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Data Visualization in Combating Terrorism, Intelligence Analysis and Operations Management Bryan E. Hurd CKM, MBA, CISSP, CISM, CISA, NSA-IAM, CCCI, CCFT.

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1 Data Visualization in Combating Terrorism, Intelligence Analysis and Operations Management Bryan E. Hurd CKM, MBA, CISSP, CISM, CISA, NSA-IAM, CCCI, CCFT Information at the Speed of Thought This Briefing is UNCLASSIFIED

2 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Disclaimer The views, opinions and comments expressed in this presentation are those of the speaker/author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, views or opinions held by any commercial or government agency. Discussions of technology should not be considered an endorsement by the US Government or any commercial organization, either direct or implied of any vendor, product or service. The contents of this presentation are unclassified.

3 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Dead Guy Quotes "If you can not measure it, you can not improve it." when you cannot measure it, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind –William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin (or Lord Kelvin), OM, GCVO, PC, PRS, PRSE - known for developing the basis of Absolute Zero "Veni, vidi, vici. (I came, I saw, I conquered) - Julius Caesar, Roman emperor (100BC-44BC) Experts often possess more data than judgment –Colin Powell - not dead, but needed this quote.

4 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Who is the Threat? STATE: There are no enemies...only emerging allies. CIA/DO: We know who the enemy is, but telling you would endanger the source. CIA/DI: We wrote about who the enemy is and what they might do, but mgmt politicized the conclusions. NSA: We know who the enemy is and what they choose to do, but you arent cleared. Dept. Homeland Security: Whoever the enemy is, we are in charge of stopping them. US Census Bureau: If you find them, please have them fill out the 2010 Census Form US Marines: Doesnt matter. Mess with the best, die like the rest. FBI: CIA. The Big Intel Question -

5 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Threats and Operational Environment Operating Environment Compressed decision cycle Critical and ongoing decisions based on a constantly changing data environment Frequently incomplete and ambiguous information Information is not typically available on these events since they are not usually subject to heavy media coverage Information is often incomplete, fact patterns may be open to interpretation, and perpetrators' intent is rarely clear. Data Overload We need fast and flexible visual data analytics to let analysts, managers and decision makers to get to the core issues rapidly. THREAT Approximately 11,800 terrorist attacks against noncombatants occurred in various countries during 2008, resulting in over 54,000 deaths, injuries and kidnappings. National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) – 2008 Report of Terrorism As the President has said [about the Christmas Day Bombing Attempt], this was notlike in 2001 a failure to collect or share intelligence; rather it was a failure to connect, integrate, and understand the intelligence we had. January 27, 2010, the Director of the NCTC Michael E. Leiter Congressional Testimony

6 Current Threat Picture This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED

7 7 National Level Operational Overview Intelligence Community Analytic Transformation: OV-1 (U) Spotfire has the ability to support numerous cross portfolio initiatives of the DNIs Analytic Transformation by integrating capabilities that include analysis, visualization and geospatial data display into a single tool. Maximizing the IT investment, reducing the need for different analysis tools across portfolios, and reducing training requirements combined with the ability to align geospatial and visualization simultaneously make this a particularly powerful functionality. (U) The ability of analysts, managers, IT groups, and others to use Spotfire across various functions and to share interactive and drill-down data and visualizations provides capabilities to implement several of the DNIs Analytic Transformation areas including: 1. Create a Culture of Collaboration (1b) 2. Foster Analytic Transformation (2b, 2c, 2d) 3. Build Technology Leadership (3c) 4. Modernize Business Practices (4a, 4c, 4d, 4e) 5. Accelerate Information Sharing (5b) Innovation Points Tool Capabilities

8 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Spotfire Architecture and Strategy Intel Production Management Data Terrorist Identify Data SETI and ADSI Task Metrics Terrorist Incident Data (Watch Center, Security Incident DB, others) Financial Management Data Watch Center Watchlisting Mission Group Tasking Other Tasks, Meetings Financial Reports IT Program Management and System Usage Metrics Intel Reports Recall Roster HR, Training, Recall, COOP Attendance sheets Pro Web Map Connect Add-in JavaScript API

9 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Project Management Maginot Line 200 miles of heavy fortifications on northeastern border of France to repel a German frontal assault. a symbol of the futility, it had miserably failed in the one goal for which it was designed. And had a very intelligent project manager proved useless when the Germans bypassed the line entirely precautionary measure following WWI state-of-the-art technology

