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Welcome! Career and Technology Education Update – 2007.

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1 Welcome! Career and Technology Education Update – 2007

2 Agenda/Topics To Be Covered Overview SC Virtual School Summary

3 Overview Anthony L. Dillon – Education Associate (SC Dept. of Education) Tracy Sanders – SC Virtual School Instructor –Nationally Board Certified –Master Teacher for Intels Teach to the Future Program –MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Certified –IC3 Certified

4 SC Virtual School Why Has the SCVS Emerged as a Solution? Online courses reach students who need: –Academic courses their schools cannot provide –To retake courses needed for graduation –Access to courses because of physical disabilities –Access to courses because of other reasons for being out of school (behavior, medical, travel, etc.)

5 Phase I SCVS Pilot Sites, Course Offerings, and Enrollment Pilot sites and number of courses offered Richland 1 - 2 Lexington 1 – 5 Richland 2 – 18 Horry – 2 York 3 - 6 OSEBA – 4 Beaufort – 9 Greenville - CR Summer Session: Total Students=1280 28 Courses Offered Fall Session: Total Students = 641 21 Courses Offered 16 Teachers Total Number of Students Participating in Phase I = 1921

6 Fall 2006 CoursesNumber of StudentsSessions SAT PREP1294 Spanish I723 English IV594 Algebra I382 Chemistry363 English III352 Government302 Algebra II262 Geography242 US History I201 English I161 English II141 English I131 Economics91 Spanish II81 Statistics41 US History II31 Credit Recovery10512 Total number for fall64144

7 Additional Courses Offered in the Spring 2007 CP Physics, Intermediate, General AP Physics B &C Environmental Science AP Economics AP Environmental Science Psychology Keyboarding Computer Applications Web Page Design

8 Phase II Credit Recovery Pilot As of January 2007 – Courses Listed Below Began: Algebra I A/B Algebra II A/B English 9 A/B English 10 A/B Physical Science A/B Geography A/B American History I Chemistry A/B Life Science A/B English 7 A/B English 8 A/B Government A/B American History II Biology

9 Adult Education As of January 2007 Began: –WorkKeys Career Readiness Certificate –GED Diploma Preparation –English as A Second Language –Exit Exam Preparation –HSAP

10 Career and Technology Courses: Began As of January 2007 Business and Marketing courses –Keyboarding –Computer Applications –Web Page Design Using Dreamweaver

11 Virtual Student Enrollments: SPRING 2007 (3 courses) Keyboarding = 19 students (Instructor: Tracy Sanders) Computer Applications = 14 students (Instructor: Tracy Sanders) Web Page Design = 20 students (Instructor: Anne Mace) SUMMER 2007 (8 courses) Keyboarding = 109 students (4 courses) Computer Applications = 63 students (2 courses) Web Page Design = 35 students (2 courses)

12 Courses already purchased for 2007 SC DOE (CATE) would like to expand online offerings each year with approximately 3 to 5 courses. Purchase cost per course from private industry is approximately $35,000 to $50,000 Would like to actually develop courses in conjunction with local school districts and universities.

13 Preliminary Intentions - Keyboarding: Schools and Districts want support for over abundance of keyboarding courses in middle schools and high schools. To help meet current state requirements required of students who have transferred from other states –Example: Military Families, Job Transfers

14 Additional CATE Courses being considered… Accounting Marketing Global Markets Virtual Enterprise IC3 Certification MOS Certification Etc. –We need recommendations of additional courses that are already in an e-book format, and available to load into a Blackboard cartridge for delivery through the SC Virtual School

15 Specific Needs: Schools and Districts should make recommendations based on such needs as: –1. Lack of Teachers for Specific Subjects –2. Abundance of Students Requesting Specific Subjects and Courses. –3. Home bound special needs request. –4. Other Special Circumstances

16 CATE Virtual Course Requirements: Need a location capable of delivery on a Blackboard environment. Courses can only support 20 to 25 students at a time. Online Teachers must still be certified and considered highly qualified.

17 Technical Requirements: A. Students Need the Following: –Computer Access –Internet Service Provider –Email Account –Java Capable Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6.0 for WIN Internet Explorer 5.1 or 5.2 for MAC Netscape Communicator 6.2 or 7.1 for WIN Netscape Communicator 7.1 or Safari for MAC

18 Policy and Guidelines Issues Statewide policies are in development for: –Staff structure and approval processes for online students –Training and evaluation for teachers of online courses –Seat-time restrictions –Assessment issues –Funding –Accreditation –Internet safety and filtering –Course development

19 Student Registration Area

20 Agreement Forms

21 Details of Agreement: A. Students must register thru their home school and get approval from their guidance counselor. B. Participation is on a daily basis and each student should spend 1 to 2 hours daily for up to 6 to 10 hours weekly to obtain one Carnegie Unit. C. All students will NOT be able to participate because of limited space and requirements per course. (20-25 students)

22 Course Registration

23 SCVS Information

24 Communication with Teachers, Parents, & Students Elluminate Live

25 Elluminate Find out more about web conferencing at the following link. – Click on the Conference Center TAB

26 To Be A Virtual Instructor: Visit Official Website: – –Select Teachers (TAB) –Select Teacher Application (LINK) –Complete Application and Submit Include Resume, 3 References and Copy of SC Certification

27 Official Website and Contact Person: Dee Appleby Office of Technology

28 Contact Information: Anthony L. Dillon SC Department of Education 1429 Senate Street (Room 922) Columbia, SC 29201 Phone: 803-734-7168 Email:

29 Contact Information: Tracy Sanders –Oconee County Schools –Walhalla Middle School –177 Razorback Lane –Walhalla, SC 29691 –Phone: 864-638-4575 –Email:

30 Thank You Questions and Answers

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