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How to facilitate a TBL Workshop

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1 How to facilitate a TBL Workshop
Jim Sibley

2 TBL Structure Overview
RAP Planning TBL Structure Overview Application Exercises Planning Peer Evaluation Examples Course Logistics Course Objectives Team Formation Introducing TBL to Students

3 Overview of 1 hour Workshop
Introduce TBL structure (diagrams) RAP demo (4 questions) Based on reading 2 page TBL handout No IRAP or hands-on appeal Application Activity demo Typically two short exercises with hand paddles Course Logistics Comments Further reading and Resources

4 Additions in 3 hour workshop
Introduce TBL structure More detail on Reading and Reading Guides Team Formation Activity Additional focus on steps of RAP

5 Additions in 3 hour workshop
RAP demo (more questions) Typically 6 to 9 questions Process IRAP test sheets during GRAP Reflection on IF-AT Includes appeal process List individual score vs. team scores Mini-lecture Reflection Discussion Question writing resources/activities

6 Additions in 3 hour workshop
Application Activity demos More cycles of activities More reporting strategies Discuss discussion modeling SWOT ORID Discuss possibility for assessment artifacts

7 Additions in 3 hour workshop
Course Logistics Discussing shift in course objectives How to Introduce your students to TBL Syllabus RAP Anticipating student resistance Team Formation You are the teacher – you should teach Peer evaluation

8 Free Workshop Resources
Session Materials PowerPoints RAP tests samples Appeal forms Class activity sheets Handouts Intro. To TBL RAP Logistics Application activity planning Resources guide

9 Reporting Numerical Position
One page summary– principles and approach and not calculations (16 pt font or bigger) Ostafichuk, 2005

Team-Based Learning: A Transformative Use of Small Groups in College Teaching.

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