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The Russian Empire Chapter 11 Section 2.

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1 The Russian Empire Chapter 11 Section 2

2 Setting the Stage Byzantines Result:
Traded w/ & sent missionaries to Slavic regions Cultural diffusion Result: Russian Culture Blending Slavic & Greek culture

3 Geography Location: West  Ural Mountains In-between 2 seas?
Black Sea & Baltic Sea Modern Day Nations? Ukraine & Russia

4 Geography 3 Rivers: All 3 Result: Dnieper, Don, Volga Slow moving
Interconnecting Result: Highways Goods & ideas Sometimes Armies & disease

5 Location

6 Early Inhabitants Slavic Tribes 800s Blended with the Slavic people
Common culture No pol. Unity 800s Vikings = Rus Built forts along the rivers 1st unified territory? Rurik  Novgorod (842) Blended with the Slavic people Over time adopted Slavic culture


8 The Vikings

9 Rus Capital moved to Kiev (880) Grew into principality Dnieper River
Better access to Byzantine Empire Via ____________ Sea Grew into principality Small state ruled by a prince

10 Cathedral of St. Sophia

11 Vladimir (980) What do all politicians want?
Power What would help them control their people? Unity What is the greatest unifier? Religion

12 Vladimir Sent envoys out to observe the major religions Failures:
What are the major religions (4)? Failures: Islam No alcohol or pork Judaism loss of Jerusalem evidence abandoned by God Western Christianity Churches  no beauty

13 Vladimir Winner: Why? Eastern Christianity Splendor of Constantinople
God’s presence Caesaropapism

14 Vladimir

15 Vladimir The Baptism of Vladimir Viktor Vasnetsov (1890)

16 The Baptism of Kievans by Klavdy Lebedev
Result: Vladimir & subjects converted Imported teachers Instruct the people in the new faith The Baptism of Kievans by Klavdy Lebedev

17 Yaroslav the Wise

18 Yaroslav the Wise Vladimir’s son Achievements: Not so wise
Pol. Marriages  forge trading alliances Legal code Built 1st library Not so wise He ÷ his realm among his sons Fought amongst themselves Became new practice

19 Decline Yaroslav’s succession policy Crusades disrupted trade Mongols
From the steppes of Asia Swept into Europe 1240 Batu Khan (Genghis’ grandson) Sacked Kiev Ruled southern Russia = 200 yrs.

20 Mongols Khanate of the Golden Horde K = kingdom
G = Royal Color of the Mongols H = camp

21 Russia Under Mongol Rule
2 demands Absolute obedience & heavy tribute Russians could follow their customs Practice their religion Russian nobles cooperated w/ Mongols Crushed revolts & collected taxes Isolated Little access to new ideas & inventions

22 Moscow Founded 12th century Strategic location 1156 crude village
Near the 3 rivers Control rivers = control European Russia

23 The Mongols

24 The Mongols


26 Moscow

27 Ivan I (1304-1340) Russian Noble
1320s crushed R revolt against Mongols Rewards: Tax collector of all Slavic lands Title  “grand prince” Result: Most powerful & wealthiest Russian prince Patriarch moved  city’s prestige & new ally

28 Ivan I & Successors Enlarged Moscow’s territory Land purchases Wars
Trickery Shrewd marriages

29 Ivan III

30 Ivan III Tearing the Great Khan’s Letter Requesting More Tribute in 1480

31 Ivan III (1440–1505) 43 yr reign (longest-reigning Russian ruler)
Took title  Czar Caesar Goal: Make Moscow 3rd Rome Refused to pay tribute (1480) Battle of Ugra River (150 mi. SW of Moscow) Neither side advanced Result: Bloodless standoff = liberation

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