10 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Dual Use Technology (and then some…) Over 120 Specific User Applications and Growing Every Day CORE Mission Uses –Intelligence Report Production Analysis (Over 25 different dashboards) –Incident analysis in War Zones –Terrorist Identities Database Analytic Views –Foreign Disclosure Report Distribution Analysis –Intelligence Reports Dissemination (Publication) –Mission asset timing analysis –Finding duplicate reports –Intelligence Report Life Span Analysis Mission Management –Task management (Over 20 different dashboards) –Executive Task Sheet Analysis –Senior Executive – Feedback Reports Analysis –Executive Conference Attendee Metrics and Analysis –Requirements Analysis and Management –Strategic Budget Analysis –Monthly / Weekly Budget Reports Data Curator and Knowledge Engineering –Document metadata analysis and cleanup –Complex Data Migration and Clean-up –Visualizations of incoming data sets for errors, etc Emergency Planning –Continuity Of Operations (COOP) Planning and Employee Recall Dashboards –Emergency Management Planning Analysis Human Capitol –Personnel Data Management and Analysis Views Analysis Employee of hours, costs and team size. –Employees / Billets / Budget (Resources) Analysis Contract Management –Contract Performance, Burn, Manning, etc. –Advanced Financial Planning and Strategy Planning IT Management –Service Oriented Architect (SOA) Use Analysis –Database Reader (User) Metrics and Analysis –Database Management Metrics (10 different databases) –Comparisons of user accounts across three different IT systems to identify community of interest. –Web Site Document Feedback, Ratings, and Popular Documents Analysis –Web Site Document Subscription Analysis and Management Dashboards Innovation and Collaboration –Single Environment of Terrorist Identities (S.E.T.I) –Single Environment of Message Information (S.E.M.I) –Authoritative Data Set Integration (ADSI) –And the foundation for many of our most advanced Knowledge Engineering and Innovation programs.

11 Understanding at a glance 2 Second Advantage This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED

12 Incident Analysis and Geo-spatial Data From global perspective to local understanding The ability to drill down and look at data in many ways allows increased ability to ask Why?

13 From Spreadsheets to Link Analysis in Seconds This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED

14 Knowledge Engineering - Social Networking Analysis Are our users staying in the social environment? Are they interacting in the ways we envisioned? Are we getting a core community of practice? Are we expanding our audience and community? Are we getting the expected RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)?

15 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Emergency Operations Planning decision makers empowered with fast and flexible visual data analysis rapidly select specific sub- sets of employees and locations

16 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Applying Analysis to Everything We Do Student Feedback on Training Courses Are our classes getting the right information to our employees? Which classes are in need of additional support or updates? Are students getting more critical over time or does our entire training need to be updated? Time is a precious commodity in the intelligence community. Critical mission needs require advanced and continual training, but the time must directly and effectively support the mission. Spotfire lets us assess if we are aligning training to mission.

17 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Intelligence Product Feedback Analysis Completeness, Accuracy, Timeliness, Ease of Access, Very specific consumer feedback enables continual product improvements in the DoD

18 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Customer Experience Analysis

19 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Intelligence Production Line Analysis and Knowledge Engineering Instant feedback on spikes in reporting or activity Ability to identify issues in production critical path Ability to Incoming Reports Production Process Improvement Team

20 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED People are our most important asset Organizations are facing new challenges. Units with a mix of experience provide strengths of experience and desire for process innovation. Spotfire brings visualization to data supporting almost every function of our organization What experience levels do our division have? Job Vacancy and Fill Status

21 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Spotfire brings almost unique power to abstracting the inherent complexities associated with very complex analyses. This technology allows us to serve up the high- value, high-impact output of this type of analysis to end-users who dont have a statistics, technology, or even strong analytic background Bringing Common Sense to Complex Analyses Search Engine Migration (32 to 64 bit)

22 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Search Engine Migration (32 to 64 bit) The focus areas for correction A pointer not always an answer

23 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Dashboards created using just Action Office, Task Due Date, Task Start Date, Task Complete Date –Add Calculated Column with Spotfire DATEDIFF Function for lateness –Bin by lateness overall or trellis by unit. –Also size by DURATION of tasks to see The constant sources of I need it today To see Is the late fair Task Management and Team Performance

24 Project Management This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED

25 Truth in numbers is faster in Spotfire Ability to rapidly tag and differentiate hundreds of thousands of lines of data for better data visualization. Colors indicating the technical and management component of an IT system that normally would have been counted as active users - 2 minute transform

26 This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED Employee and Resource Management The business of our business

27 Just for Fun… This Slide is UNCLASSIFIED

28 Spotfire Balance Sheet Benefits Incredible identity and data alignment (in ADSI and SETI and SEMI) using Spotfires advanced data manipulation and visualization capabilities. Ability to be a DATA CURATOR to make all of the preceding information views possible. Improved decision making in core missions and mission management Increases desire and payback for analysts and managers to participate in division and enterprise systems One analysis tool that spans every mission area and support function Countless hours returned to organization previously wasted on just creating reports and charts –More time on mission –More time to analyze the outputs –More time to think Minimal training time (measured in minutes) –Its so easy, an executive can do it!

29 I DateDiff! Thank you for creating and continually updating the TIME AND LIFESAVING FUNCTIONS like –LinkTemplate, DateDiff, CASE Statements –Date Handling, Binned Columns, Tags, Bookmarks, Insert Columns from Other Data, Insert Rows from Other Data, Add Data Table, Export to PowerPoint, Export to Excel, Information Designer, Calculated Columns Dear Tibco, I have been very good this year and all I want for Christmas is… Keep those ETL functions coming!!! Especially ones for text manipulation Flexibility to help the ingest engine identify very weird DATETIME formats. I would also like….. Help with my Power Ball Analysis World Peace Oh, yeah, AND… where is my horizontal bar chart?

30 QUESTIONS? Bryan E. Hurd CKM, MBA, CISSP, CISM, CISA, NSA-IAM, CCCI, CCFT Information at the Speed of Thought This Briefing is UNCLASSIFIED

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