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Introduction Practical information

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1 Introduction Practical information
A proposal Against the background of the seven hypotheses presented in this document, the European Forum for Geostatistics (EFGS), under a generous grant from EUROSTAT, have from the beginning of this year started work on the GEOSTAT ESSnet project. The project consortium of nine NSI’s is led by Statistics Norway. The need to take action for the integration of geography and statistics should not be limited to the European scale. We therefore propose: The establishment of a Global Forum For Geostatistics (GFGS) to serve as a professional reference group (PRG) for Geostatistics and provide a professional link between UN and the NSI’s in issues related to this field.. This PRG will primarily be concerned with questions related to the integration of geography (GSDI projects) and statistics (GEOSTAT) The initiation of a joint UN spatial data infrastructure (SDI) project for geostatistics. This is the first step towards a GSDI based Global Integrated Information System (GGIISS) and should be developed in close cooperation with the national mapping agency (NMA) -led GSDI and INSPIRE projects. The initiation of the GEOSTAT GSSgrid project to provide a high-resolution harmonised infrastructure for geostatistics liberated from administrative areas and demonstrating its power and utility through a UN project to plot the global population on km grids. Keywords: GSDI (Global Spatial Data Infrastructure), GSS (Global Statistical System), Small area statistics, GIS (Geographical Information System), GGIISS (Global Geographic Integrated Information Systems of Systems) Mr Vilni Verner Holst Bloch MSc Resourcs Geography and Landscape Ecology Statistics Norway 460 Construction and service statistics Oterveien 23 N-2225 Kongsvinger NORWAY Tel: Mob ESTP course on Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Use of GIS for making statistics in a production environment Statistics Norway, Oslo, 26th to 30th of March 2012 Attribution (by) Licensees may copy, distribute, display and perform the work and make derivative works based on it only if they give the author or licensor the credits in the manner specified by these.

2 Practical information
Participants Lecturers The programme Get to know each other

3 Statistical Business Process Model
Develop and design 2 Build 3 Collect 4 Process 5 Analyse 6 Disseminate 7 Specify needs 1

4 Monday, March 26 Monday, March 26
Modul: Introduction to GIS, Geostatistics, INSPIRE, Business model A01 09: :30 Opening. Mr Olav Ljones A02 09: :00 Introduction and practical information. Mr Vilni Verner Holst Bloch A03 Introduction to EFGS. Mr Lars Henrik Backer 11: :15 Break A04 11: :00 General introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and its use in NSI. Ms Diana Makarenko-Piirsalu 12: :00 Lunch A05 13: :30 INSPIRE : Data, metadata and tools. Mr Ekkehard Petri 14: :45 A06 14: :15 Business models and geostatistics. Mr Erik Sommer 16:15 Sightseeing at the Opera house 18:30 Statistics Norway gives a get together dinner

5 Tuesday, March 27 Tuesday, March 27
Modul: Experience sharing, geostatistical units and introduction to software B01 09: :00 Bulgaria - Sharing experience. Ms Irena Dudova B02 Croatia - Sharing experience. Mr Branko Crkvencic B03 Denmark - Sharing experience. Ms Birgit Nielsen B04 EU - Sharing experience. Mr Oliver Heiden and Mr Solène Larue B05 Finland - Sharing experience. Ms Nicola Brun B06 Germany - Sharing experience. Ms Melanie Bodenseh and Ms Halina Stepien B07 Hungary - Sharing experience. Ms Karolina Barth B08 Ireland - Sharing experience. Ms Fiona O’Callaghan B09 Italy - Sharing experience. Ms Pina Grazia Ticca, Ms Marianna Mantuano and Mr Stefano Mugnoli B10 Norway - Sharing experience. Ms Ida Skivenes and Mr Tekie Tesfagaber Ghebre B11 Poland - Sharing experience. Mr Marek Pieniążek B12 Romania - Sharing experience. Mr Vîrdol Daniel B13 Slovakia - Sharing experience. Mr Ondrej Zahn B14 Slovenia - Sharing experience. Ms Simona Klasinc, Mr Matjaž Jeran and Mr Mojca Merc B15 Spain - Sharing experience. Mr Ignacio Duque Rodriguez B16 Sweden - Sharing experience. Mr Florian Stamm B17 Turkey - Sharing experience. Ms Şeyma Özcan Yavuzoğlu

6 Tuesday, March 27 Tuesday, March 27
Modul: Experience sharing, geostatistical units and introduction to software 12: :00 Lunch B18 Introduction to geo-statistical units. Mr Oliver Heiden 14: :15 Break B19 Types of classifications (function/purpose) and their field of application. Classification tools. Mr Oliver Heiden B20 Introduction to OS GIS desktop software gvSIG and GI services. Mr Vilni Verner Holst Bloch

7 Wednesday, March 28 Wednesday, March 28
Modul: Data capture, spatial analyses and methods of grid statistics harmonisation C01 09: :30 Hands-on practice "Basic functions of gvSIG". Ms Diana Makarenko-Piirsalu 10: :45 Break C02 10: :15 Data capture in production of geostatistics. C03 11: :45 Data quality and coverage. Mr Vilni Verner Holst Bloch 11: :45 Lunch C04 12: :45 Hands-on exercise: Assessing the data quality and coverage. C05 13: :15 Methods of producing grid statistics and methods used to harmonise statistics on grid. C06 14: Introduction to spatial analyses and tools. C07 15: :45 Hands-on exercise: Spatial analyses.

8 Thursday, March 29 Thursday, March 29
Modul: Web GIS and data dissemination D01 09: :30 Georeferencing. Mr Vilni Verner Holst Bloch D02 9: :00 Hands-on exercise: Georeferencing. 10: :15 Break D03 10: :00 Hands-on exercise: Spatial analyses continues. Ms Diana Makarenko-Piirsalu 12: :00 Lunch D04 13: :30 Introduction to the web GIS: Dissemination of results, maps and figures. Mr Ola Erik Nordbeck D05 13: :00 Hands-on exercise: Dissemination. 15:00 Spare time at the participants’ own disposal

9 Friday, March 30 Friday, March 30
Modul: Geostatistical Units. Trends and research in GIS. Summing up the ESTP course E01 09: :00 Hands-on exercise: Geostatistical units . Mr Oliver Heiden E02 10: :30 Trends and research. Ms Diana Makarenko-Piirsalu 10: :45 Break E03 10: :30 Summing up - Tour de Table. Mr Vilni Verner Holst Bloch E04 11: :00 Closing session - Evaluation of the course. Mr Vilni Verner Holst Bloch / Ingvild Møller

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