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Jason Bloomberg President, ZapThink, A Dovel Technologies Company 7918 Jones Branch Drive McLean, VA 22102 703-288-5356 Dovel Technologies.

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1 Jason Bloomberg President, ZapThink, A Dovel Technologies Company 7918 Jones Branch Drive McLean, VA Dovel Technologies Ken Smith Sr. VP of Business Development 7918 Jones Branch Drive McLean, VA cell: (301)

2 Who is Dovel Technologies?
Corporate Profile Headquartered in McLean, VA Established in 2005 Externally Appraised at CMMI® Maturity Level 3 Secure Facility Cleared DCAA-Audited and Approved Accounting System Core Capabilities Application Modernization Architecture Planning, Design, & Implementation Mobile Computing Security Architecture Cloud Architecture & Integration  Senior Leadership Team Chair of the Board, Co-Founder Elma Levy CEO Paul Leslie President, Chief Technologist Dov Levy VP Enterprise Solutions Business Unit Kim Zurliene SVP Health IT Business Unit Adam Welsh SVP Business Development Fatemeh Corlett SVP BD and Proposal Management Ken Smith VP HR & Recruiting Sharon Palmeter President, ZapThink Jason Bloomberg Clients Department of Defense Department of Health and Human Services Department of Education Department of Transportation Department of Commerce American Red Cross CTO group Dovel employs a group of highly recognized technologists that use the onsite high tech laboratory to test new technologies and infuse them into current projects.   Core Markets National Security Health IT Transportation 

3 20,000 subscribers of ZapFlash newsletter
Conferences Training Classes Open Group Conference Barcelona - Cloud Computing: Catalyst of Enterprise Transformation ACORD Implementation Forum - REST-Based SOA: Best of Both Worlds? Sys-Con Cloud Expo Santa Clara - Cloud Computing: Bringing the Dark Side of IT into the Light Licensed ZapThink Architect (LZA) SOA Boot Camp Cloud Computing for Architects Acquired in 2011 and continue to provide thought leadership around the world 3,000 Press Quotes 20,000 subscribers of ZapFlash newsletter 1,500 certified Licensed ZapThink Architects, globally-recognized SOA & Cloud experts

4 Trends We Follow Significant push to the cloud computing paradigm
Push to understand the implication of social media to the Global and Federal government customers – an untapped market Significant push to incorporate mobile technologies into enterprise solutions From our Global Customers and Federal Customers we are seeing this demand Federal agencies are attempting to comply with various policies (Cloud First, FedRAMP) Significant budget pressures Customers are asking to deliver more with less Mobility and Telework

5 How is Dovel positioned to assist?
We continue to focus on our strengths Cloud Computing Planning migration to the cloud Establishing cloud enabling architecture Migrating legacy application’s migration to the cloud Implementing new cloud based solutions Social Media Establish thought leadership on the implications for our customers (Twitter and Health IT) Mobile Technologies Help customers navigate a noisy technical landscape (EG HTML5 vs. Native Development )

6 Dovel Lab and resources are a Catalyst for innovation
The Dovel is being used to Implement and Integrate new technologies Various aspects of SOA & Cloud Technologies Mobile Technologies Social Media related Technologies Implement proof-of-concepts and technology demonstrations that are driven from Customer Demand Laboratory Informatics Bioinformatics/Translational Medicine SOA/Virtualization Software Development Data Management IT Strategy/CIO Support How are we doing this. Talk to New Tech – Revie wtech to determine if they achecive promise HIT Market – IT nad Health aspects

7 Dovel Technologies’ 2011 Performance
Agile/Scrum was part of the 2011 CMMI ML 3 Assessment Started capturing formal metrics for our Agile Development success Defect Potentials (defects per FP) Defect Removal Efficiency Dovel 2008 0.25 94% Dovel 2009 96% Dovel 2010 0.27 98% Dovel 2011 0.30 99% Industry Average 0.75 82% Dovel 2011 Agile 0.60 Industry Agile Average 4.80 92% We are Captureing metrics We are publishing our results These two results are highly benificial to our customers Your chart showed very low defect potentials combined with better than average defect removal efficiency. Capers Jones

8 Please join us! Upcoming Training Classes
SOA - Washington DC -- October Cloud - London UK -- October SOA - Johannesburg South Africa -- October 30 - November 2 Cloud - Johannesburg South Africa -- November 5 - 6 SOA - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia -- April , 2013 Cloud - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- April , 2013 Please Stop by Booth to learn more about our Cloud, SOA, & Mobile capabilities! We are inviting you to come to our training

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