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An overview ZTraditionally, the drug of choice in Malaysia is opiate-based drugs (heroin and morphine) and marijuana ZIn the past decade, annually we.

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2 An overview ZTraditionally, the drug of choice in Malaysia is opiate-based drugs (heroin and morphine) and marijuana ZIn the past decade, annually we identified more than 35,000 drug addicts in the country (55% relapse users) ZThis has reduced significantly in the past 2 years to about 25,000 cases annually ZThe advent of synthetic drugs (ATS) is a present challenge to Malaysia

3 Types of Drugs 7,963 5,889 5,275 2,411 621 228226 180 117 - 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 9,000 HeroinMorphineGanjaMethamphetamine(syabu) PsychotropicEcstasy/MDMA Amphetamine Codiene Inhalant Opium

4 Why they do drugs... 10,418 4,477 1,575 731 122 73 1615 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 Peer Curious For Fun Pressure Stimulation Pain Relief Accidentally Others


6 PREVENTION STRATEGY Z The Strategic Plan Timeframe (2004 – 2015) -2004 - 2006: Create/Provide Awareness on the Danger of Drugs -2007 - 2009: To mobilize Civil Society to jointly participate against Drugs -2010 - 2014: Continuous actions (war!) against drugs -2015: A Drug Free Nation & maintain a drug free society.

7 (1)Enhance national human capital through awareness & strengthening resilience to reject drugs STRATEGY (2)Mobilize society to fight drugs (3)Enhance linkages & cooperation at national and international level (4) Strengthen capacity of implementation agencies NADA PREVENTION STRATEGY : 2007 (5)Monitoring and evaluation of Prevention Programmes

8 KASIH SAYANG Program for Parents (PINTAR) or STRIDE for Primary Schools In Cooperation with Education Ministry Student Intervention program in Secondary Schools in co-operation with Education Ministry 1.HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES Prevention Programmes for Higher Education Instn. (GERAK SEDAR) (Visionary Youth Program ), in Co-operation with Youth,Nat.Service FELDA,Aboriginal Affairs Dept etc for youth Drug Free Workplace Program in Co-operation with Human Resource Ministry

9 Society mobilization/ involvement programs Programs in partnership with (NGOs) 2. MOBILIZING SOCIETY AGAINST DRUGS

10 Enhance knowledge and skills of officers National Coordinating & Implementation Structure on the Eradication of Drug Abuse 3. STRENGTHEN CAPACITY OF EXECUTING ORGANISATIONS Enhance knowledge and skills of trainers TOT Groups provide training for organisation staff

11 Officers actively involved in Meetings,Seminars and Conventions 4. ENHANCING NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL LINKAGES Benefit from study trips and training Programmes overseas Develop strategic links with agencies and institutions locally and Oveseas to strngthen institutional capacity and research and development


13 *Specifically for ATS... i.Implement the National Action Plan on Precursors ii.Code of Conduct for the Chemical Industry iii.Enhance Inter Agency Co-operation (Regulatory,Enforcement &Chemical Industry) iv.Enhance awareness programmes v.Further enhance international co- operation

14 Prevention programs Seminar, forum, workshop Motivational camp Mass media – video clip, drama, movie, radio slots, songs Posters & fliers – focusing on peer pressure, religious values, youth & family issues, workplace and community

15 Continue... CD/VCD/DVD – songs, interactive quizzes Anti-drug exhibitions & campaign (static & mobile) Billboards – Anti-drugs message Outreach programme Website – Bills and forms – e.g. Anti-drugs message on electric bills, banking forms

16 Preventive Education 1.Prevention at schools – pre-schools, primary and secondary schools 2.Prevention at institutes of higher learning – colleges and universities 3.Prevention for youths 4.Prevention for parents 5.Prevention at the workplace 6.Prevention in the communities 7.Relapse prevention programs 8.Anti-drug publicity media campaign

17 GERAK GEMPUR DADAH (GEMPADAH) Mobilizing the Community Against Drugs GERAK GEMPUR DADAH (GEMPADAH) Mobilizing the Community Against Drugs New Malaysian Drug Abuse Prevention Campaign: 2007

18 GOAL GOAL: Mobilizing civil society to create drug free communities

19 To mobilize & active community participation to fight against drugs within their community. OBJECTIVES To enhance the willingness and commitment of the community to fight drugs Enhance community cooperation between community leaders and NGOs in high risk areas to reach all levels of community Providing current and updated information on drug situation PROGRAM OBJECTIVES To ensure continued monitoring and form linkages between AADK and local leaders. Involve the community in accepting and reintegrating addicts in society.

