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3 Transportation & Logistics Solutions
Supply Chain Solution Services Traditional Transportation Services Optimization of the order-to-cash process Truckload / LTL Freight management services Van, flatbed, over dimensional Freight optimization Trailer pools Complete carrier visibility Emergency / expedited Event management Air Warehousing Ocean Rail /Intermodal Landstar solutions range from Complete Supply Chain Management to Traditional Transportation Services.

4 Awards Top Ten 3PL Excellence Award 2002 - 2013
Quest for Quality Awards # ACT Transport 50 InformationWeek 500 Award Winner Innovation in Technology 15 consecutive years #3 – 2013 Transport 50 “Best in Security” Award 2012 Intermediary Category, Tier 1 Along the way we’ve won several awards. (update Transport Topics Logistics Awards!!) Landstar has received Inbound Logistics Top 10 3pl Excellence award and Inbound Logistics Quest For Quality Awards for 11 straight years. Landstar ranked #2 on American Cranes 7 Transports 2013 ACT Transport 50 listing of North America’s Largest Heavy and Specialized Transportation Companies and ranked third on International Cranes & Transport 2013 Transport 50 listing of the World’s Largest Specialized Transport Companies. In 2013, Landstar was voted The Best Overall Fleet for Owner-Operators and earned the Best in Security Award for 2012 from CargoNet. And, as proud as we are of that, it pales in comparison to Landstar’s unmatched safety record. 2013 Top 100 For-Hire Carriers, Top 50 Logistics Companies, Top 50 Freight Transportation Firms , Top 25 Freight Brokerage Firms

5 Financial Results Full Year
(In Thousands) 16.0% 16.3% 16.4% We’re proud of our success at Landstar. Satisfied customers, just like you, have helped Landstar grow our revenue, while growing theirs. With Landstar, you have the financial strength of an industry leader there to serve you year after year. 46.2% 42.4% 35.5% Gross margin equals gross profit divided by revenue Operating margin equals operating income divided by gross profit

6 Financial Results Third Quarter
(In Thousands) 16.2% 15.8% 16.0% 44.7% 48.1% 43.9% Gross margin equals gross profit divided by revenue. Operating margin equals operating income divided by gross profit.

7 Business Model Industries Served As a Percentage of Revenue
Fiscal Year 2012

8 Certifications 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2008 Registered
With processes in place including ISO Certification, and as a member in good standing of Responsible Care and SmartWay, Landstar ensures your freight is picked up, transported, and delivered while employing monitored quality processes that protect your freight, your customer, and the environment. 9001:2008

9 (per million miles driven)
Safety Culture Total Accidents (per million miles driven) When you choose Landstar at your transportation provider, you’ve chosen “Safety First.” Landstar finished 2012 with an accident frequency of 1.82 accidents per million miles travelled, the lowest in the Landstar history.

10 Cargo Claims Ratio Claims per 1000 Shipments
Landstar has an unmatched record for delivering your freight on time and with care.

11 Truck Capacity Provider Network
Dec 2009 2010 2011 2012 Broker Carriers 24,773 27,987 28,495 31,545 BCOs 7,926 7,865 7,871 8,010 Total 32,699 35,852 36,366 39,555 We’re probably best know for transporting your freight by truck. Our ability to fully support your trucking needs isn’t limited to Landstar equipment. We supplement our fleet by utilizing highly qualified third party capacity providers. This ensures Landstar’s ability to meet and exceed your transportation needs every day.

12 Third Party Truck Capacity Network
Number of Truck Capacity Providers Sept 2012 June 2013 Sept Broker Carriers 29,789 32,072 32,314 BCOs (1) 8,074 7,876 7,890 Total 37,863 39,948 40,204 Trucks provided by BCOs were 8,596, 8,368 and 8,410 at September 2012, June 2013, and September 2013, respectively.

13 BCO Truck Turnover Why is a Landstar truck so important to your business? Not only are Landstar BCOs the safest, most professional truck drivers in the industry, they’re also the most reliable Owner Operators you can trust with your shipment. While most of our competitors experience a turnover rate over 100% annually, Landstar’s turnover rate is the lowest in the industry. Every shipment you tender to a Landstar BCO is handled carefully by a professional who’s passed a rigid qualification process, received continual business and over-the-road training, and is recognized for their commitment to safety. Over the years you’re likely to see the same Landstar BCO at your dock providing the consistent service you and your customers demand.

14 BCO Trailer Capacity (At December 29, 2012)
Landstar also has over 13,000 trailers ready to work for you. From Dry Vans, to Flats, Steps, and Heavy Haul equipment. Whatever your trailer capacity needs, Landstar has the solution.

