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Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited

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1 Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited
5 MW US Navy Motor Clive Lewis ALSTOM 23 October 2003 IEE, London Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited

2 5 MW Navy Motor for ONR Seventeen month contract awarded 14 February 2002 to complete design of 5 MW motor as a technology demonstrator motor for a full-size HTS motor Fabrication and factory testing of 5 MW motor Fabrication and factory testing of COTS drive VDM5000 Perform factory testing on the motor and drive separately and then as an integrated system to validate methods for predicting machine performance Demonstrate and characterize HTS marine motor performance as an integrated motor and drive system Deliver the system to ONR by 14 July 2003

3 5 MW Navy Motor Team AMSC (Prime contractor): ALSTOM Power Conversion:
Design, fabrication and testing of rotor Design, fabrication and testing of rotor cooling system Overall motor electromagnetic design ALSTOM Power Conversion: Design (electromagnetic and mechanical), Structure borne noise modeling, fabrication and testing of the stator, frame and bearings Motor assembly VDM 5000 COTS drive Factory testing of motor, drive and combined system Northrop Grumman Ship Systems: Shipbuilding and integration expertise

4 HTS Ship Propulsion Motor Navy Program Achievements
Cooler Key achievements of 2000* Defined specifications for the 5 MW motor for component development Identified critical components for development Performed key component development work Key achievements of 2001* Designed 5 MW motor Started manufacturing 5 MW motor components Key achievements of 2002** Completed rotor and stator fabrication of 5 MW motor Key achievements of 2003** Assembled motor and performed factory testing Delivered 5 MW motor Preparing to conduct land based testing Rotor Motor * Funded by the Office of Naval Research ** Funded in part by the Office of Naval Research

5 5 MW Motor Specification
Application: Ship propulsion Type: Synchronous Output: 5000 kW at 230 rpm, Rated torque: 207,000 Nm Comparisons AMSC 5000 hp HTS motor: 19,800 Nm Siemens 400 kW HTS motor: 2500 Nm Rotor: With cryostat containing high temperature superconducting field coils Stator: Normal temperature, liquid cooled, airgap winding

6 Advantages of HTS Motors for Naval Ship Propulsion Applications
High power density in low speed, high torque motors High efficiency, particularly at part load Low noise

7 Rotor Manufacture The rotor and associated hardware was tested at AMSC including: Excitation up to full current Refrigeration operating temperature in full and degraded modes Field winding up to full design current Rotor balanced in cold state at ALSTOM Successful rotor field winding testing has validated HTS field winding and its cooling system.

8 Stator Design Airgap winding Liquid dielectric cooled
Enables operation at higher flux density than a winding with iron teeth - hence greater output Stator coils must be made from transposed litz wire to avoid large eddy current losses Torque is exerted on the stator conductors rather than the iron teeth - this torque must be supported and transmitted to the stator frame Liquid dielectric cooled Good heat transfer for high power density Good electrical insulation performance

9 Stator Manufacture Coil Manufacture Completed Stator
Stator assembly was designed, fabricated and tested by ALSTOM Coil Manufacture Completed Stator Successfully completed construction of air-core stator.

10 Assembly Motor assembly and test at ALSTOM Electrical Machines, Rugby UK Assembly completed January 03

11 Factory Testing Extensive factory testing between February June 2003 Testing in two stages No load open circuit and short circuit testing Standard synchronous motor testing to IEEE 115 Load testing with VDM 5000 drive up to rated motor torque Testing carried out at ALSTOM, Rugby by a joint ALSTOM and AMSC team

12 No Load Testing Open Circuit and Short Circuit testing to IEEE 115
Determine motor parameters Determine motor efficiency under full load and part load conditions Determine motor temperature rise under full load conditions Motor achieved or exceeded design targets Completed March 2003

13 Load Testing Load testing with 2.5 MW DC machine

14 Load Testing Motor driven by VDM5000 COTS PWM Drive to demonstrate and characterize the HTS marine motor performance as an integrated motor and drive system Loaded by 2.5 MW DC machine up to rated torque at half speed, and half load at full speed. Demonstrated mechanical capability of rotor and stator construction to deliver continuous rated torque. Reliability testing to repeatedly cycle the motor up to rated torque and rated temperature successfully completed Structure borne noise testing confirmed low noise operation Stray flux levels comparable with conventional motors ONR witness testing completed June 2003

15 Factory Testing Summary
Heat Run at rated torque, rated stator current concluded motor will deliver the rated torque with temperature rise predicted from no load tests Demonstrated mechanical capability of rotor and stator construction to deliver continuous rated torque The basic rotor and stator technology has worked well and without any problems No redesign or rework of the rotor or stator was required during or following the testing 5 MW Motor and Drive were delivered to ONR at the Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS) on 22 July 2003

16 5 MW Navy Motor Future Plans
ONR selected CAPS at Florida State University to perform the initial land-based tests of the 5 MW motor The 5 MW motor and drive will be integrated in late 2003 for no-load testing The Load machine is on order allowing system integration and load tests to start in February 2004 The 5 MW Motor and Drive will be moved to NSWCCD-SSES Philadelphia in late of 2004 for further testing by Navy personnel The successful operation of the largest HTS propulsion motor will be demonstrated through these differing test scenarios providing the Navy with hands-on experience

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