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Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Strategic Health Authority Dr Ian Spencer Director of Clinical Governance.

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1 Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Strategic Health Authority Dr Ian Spencer Director of Clinical Governance

2 The new GMS Contract: The local challenge

3 The Area We Cover Population of 1.5 million Berwick, down to Houghton- le-Spring, across to border with Cumbria Coterminous with one county council, six district councils, two city councils and three borough councils

4 The NHS in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear 5 hospital trusts 5 primary care trusts 1 care trust 2 mental health trusts 1 disability trust 1 ambulance trust 236 GP practices 308 pharmacies 238 dental practices 148 opticians practices

5 Health policy Helping people to live longer and healthier lives Providing fast, convenient services meeting universally high standards Giving the staff who work in the NHS the support, buildings, training and equipment they need to provide a modernised service

6 Modernisation challenges Partnership Performance Professions Patient care –Speed of access –Empowerment Prevention

7 The National Plan The New NHS: the need for change –faster and more convenient care –high standards everywhere –tackle the causes of ill-health need a service that reflects and meets the needs and expectations of modern society

8 The NHS Plan a greater range of primary care services improving working lives flexible multidisciplinary working the practice will remain the basic unit improved standards wider range of more accessible services greater freedoms and incentives

9 The vision for primary care universal, fast and convenient access by informed patients to an extended range of high quality services delivered in modern primary care settings by suitably trained and qualified primary care professionals

10 Shifting the paradigm NHS LIFT PMS LDS LPS New GMS

11 Investing in premises and equipment investment of £1bn to: –refurbish 3,000 GP premises –build 500 one stop centres investment in IT –access to NHSnet universal by 2002 –to assist diagnosis, prescribing and referral –on-line booking of hospital appointments by 2005

12 Shiremoor

13 Investing in primary care: people at least an extra 2,000 GPs by 2004 with 450 more than now in training a review of the primary care workforce –professional mix; more practice nurses new initiatives –500 community mental health workers –1,000 new primary care mental health workers

14 Enhanced career opportunities for GPs up to 1,000 specialist GPs by 2004 better training and development measures to tackle violence, discrimination and harassment better working practices an occupational health service for GPs and their staff

15 Building quality into the GP contract reform of contract –greater flexibility to reward for quality PMS to remain voluntary –30% by 2002 –core contract –local flexibility for innovation address isolation of single-handed GPs

16 nGMS – Roles DoH is responsible for policy PCTs are responsible for implementation SHAs are responsible for bridging the gap: leadership and performance management

17 nGMS – Role of the SHA SHA role includes: –ensuring swift 3-way communication (up, down and across) –understanding and informing policy developments –supporting performance improvement, through performance management –ensuring PCTs use funds to deliver nGMS aims –initial resolution of problems and appeals

18 nGMS: Performance management SHA role to ensure PCTs have: –a clear understanding of the task, including: the essential (e.g. OOH provision, payment systems) the potential (e.g. enhances quality, new ways of working) the implications (e.g. patients choice, staffing) –the required management capacity and capability –developed a robust local action plan –effective project management –identified the risks, which may vary locally (e.g. OOH, IM&T) –opportunity to share good practice

19 nGMS / PMS: Two vehicles for delivery of Primary Care PMS uptake at 1 October 2003 % doctors %patients Northumberland CT92%89% Newcastle PCT40%38% North Tyneside PCT45%43% Gateshead PCT34%31% South Tyneside PCT72%70% Sunderland TPCT76%76% Opportunities for innovation

20 Structures to deliver nGMS history of PCOs working together TPCT workstreams from July 2003, SHA-wide monthly meeting Chair: PCO Chief Executive links to national implementation group scoping exercise by individual PCOs to identify issues for joint working

21 Key challenges six months and ticking emerging guidance building capacity managing resources managing expectation communication

22 Todays nGMS Workshops opportunity to influence local and national agenda feedback to SHA-wide nGMS Implementation Group Help us to help you!

23 Principles for improving NHS increasing choice increasing equity increasing access increasing capacity John Reid 17 September 2003

24 Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Franchise Plan 2002 The future..for the NHS Plan to be successful, develop a whole new model for primary care delivery…

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