15 Business Model Landstar is a worldwide, asset-light provider of integrated transportation management solutions delivering safe, specialized transportation logistics services to a broad range of customers utilizing a network of agents, third party capacity owners and employees. Landstar Capacity Agents Customers Capacity 8,000 BCOs 31,500 Approved Carriers All Major U.S. Rail Lines Ocean Cargo Carriers Air Cargo Carriers Foreign Correspondent Networks Agents Independent Business Owners Customer Service Capacity Sourcing/Dispatching NVOCC/IATA Agents How does choosing Landstar as your transportation provider benefit you? That’s simple. It’s the strength of our unique business model. A model that provides your company with the best of two distinct worlds. A large, well respected, financially stable, publicly traded corporation, as well as a local entrepreneur with years of experience working day in and day out to satisfy the needs of customers just like you. From Landstar capacity, to your Landstar agent, to Landstar Transportation Services, Inc., we all have one goal…….satisfying your supply chain needs safely, consistently, and for a price you can afford.

16 Think You know Landstar? Think Again. With Landstar, We can
International • NVOCC/OTI IATA/IAC Break Bulk/OOG Projects Truckload • Platform • Van • LTL • Expedited • Heavy Haul Think You know Landstar? Think Again. With Landstar, We can Move It & Manage It. Supply Chain Solutions • Outsourced Logistics • Freight Management Services • Freight Optimization Event Management Intermodal Reliable/Efficient Transportation Substituted Services Full Coverage Door-to-Door and customized RTR offerings If you think Landstar is a trucking company, think again. With Landstar, we can Move it AND Manage it. Let’s talk about some of the Landstar services you may be less familiar with. Warehouse • Flexible & Scalable Established Network of Providers All Major Markets

17 LTL Services Landstar delivers cost effective, comprehensive Less-than-Truckload Services throughout North America ensuring you receive the reliable service you’ve come to expect from Landstar

18 Landstar Advantage as an LTL Brokerage Services Provider
Access to a vast network of national, inter-regional and regional carriers Increased visibility and flexibility within your supply chain Access to the most reliable capacity at market competitive rates Alternative web-based automated rating and routing tool with “click and ship” visibility of all orders

19 Cost Effective Efficient Safe Reliable Environmentally Friendly
Intermodal Services Cost Effective Efficient Safe Reliable Environmentally Friendly Compared to truck pricing, intermodal can give you comparative transport with a lower cost for the capacity. Intermodal transportation is safer and more reliable today than ever before. Railroad transit times are consistently improving, significantly reducing the gap between OTR and Rail. With high-tech lift technology and articulated intermodal railcars, damage to freight is minimized. And according to the EPA, railroads account for just 9 percent of total transportation-related nitrogen oxide emissions while also alleviating highway congestion.

20 Do you move freight in these markets?
Landstar can provide full coverage solutions using Rail Intermodal. Landstar is not new to Intermodal. On average, Landstar moves more than 45,000 Intermodal loads per year (based on data available from the last four years.) Landstar can provide full coverage solutions using Intermodal and has contracts with all major railroad transport, stack train operators and asset providers in the U.S. and Canada. Even clients who ship only 1 to 2 loads a week can benefit from intermodal.

21 International Services
Landstar’s International Service experts can guide you through the maze of Air and Ocean needs.

Financial Strength Landstar International agents provide their customers global services expertise and unparalleled personal attention Landstar International agents can integrate and coordinate forwarding services with other Landstar capabilities e.g. Heavy haul and long haul drayage operations Air and Ocean freight service can be combined with other logistics functions such as 3PL and Warehousing Landstar has the advantage as an International Freight Forwarder. Landstar is financially sound. International agents have the knowledge you need and provide the personal attention you deserve. Landstar can integrate and coordinate forwarding services with other Landstar capabilities such as Heavy Haul, Long haul drayage and even Warehousing operations. Air and Ocean freight service can be easily combined with other logistics functions such as 3PL and Warehousing.

23 Supply Chain Solutions
Outsourced Logistics Management Services Complete Management of Information & Physical Flow of Goods Manage Orders Optimize Shipments Execute Shipments Financial Settlement Business Intelligence Proactively manage daily transportation requirements Optimize Cost by Mode (LTL, TL, Intermodal) Event Management & Shipment Visibility Experienced logistics professionals Industry-leading technology Landstar offers outsourced logistics management services utilizing industry-leading technology to manage your daily transportation requirements right down to the shipment level.

24 Supply Chain Solutions
Improve Your Supply Chain Performance Reduced transportation costs Guaranteed capacity Safe, reliable capacity Real time in-transit visibility Low cost of implementation Ease of implementation Single point of contact Freight settlement Business intelligence reporting capabilities Our outsourced logistics management services provide significant benefits to customers.



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