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INTEGRAL1INTEGRAL plenary Grenoble 15Apr2010 INTEGRAL – the Movie Hans Akkermans WP10 Dissemination.

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1 INTEGRAL1INTEGRAL plenary Grenoble 15Apr2010 INTEGRAL – the Movie Hans Akkermans WP10 Dissemination

2 General set-up videoclip Triptych like: set of scenes / short stories that belong together –that can be viewed (and presented) separately –but also have a thematic narrative as a whole Typical length of a short story: 1.5 min –Reason: experience with span of attention of listeners and viewers –Financial note: professional production Avoid important but lengthy talking heads And its not about the project (Two mistakes often made also in EU projects) INTEGRALINTEGRAL plenary Grenoble 15Apr20102

3 Narrative (1/2) Clip 1: Sustainable future of the global village –why we need smart grids for a sustainable global future in a connected world –Use future home / household to visualize that this is relevant to and will influence any persons everyday life (cf. Hoogkerk) –Use analogy smart grid and Internet/Web to explain in layperson terms the future power system (cf. EU policy, TP SmartGrids) –& point out that global ICT (Internet & Web) comes to the rescue to realize smart grids Can use footage of Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the Web) INTEGRALINTEGRAL plenary Grenoble 15Apr20103

4 Narrative (2/2) Clip 2: flash animation how smart system works –PowerMatcher e-market: negotiations between devices (agents), distributed control resolution –cf. Koen Koks PhD thesis, to be launched in a commercial edition (also as part of INTEGRAL dissemination) Clip 3: footage and voice-over story about the field experiments: –Incl. interview with Hoogkerk household owner –Normal, critical, emergency condition: message = smart grids handle any situation –Message: its real and its here today at our front door INTEGRALINTEGRAL plenary Grenoble 15Apr20104

5 Direction and production Storyboards / brief scripts for the various videoclips Arrange a professional director with experience in this type of techno/scientific films Exploit existing video footage if possible –E.g. Hoogkerk field experiment got a lot of media attention (RTL4 19.30 news, province/city tv) –Existing footage on Internet/Web (e.g. Tim Berners- Lee, VUA Dies, RTL-Z) –Reduces costs –But rights and permissions must be properly arranged INTEGRALINTEGRAL plenary Grenoble 15Apr20105

6 Wishes from the consortium (1) IRED EU/US conference, Albuquerque Dec 10 is a nice event to exhibit INTEGRAL videoclips Additional videoclip for more technical-industrial audience (a la guidelines WP9) –Include systems-level issues (e.g. protection) –Use additional animations and field experiment footage to visualize Need for strong storyboard (INPG and others) –Raphael will draft max. 200 words story INTEGRALINTEGRAL plenary Grenoble 15Apr20106

7 Wishes (2) Additional languages possible? –Voice-over in French, Spanish, in addition to English –Subtitling in Greek, Dutch, Catalan, Swedish –Note: extra languages and (longer) clips increase cost Requested extra costs for videos must be clarified and budgeted ultimately end of May [Intermediate Activity Report] –EnS INTEGRALINTEGRAL plenary Grenoble 15Apr20107

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