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Material Management 201. Purpose Why Am I Here? Purchasing 201.

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1 Material Management 201

2 Purpose Why Am I Here?

3 Purchasing 201

4 Purchasing/Product Value Analysis: Organizational structure Hospital purchasing process Planned capital replenishment

5 Budgets Material Management Role in the Operating Budget Process. Material Management Role in the Capital Purchasing Process –Budgeting –Evaluating & Selecting –Negotiating –Tools

6 Purchasing Techniques Contract Negotiation Competitive Bidding Material Use Evaluation Comparative Costing Multi-facility Product Standardization

7 Purchase Agreements Product Quality & Patient Care. Lowest Possible Total Procurement Cost. Cost Protection & Cost Ceilings. Consignment Agreements. Value of Extended Payment Terms. Stockless Purchasing Agreements.

8 Procedural & Operational Techniques and Systems That: Minimize Customer Cost of Ordering, Storing and Utilization of: –Supplies –Services –Equipment

9 On Time Order Placement Expediting Supplier Performance Analysis Continuous Review

10 Audits Review of Discrepancies Purchase Orders Invoice Price Payment Terms Lost Rebates Performance Criteria Contract Terms and Conditions.

11 Supply Chain Analysis and Cost Benefit Analysis Techniques Products Service Levels.

12 Value of Contracts Definition of a Contract Laws of Agency Express and Implied Warranties

13 Supplier Performance Standards Product Quality Pricing Discounts Rebates Service Charges Invoicing Service Levels

14 Value Analysis Process

15 Change Management Standardization Consolidation Re-engineering

16 Product Utilization Process Definition Implementation MM Role

17 Resource Analysis Process Review Clinical Applications

18 Code of Ethics High personal standards Agent of the hospital Positive attitude Best interest of the hospital Conflict of interest Personal gain

19 Inventory Distribution Management 201

20 Supply Chain Management Acquisition and Distribution Strategies and Practices Improve the Overall Healthcare System Supply Chain. Resource Integration

21 Inventory Strategies Consignment Strategy Just-in-time Strategy Stockless Strategy Consolidation Strategy

22 Inventory Reduction Defining Realistic Targets How to achieve

23 Inventory Variance Causes Corrective Strategies

24 Facilities Planning Considerations Space –On-site vs. Off-site Warehouse Design Factors: –Flexibility –Total System Development –Back-up Systems

25 Receiving Strategies Centralized vs. Decentralized

26 Distribution Strategies Automatic Replenishment Systems Scheduled Requisitions Traveling Requisitions Random Request System Emergency Requisitions Back-order Systems Just-in Time Systems Stockless Systems

27 Transport Device Strategies Carts Pneumatic Tube Systems Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Monorail Systems Conveyors Tuggers Cart Lifts Dumbwaiter

28 Forecasting Techniques Statistical Methods Monitor Distributor Performance

29 Support Service 201:

30 Sterile Processing Decontamination Options and Safety Procedures Microbiology 101 Principles/methods of Sterilization Carts Decontamination & Sterilization Equipment:

31 Alternative Methods In-house vs. Outsource

32 Material Flow Optimal Layout Related Department Locations Alternatives

33 Quality Management Bowie Dick Tests Biological Tests Process Monitors External Indicators Internal Indicators

34 ETO Work Environment.

35 Linen Distribution Utilization Pilferage Schedules

36 Linen Processing Equipment Selection Acquisition maintenance

37 Hazardous Waste Disposal Policies and Procedures Regulatory Requirements. Cradle to Grave Salvage

38 Food Service Evaluation and Performance Tools

39 Universal Precautions

40 Information Systems 201 Automated, System-wide Materials Management Information System. Functional Requirements Data Analysis

41 Finance 201 Capital Equipment Comprehensive Pricing Annual Objectives Financial Systems Budgetary Expenses Reimbursements Cost-Saving Programs Asst\et Management

42 Strategic Planning & Leadership 201 Material Management & Operational Plans

43 Management Management Theories Principles of Performance Improvement in Daily Operations Process Improvement Corporate Compliance Programs. Position Descriptions Responsibilities. Department Goals and Objectives

44 Human Resource Issues Staffing Requirements Union Compliance Staff Training and Development

45 Your Customers Define Customer Satisfaction Plans Communication Links Measurement Tools.

46 Do You Know? Uniform Commercial Code Robinson-Patman Act Environmental Protection Agency Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazard Communication Standard Continuous Replenishment Processes Vendor Managed Inventories (VMI) Safe Harbor Regulations

47 Professional and Regulatory Standards JCAHO MDPH OSHA Title 22

48 Your Resources Purchasing/Materials Management Organizations –Local, State, and National GPO Affiliations EHCR

49 The End

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