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You may not exactly feel like Tom Cruise…but you can accomplish this mission!!

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3 You may not exactly feel like Tom Cruise…but you can accomplish this mission!!

4 Library Automation = Integrated Library System (ILS) What do you need to know before purchasing a new ILS for a small library?

5 #1 - No Fear Allowed!


7 You dont have to understand how an engine works to purchase or operate a car

8 #2 - Decide what modules you need for your ILS OPAC Cataloging Circulation Acquisitions Material Booking Reports

9 There is NO perfect ILS software #3 - Decide what is most important module to your library

10 Working with the vendors Multiple vendor demonstrations Asking for bids from vendors Reviewing bids - understanding the contents Selecting a vendor

11 #4 – Reading Reviews – A Critical step Expert review of all ILS Library Journal article every April by Marshall Breeding Latest for 2009 Investing in The Future: Automation Marketplace 2009 868.html?industryid=47136

12 Policies (or parameters) Barcodes Hardware purchase or ASP Data Migration Consulting services Training Going live #5 - Creating a reasonable timeline to complete the Journey

13 Certain policies (or parameters) will be requested by vendor Library Material types Locations (or Collections) Reading level Genre

14 Who needs the location noted? Library Staff Patrons

15 Tell patron where an item may be found in the library Dewey Decimal or LC System Why dont book stores use Dewey Decimal? Location Policies

16 ILS Location Policy OPACs – locations noted? Dewey Decimal and/or a real location noted in software?









25 #6 - So if OPAC is most important… Make time to evaluate and match your librarys signage to the location information on your OPAC

26 Barcodes

27 Evaluating your barcodes How many digits does your current barcode have? Is the whole barcode in your data or just in the display?

28 More about barcodes 14 digit is the standard Smart barcodes or dumb (also called random or generic) barcodes best for you? Location of barcodes and why Codabar or Code 39 desirable

29 Barcode format Digits:12 3 4 56 7 8 9 10 11 12 1314 Meaning: Item or patron (3 for items and 2 for patrons) Institution number Item or Patron Identification Number Check Digit

30 #7 – So if you need time to re-barcode your items – add it to your timeline

31 ? What are YOU moving to your new ILS? Data Migration

32 The World of Data

33 Minimum = 2 record types BibliographicUser

34 MARC Bibliographic Record.010. |a73005229.100. 10|aStevens, Joseph L..245. 10|aImpact of Federal legislation and programs on private land in urban and metropolitan development|c[by] Joseph L. Stevens..260. 0 |aNew York,|bPraeger|c[1972]

35 MARC Record (cont.).300. |a2 v.|c25 cm..490. 0 |aPraeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues.504. |aBibliography: p. 191-232..650. 0|aHousing|zUnited States|xLaw..650. 0|aCity planning and redevelopment law|zUnited States.

36 MARC Record (cont.).949. |aKF5729.S7|vVOL 1|wLC |c1|3131000011800|lSTACKS|mMA IN|tBOOK|u4/12/89.949. |aKF5729.S7|vVOL 2 |wLC|c1|i32131000011801|lSTACKS |mMAIN|tBOOK|u4/12/89

37 User Record Formats FORM=LDUSER.USER_ID. |a1324567.USER_ALT_ID. |a123-45-6789.USER_ROUTING_FLAG. |aY.USER_TITLE. |aMs..USER_NAME. |aBlair, Mary..USER_LIBRARY. |aEastwood FORM=LDUSER.USER_ID. |a1324567.USER_ALT_ID. |a123-45-6789.USER_ROUTING_FLAG. |aY.USER_TITLE. |aMs..USER_NAME. |aBlair, Mary..USER_LIBRARY. |aEastwood


39 .USER_MAILINGADDR. |a1.USER_ADDR1_BEGIN..STREET. |a632 Petaluma Avenue.CITY/STATE. |aBirmingham, AL.ZIP. |a35210.HOMEPHONE. |a338-6887.USER_ADDR1_END..USER_MAILINGADDR. |a1.USER_ADDR1_BEGIN..STREET. |a632 Petaluma Avenue.CITY/STATE. |aBirmingham, AL.ZIP. |a35210.HOMEPHONE. |a338-6887.USER_ADDR1_END. User Record Formats User Record Formats (cont.)

40 User Record Formats User Record Formats (cont.) USER_ADDR2_BEGIN..WORKPHONE. |a555-1212.USER_ADDR2_END..USER_BIRTH_DATE. |a19620930.USER_XINFO_BEGIN..NOTE. |aVolunteers for SRP.USER_XINFO_END. USER_ADDR2_BEGIN..WORKPHONE. |a555-1212.USER_ADDR2_END..USER_BIRTH_DATE. |a19620930.USER_XINFO_BEGIN..NOTE. |aVolunteers for SRP.USER_XINFO_END.

41 #8 – Do not assume - Make sure all data is in your listed in your contract Bibliographic (title) Item User (patron) Charges Bills Vendor Serial Checkin

42 What are the advantages of SaaS, ASP, or vendor hosted ILS?

43 Backups – Daily, weekly, monthly? Trouble shoot hardware problems? Comp

44 Perform upgrades to new releases? Replace hardware as needed?

45 ASP – Application Service Provider SaaS- Software as a Service Vendor hosted ILS Compute

46 #10 – Pitfalls to Avoid

47 Written Plan detailing all tasks Take all the training offered by vendor Weed Profusely

48 14 digit barcodes Signage All data listed

49 Your ILS is only a tool

50 Good Luck on your Journey!

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