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1 Sulfur

2 Physical - chemical properties
Chemical symbol S, (Sulphur) Atomic number : 16 Ar: 32,065 Density 1,960 g/cm3 Melting point: 115, °C - 388,4 K Boiling point: 444,67 °C - 717,87 K

3 Structure

4 History Sulfur was known in ancient times, and is referred to in the Bible. Early alchemists gave sulfur its own alchemical symbol which was a triangle at the top of a cross. In 1867 sulfur was discovered in underground deposits in Louisiana and Texas.

5 Biological role Sulfur is found in: amino acids -cysteine methionine
polypeptides proteins enzymes cells DNA bacteria

6 Applications Sulfur is used in: batteries detergents
vulcanization of rubber fungicides manufacture of phosphate fertilizers bleaching paper preservative in wine and dried fruit gunpowder fireworks photographic fixing agents laxative exfoliant

7 Damage to the natural environment and chemical weathering
Environmental Impact Industry Sulfur dioxide SO2 Acid rain Damage to the natural environment and chemical weathering

8 Occurrence in earth’s crust (0,03 - 0,09 %)
in oceans and seas (csulfur = 900 mg/l) in the universe (1 atom of sulfur come to atoms of hydrogen) in volcanic regions and hot springs In ores: pyrite (iron sulfide), cinnabar (mercury sulfide), galena (lead sulfide), sphalerite (zinc sulfide) and stibnite (antimony sulfide), gypsum (calcium sulfate), barite (barium sulfate) spring – pramen, vřídlo


10 Sulfur in other languages
english: sulfur latin: sulphur czech: síra croatian: sumpor french: soufre german: dchwefel italian: solfo norwegian: svovel portuguese: enxôfre spanish: azufre swedish: svavel

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