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A.D. 70 Theory A False Doctrine.

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1 A.D. 70 Theory A False Doctrine

2 A.D. 70 Theory Names A.D. 70 Theory Realized Eschatology
Hyper-preterism Max-Kingism Transmillenialism

3 Why A.D. 70? According to Historians Rome besieged the city of Jerusalem and destroyed it in A.D. 70 This fulfilled the prophecy in Matt. 24: 2 Eye witness accounts recorded by Jewish Historian, Flavius Josephus, solidifies the events of the Jewish-Roman war of A.D

4 When did the Theory start?
Nobody really knows exactly when Wasn’t widely accepted until 1800’s Published in Parousia by James S. Russell The doctrine was helped made popular by Max King in 1960 when he introduced it into the cups/Sunday-school churches of Christ

5 Basics of the A.D. 70 Theory ALL prophecy in the Bible was fulfilled by or with the destruction of Jerusalem Antithesis of Premillennialism as in it takes the Bible as mostly figurative language In 70 A.D. the world ended The 2nd coming of Christ has already happened Resurrection of the dead and Judgment day have already passed too

6 Themes of the A.D. 70 Theory Universalism Hyer-Celibacy
Once Saved Always Saved The Lord’s Supper is Spiritual only No need for the Church of Christ—not the building but the actual spiritual Church of Christ

7 How do they prove it? They attempt to show that every book of the NT was written before the Destruction of Jerusalem They try to prove that all prophecy was made and fulfilled by 70 A.D. Christ’s statement in Rev: “I am coming soon” refers to His 2nd coming and it has already happened Matt refers only to events surrounding the Destruction of Jerusalem

8 Flaws of the A.D. 70 Theory 1. Everyone buried in the ground didn’t come out in 70 AD 2. Christians didn’t disappear from Earth during 70 AD 3. Contradictions of death according to 1 Corinthians 15 4. Marriage didn’t end in 70 AD

9 Flaws of the A.D. 70 Theory 5. Peter’s prophecy about the “end of the world” should happen long after the Destruction of Jerusalem 6. It contradicts Jesus’ prophecy in Luke 21 7. Prophecies concerning Christ’s Kingdom and God, the Father extend past 70 AD

10 Things to Ponder How do you explain that none of the promises in the Bible don’t apply to the Christians after 70 A.D? How do you explain none of the commands aren’t applicable to the Christians after 70 A.D.? What’s the point of Lord’s Supper? Why do we need to assemble?

11 Things to Ponder What’s the point of knowing God’s Word?
Are the fates of the people after 70 A.D. predestined? Other religions are still around after 70 A.D.. Are they now valid?

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