service Discovery Unified Resource Model VM For Workflow Generic Management Data Integration Data Access License Management QoS Note: All facilities are subject to evolution throughout the project.

17 17 2nd Shanghai, 19/02/06 Latest Project News For latest information on progress within NextGRID, visit the project website: NextGRID Vision and Architecture White Paper: Kostas Tserpes

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