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The Power of Partnerships A Unique Career Center October 13, 2011.

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1 The Power of Partnerships A Unique Career Center October 13, 2011

2 Who We Are The Career Center serves students from 37 high schools and 5 counties Average yearly enrollment is 450- 650 students Five Sites : LCC Downtown campus (1974) AIS Heavy Equipment Inc. (1997) LCC West campus (2003) Potter Park Zoo (2008) Farm Bureau/Olivet College (2011)

3 History of Partnership with LCC Began in 1974 38 year partnership with Lansing Community College, Lansing MI Contract with LCC to deliver a state approved high school CTE programs Student enrolled in an HS College section LCC Employed Instructors Annual certification process 18-21 programs offered High school CTE program is a combination of 2-4 LCC courses Students have the potential to earn high school credit and direct LCC credit West Campus facility opened in 2003

4 History of Partnership with AIS Began in 1997 14 year partnership with AIS Construction Equipment Company Contract with AIS to deliver a state approved Heavy Equipment Operator and Repair Technician Program AIS Employed Instructors Annual certification process Located at the AIS Technician Training Center in Lansing, Michigan May earn Lansing Community College articulated credit 8 Certifications are Available through NCCER ( National Center for Construction and Education Research )

5 History of Partnership with Potter Park Zoo Began in 2008 Instructors are Zoo Employees Annual certification process Located at Potter Park Zoo 20 Acre Zoo 500 Animals 160 Species Academic Alignment

6 History of Partnership with Olivet College and Farm Bureau Insurance Began in 2011 Instructor is Olivet College Professor Annual certification process Located Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance Company Headquarters Students earn high school credit and potential to earn direct Olivet College credit 9 College Credits Insurance Certifications/Licensures Desire to expand to other occupational areas Information Tech Academic alignment

7 Career Center Staff Ralph Hansen, Associate Superintendent of Career and Technical Education 517-483-1329 Laura Percival, Principal 517-483-1341

8 Student Service Coordinators MaryEllen Brocklehurst LCC Early Childhood Education teacher Bachelors in Human Services LSSU Masters in Career & Technical Ed. WMU EISD Truancy Intervention Program Coordinator Cathie Ott Calhoun Area Tech Center Allied Health Teacher Bachelors from Ferris State Masters in Counseling, CMU LPC, NCC credentials High School Lead Counselor Chris DeYonke Family & Consumer Science teacher Coordinator of an employment training business for a non-profit Placement & Employability Skills trainer for a private University Placement Coordinator for EISD Masters in Counseling, LLPC Marina McCullen Lapeer County Ed Tech Center - Placement Coordinator Teacher Certification – Marketing/Business Education, EMU MA – Business Administration, CMU BA – Marketing and Logistics, CMU Jamie Hess Zeeland East High School – Business Education Instructor Education Consultant, MDE MA – Career and Technical Education, WMU MA – School Counseling, WMU BA – Business Administration Education, Olivet College Sandy Hutchins Charlotte MS Guidance Counselor Teacher Certification – Family and Consumer Science PAL Program Advisor MA – Guidance and Counseling, MSU

9 Services to Instructors Develop relationships Assist with Career & Employability portion of state approved program Assist with class projects Assist with classroom management Assist with teaching strategies Ensure program continuity Develop ties with employers Sit on MI Works Councils and college advisory committees.

10 Partnership Relations Operating Principles Benefit to the student is Primary Organization or Business Benefit is Secondary Meet health and safety regulations Risk assumed by all parties involved Teaching and Learning Culture and Environment Educational Awareness of non-education partner Not for Profit Private sector approach: conflict yet understanding Nondiscriminatory Accommodations

11 The Partnership Agreements Areas to Include Purpose of the Agreement Provide State Approved CTE instruction Nature of the Program To Whom, Where located, at what Cost Contract Term Length? Renewal? Termination? Undertakings of the College/Business The College or Business Will………….. Undertakings of the District The District Will…………….. Scheduling and Budget Times, Days, Sections, Programs Materials, Supplies, Overhead

12 The Partnership Agreements Areas to Include Credentials, Evaluations, Coordination, Expectations Instructors and support staff Student Expectations Student Code of Conduct College/Business Handbook and Expectations Post secondary entrance requirements and pre-requisites Youth versus Adult Learner Parent and Local School Substitute Faculty Space Availability for Administrative Functions Appropriate? Proximity? Cost? Mutual Undertakings Operational Necessities

13 Partnership Benefits Building a career and college readiness culture Flexible program scheduling Amazing facilities Direct college credit opportunities Students on the college campus or place of business college student Diversity of student population and staff adult world and expectations State of the art technology and equipment availability Instructional staff occupational experiences

14 Partnership Challenges Decision making Not always agree on programs to run or how long to run them What to run When to run it Where to run it Who will teach it Non-certified teachers Not your employees Extra level of bureaucracy Evaluation process Molding state standards, college classes and certification requirements into a program

15 Accomplishments 2010-2011 Increase the number of students receiving high school credit and LCC credits. * 98% of students earned high school credit * 89% of students earned some LCC credit.

16 Accomplishments 2010-2011 College Credits Students earned a total of 2,481 Lansing Community College credits this year. An average of 6 credits per student

17 Accomplishments 2010-2011 Maintain retention rates of CPC students. * 88% retention of students 2009/10 87% 2008/09 87% 2007/08 82%

18 Accomplishments 2010-2011 50% or more of our students will have a job shadow experience while attending the CPC. * 80% of students participated in a job shadow

19 Accomplishments 2010-2011 Internships 164 students had internships/placements related to the program there were in.

20 Accomplishments 2010-2011 CERTIFICATIONS 146 certifications were earned Safety & Pollution Prevention, State of MI Brakes test, C.E.R.T., Health Care Provider (CPR), CENA, Sparrow HIPPA, Blood Borne Pathogens LCC, National Health Care Foundation Assessment, AWS, Serve Safe, CPR, First Aid, FEMA 100, A+ Essentials, A+ IT Technician, A+ Certified, Blood borne Pathogen Exposure/Prevention, Playground Supervision, Playground Maintenance & Intervention, HIV/AIDS Awareness

21 Accomplishments 2010-2011 Special Populations 100% of our special education students earned high school credit 90% of our special education students earned some college credit

22 Accomplishments 2010-2011 Total Tutoring Total Tutoring began in October It is available at West Campus 30 minutes before class – am & pm 1,681 students visited this year! Students worked on CTE homework, home school homework, resumes and portfolio pieces, accuplacer.

23 Future and Ongoing Goals World Domination! Opportunities for students Future Partnerships New Program Development More direct college credit More certification College and Career Ready Students

24 THANK YOU! Questions? Follow us on Facebook

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