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Tourism related traffic 2.0: 4 Theses - 4 Examples DI Waltraud Wagner, ECOMM 2010 - Graz.

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1 Tourism related traffic 2.0: 4 Theses - 4 Examples DI Waltraud Wagner, ECOMM 2010 - Graz

2 klima:aktiv mobil Mobility Management for Recreation, Tourism and Youth Strategic co-ordination: Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management klima:aktiv mobil management: Austrian Energy Agency klima:aktiv mobil funding: Kommunalkredit Public Consulting GmbH Program management for Recreation, Tourism and Youth: komobile - Wien Naturfreunde Internationale mobilito Klimabündnis Österreich stadtland

3 Is e-Mobility the solution? Before introducing e-Cars… After introducing e-Cars…

4 Thesis 1 e-Mobility itself doesnt solve any problem e-Vehicles still need parking space e-Vehicles are yet expensive e-Vehicles have problems with the operating distance e-Vehicles are not manufactured in large quantities till now

5 Thesis 2 e-Mobility as part of a PT-system can be the solution: the public e-Vehicle Public e-vehicles are accessable to everyone They are positioned on public places and PT-hubs Modern technology allows instant access to the e-vehicles Public e-vehicles can provide the last mile

6 Thesis 3 e-Mobility could be the window of opportunity for a paradigm shift …a paradigm shift to use instead of owning …a paradigm shift from traffic management to mobility management...a paradigm shift to the establishment of new alliances between PT-companies, car makers and suppliers of electric energy

7 Thesis 4 e-Mobility in tourism-related traffic could be the key to behaviour modification Using e-Mobility in a relaxed mood Time for curiosity Making good experiences with e-Mobility Transferring this good experiences to everyday mobility

8 Example 1 Werfenweng Stakeholder: Tourist board Measures: Public e-Vehicles Hotelshuttle Mobility Management and much more… CO 2 -reduction: 190 t/year

9 Example 2 Mariazell Stakeholder: 5 Municipalities Measures: Rental system for e-Vehicles e-Pilgrimage CO 2 -reduction: 1906 t/year

10 Example 3 Imst - Gurgltal Stakeholder: Tourism board Measures: e-Bike rental in the whole region Mobility Management CO 2 -reduction: 269 t/year

11 Example 4 Hotel Saladina Stakeholder: Hotel Measures: e-Bus used as shuttle service for guests CO 2 -reduction: 37 t/year

12 Further Examples Trialgarten Offene Jugendarbeit Dornbirn Measures: e-Motorbike e-Skateboard Solar boad Segways

13 thanks! Dipl.-Ing. Waltraud Wagner komobile – Wien Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Romain Molitor Consulting engineer in traffic engineering and transport economics Office Vienna Schottenfeldgasse 51/17 A-1070 Wien t: +43.1.89 00 681 e: Picture credits and copyright: Slide 1: klima:aktiv Slide 3: Gregor Kirsch / PIXELIO Slide 4: Ludwig-Bölkow Systemtechnik GmbH Slide 5: VLOTTE, BeMobility Slide 6: Klaus Steves / PIXELIO Slide 10: bike Tirol,

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