20 IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY STRATEGY Provide initial briefing on prevention strategy to Community leaders & programme supporters Provide adequate information including statistics, biodata, local drug situation, etc. Provide feedback forms for local leaders and residents to collect input & data for evaluation etc

21 Social activities and competitions Cultural activities Quizzes and Exhibitions Community Based Sports Contentofprogramme Commercial activities Health and Education programmes Home Visits, Counselling and motivation programmes etc.

22 Supported By Programmes Supported by Ministry of Internal Security Prime Ministers Office Ministry of Tourism Ministry of Information Ministry of Youth and Sports Ministry of Health Social/Professional Associations Ministry of Defence Political Parties Ministry of Education NGOs

23 Expected Outcomes

24 Developing a shared responsibility approach to drug prevention in the community All members of civil society play an active role in solving drug issues Create a community based movement against drugs EXPECTEDOUTCOMES Involving parents & families to help and support addicts to prevent relapse Monitor and follow up on cases under community supervision Community leaders, NGOs committed and ready to act on anti-drugs activities


26 (1) Mobilizing Society (CIVIL SOCIETY ) STRATEGY (3) Develop Smart Partnerships with NGO / Private Sector / Drug experts/ Professionals (2) Educate & Provide knowledge and awareness to society on treatment and rehabilitation issues Treatment and Rehabilitation Strategy

27 (4) Enhance and Strengthen social support Systems (peer, family) in the Community STRATEGY (6) Emphasis on spiritual and Moral dimensions to maintain Recovery (5) Mobilize & Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility among Private Sector and Employers Treatment and rehabilitation ( Cont.)

28 (7) Take a Holistic approach to Treatment and Rehabilitation STRATEGY (9) Provide a Diversity of Treatment Modalities based on Client Needs ( PSYCHOSOCIAL ASSESSMENT ) (8) Emphasize Addiction Research and Studies Treatment and Rehabilitation( Cont..)

29 9 Major Stratagies... ZMobilizing civil society ZEducating the society on drug treatment and rehabilitation ZEstablishing smart partnerships with NGOs, private sector & experts in drug rehabilitation ZStrengthening social support system (peer, families) in communities ZMobilize and emphasizing social obligation among employers and private sector

30 Continue... ZEmphasis on spiritual and moral dimensions to maintain recovery ZA holistic approach in treatment and rehabilitation ZEmphasis on addiction treatment research and development ZProvide a on the diversity of treatment and rehabilitation

31 Programmes & Activities under Community-based Rehabilitation ZIndividual Counselling ZGroup Counselling ZFamily Counselling ZPeer Support Group ZCommunity Service ZDeductive / Talks Session ZJob Placement ZHouse visit ZUrine Test ZRelapse prevention program

32 Programmes & Activities at our District Service Centre (PKAADK) ZRelapse Prevention Programs ZPeer Support Group ZCareer/Workplace seminar ZJob Placement ZSummer Camp ZFamily Association Programme ZSports/Recreational/Family Day ZSpiritual/Religious Programs ZCounselling ZService Centre as One-Stop Centre

33 *Specifically on ATS... Z Develop specific ATS Treatment Modality Z Close co-operation With Ministry of Health (esp. with psychiatric units) Z Focus on developing/sharing best practices on ATS treatment with other countries/regional and international Organisations

34 National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA) Ministry of Internal Security Level 3-6, IOI Two Square IOI Resort 62502, Putrajaya Tel : 603 – 8949 8400 Fax : 603 – 8944 1931

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