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Copyright Notice! This PowerPoint slide set is copyrighted by Ross Koning and is thereby preserved for all to use from for as long as that.

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1 Copyright Notice! This PowerPoint slide set is copyrighted by Ross Koning and is thereby preserved for all to use from for as long as that website is available. Images lacking photo credits are mine and, as long as you are engaged in non-profit educational missions, you have my permission to use my images and slides in your teaching. However, please notice that some of the images in these slides have an associated URL photo credit to provide you with the location of their original source within internet cyberspace. Those images may have separate copyright protection. If you are seeking permission for use of those images, you need to consult the original sources for such permission; they are NOT mine to give you permission.

2 Welcome to Biology 125 Organismal Biology Fall 2007 Lecture: MWF 12-12:50 G-100 Laboratory Section A: R 11-1:50 SH215 Laboratory Section B: R 2-4:50 SH215

3 Professor: Ross Koning, PhD. Cell Phone: 933-2712 Office: M224 MWF 11-12 and 1-2 AM Email: Website: University of MICHIGAN (Ann Arbor) 1981 Plant Physiology - Flower development Please call me Ross!

4 Lets Look at the Syllabus Enrollment A Course for Freshman Biology Majors You should also be registered for: Math 130 (or however placed by exam, but not 135!) English 100 (or however placed by exam) Chemistry 210 and 212 (or Organic Chemistry 216) How many are also registered for Bio 115?

5 Lets Look at the Syllabus Objectives Structure and Function of Organisms Experience in Modern Phylogeny (Cladistics) Hands-on Experience with Living Organisms Study of Diverse Solutions to Common Problems »Obtaining minerals and water »Obtaining energy and food »Exchanging Gases »Transporting materials »Maintaining temperature »Chemical Signaling »Reproduction »Environmental Sensing »Movement »Etc! Reinforce Experimental Approach and Writing in Biology

6 Lets Look at the Syllabus Resources No textbook is required, so visit: »Gould & Keeton 6th edition (vol. 2), 2000, close but out of print! »Cain, et. al. 2d edition, 2002--cheap at »Any other book you have might do…just find chapter pieces No Laboratory Manual, so visit: »Lab Exercises and Seminar Topics revised as we go along »Depends upon organism availability, readiness, and behavior »Dead or Preserved specimen use will be extremely limited! Three-Ring Binder, Zipper Pouch, Pencil with Eraser Simple Calculator useful (+ – x ÷ =) Colored pencil set useful Pechenik, J. A. A short guide to writing about biology. 5thed will be the standard for writing style. Course schedule subject to change…watch:

7 Lets Look at the Syllabus Quizzes Weekly quizzes usually in lab slot based on coverage to date. Question types as diverse as biology is: »Multiple Choice »True False »Matching (esp diagrams!) »Drawings (for you to sketch) »Short Answer Quiz mix will NOT be announced ahead of time Absence from ONE Quiz: excused with documentation Absence from any other Quiz: 0 score in spite of situation 90 + %A- 80 + %B- 70 + %C- 60 + %D- Quizzes provide about 50% of course grade

8 Lets Look at the Syllabus Laboratory Must bring worksheet with you to class Must hand in worksheet or assignment by due date »Due dates to be announced in class: attendance critical »Late penalty: 10% per day »After graded assignments returned to classmates: 100% penalty No makeup of laboratory exercises ever! You are allowed to miss ONE lab exercise with written documentation…any other missed labs receive 0% score. Dissection and killing of organisms is a routine aspect of this course…if you will not do this, you need to see me ASAP. At least one laboratory exercise will be prepared as full laboratory report (See in Pechenik for style) Laboratory work provides about 50% of course grade

9 Lets Look at the Syllabus Participation My estimate of participation provides » Leverage into a higher grade » Barrier from a higher grade Participation variables » Attendance-reliability » Attitude-positive » Attention-in and out of class » Staying on-task and on-topic » Engaged in class discussions » Effective and contributing team member » Bringing required materials to class » Arriving on-time always

10 Lets Look at the Syllabus Accommodations If you are a student with a disability, it is your responsibility to contact the office of AccessAbility Services to request accommodations in a timely manner. I cannot provide any accommodations for anyone without a letter from the office of AccessAbility Services. So if this applies to you, GET GOING soon!

11 Lets Look at the Syllabus Extra Credit There is NO extra credit »Not for any one »Not for any reason »Not at any time Cheating Copying or Plagiarism Completely Prohibited »We share data observations only with those who helped collect them »We never share calculated results or written answers to questions »Plagiarism of professional sources and each other will be given severe penalties! »Plagiarism includes the giving of your work that someone else copies (see in Student Handbook, page 81). BEWARE! »In written work you paraphrase rather than quote, and always cite sources completely!

12 Lets Look at the Schedule Headings Tentative Syllabus: subject to change: watch website! Dates: as currently planned, subject to change Lecture Topics will be links to lecture notes on website »Username: »Password: Laboratory Exercises: Print out if you have lost yours! Note: No Hour-Exams (just weekly quizzes) Note: No Final Exam during Exam Week

13 Meet Your Biology Advisor The Biology Department Expects You to Monitor your University email account. ECSU ID Number Birthdate MMDDYY

14 Announcements Remember that your written response to the essay, Effective Learning Begins With the Right Attitudes is due on Monday (9/10). –One page typed/computer printed if possible, single spaced OK but double-spaced, 1 margins, 12 point font preferred

15 Laboratory Tomorrow is NOT at Shafer 215! Instead, we meet at the Tennis Court entrance. For a walk through the arboretum: wear PANTS, closed shoes, sun/rain protection, etc.

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