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Kosovo Youth Action Plan 2007-2010 OMiK contribution to the drafting phase Maike Verhagen, Project Manager & Piotr Uhma, OSCE Consultant.

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1 Kosovo Youth Action Plan 2007-2010 OMiK contribution to the drafting phase Maike Verhagen, Project Manager & Piotr Uhma, OSCE Consultant

2 What is KYAP? 3 interrelated documents on youth in Kosovo: The Law on Youth Empowerment and Participation (waiting for adoption by the Assembly of Kosovo) The Kosovo Youth Policy The Kosovo Youth Action Plan

3 Who is behind KYAP? OMiK joined the process in 2005 and continued in 2006 and became the major partner for the Department of Youth, MCYS in drafting the Kosovo Youth Policy and Action Plan. KYAP – a good co-operation of the international community in Kosovo: GTZ, UNICEF, UNDP/UNV, UNFPA, UNIFEM, the World Bank, OSCE

4 Who is behind KYAP? KYAP – a good co-operation between the international community and the local institutions in Kosovo: Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports Inter-Ministerial Committee Kosovo Assembly and its Commission on Youth Kosovo Youth Network (representing Civil Society)  The Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports (Department of Youth) is leading the process

5 What is the structure behind KYAP? Steering Committee  OMiK, GTZ, UNICEF, UNDP/UNV, UNFPA, World Bank, UNIFEM, Kosovo Youth Network and the Department of Youth at MCYS Department of Youth – hosting the process KYAP Secretariat – an interim agency of the Ministry  3 staff members + 1 coordinator  10 Focal Points appointed to 10 respective Ministries OMiK International Expert – advising on daily basis

6 How the process has been developed? November 2005 – beginning of the drafting stage. The idea of the KYAP presented at the introductory conference 2005 / 2006 - assessment of the situation of youth. Compilation of documents, research studies and surveys available on youth in Kosovo, including ILO, UNICEF, World Bank, etc. OMiK commissioned two of the studies for which there was a gap:  Report on the legal background concerning youth issues  Youth Survey tailored for KYAP needs

7 Inputs to the process Inter-ministerial Committee established. Cross-sectoral consultations of the specific and joint responsibilities of various ministries of the PISG. Municipal Youth Hearings. Meetings with representatives of ALL municipalities of Kosovo (municipal youth officers + civil society) to promote and consult about the Kosovo Youth Policy and Action Plan (KYAP). KYAP Task Force meetings. Two intensive 3-day long working seminars to discuss and develop policy objectives and activities of the KYAP. Wide external consultations. Political consultations (Kosovo Assembly + political parties), participation in numerous events involving young people and youth NGOs.

8 Mainstreaming and promotion KYAP and the Kosovo Development Strategic Plan (KDSP). Consultations with the KDSP Secretariat to integrate the KYAP within the Kosovo overall Development Plan. 100% of the objectives of the KYAP will be integrated into the KDP. Budget to be discussed separately (beginning of 2007). Lobbying activities and a promotion campaign. Informing representatives of the Kosovo government and the Kosovo Assembly in order to adopt the KYAP. Media campaign and a website for wider public dissemination. 22 November 2006 - presentation of the KYAP final draft. Conference presenting the results of the KYAP drafting stage.

9 The “Product” Background information Population : an estimated 70% of the Kosovo Albanian population - under 30 years of age and 50% - under the age of 25. Problems : poor level of youth participation in public life, unsatisfactory education, big unemployment, lack of health services, human security situation and the state of culture, sports and recreation. KYAP – The Kosovo Youth Action Plan. The major document of the PISG addressing the problems of young people (aged 15-24). Advocates for youth involvement. Sets standards for co- operation of young people with the Kosovo institutions. Lists responsibilities of government and municipalities towards youth. Provides a chance to measure the progress in the area of youth development in Kosovo.

10 The KYAP documents Policy Document and Action Plan. Two parts: the actual Policy Document and the Action Plan. Diagnosis of the current situation  Mission and Vision of the KYAP  Policy Objectives  6 thematic areas  Action Plan matrixes link concrete activities, with measurable outcomes, institutions responsible, and necessary budget breakdowns.

11 6 Thematic Areas Participation Education Employment Health Human Security Culture, Sports and Recreation

12 Example 1 Policy objective: to promote and ensure institutional mechanisms for youth participation in decision making processes. Campaigns for raising awareness of youth and civil servants about the role of youth as active and responsible participants in social development. Creation of a legal framework for youth participation. Municipal youth officers and youth representatives encouraged to co-operate. Establishment of a consultative and representative youth body at the local and central level. - Kosovo and Municipal Youth Action Councils established and functioning. - Annual municipal and Kosovo conferences on youth issues organized.  young people influencing local and central policies on youth. Activities indicators

13 Example 2 Main policy: to offer career guidance and counselling services for youth through specialised programmes and centres. Career counseling in lower secondary (early orientation) and secondary education will get integrated. Career Guidance and Academic Advising Centres in the University of Prishtina will be established. - Standards for career guidance drafted, career counselors trained, career guidance offices established.  students well informed on further education, practice or employment opportunities. Activities indicators

14 Example 3 Main policy: to increase interethnic co-operation among youth. Support visits and cooperation of youth local officer to the minority communities. Support and promote youth cross-border dialogue initiatives. Support projects for building peace amongst different communities and youth inter-cultural activities. - At least 5 projects annually implemented together by different ethnic groups. - Youth inter-cultural events, activities and visits to cultural and religious sites implemented.  number of young people from different communities participating and working together in multiethnic youth programmes increased compared to the baseline. indicators Activities

15 Budget estimates 72% Kosovo Consolidated Budget. 28 % International Donor Community

16 Organizations on board… OMiK possible involvement as from 2007.

17 Support – Contents related Assistance in building of institutions of youth participation in decision making processes. Creation of the Kosovo Youth Action Council and Municipal Youth Action Councils as permanent representative bodies of youth and youth NGOs. Ensuring proper representation of youth of all communities and marginalized groups in this bodies. Ensuring a good level of co-operation between the youth councils and central and municipal authorities of Kosovo. Quality of education and career guidance and counselling services. Creation of mechanisms for the recognition of formal and non formal education. Establishment of accreditation mechanisms.Career Guidance Centres at the University of Pristina and other institutions in the future. Increase inter-ethnic co-operation among youth. Support for youth inter-cultural activities, cross border dialogue initiatives and projects for building peace amongst different communities....

18 Support – Implementation related Continued support for the Department of Youth, MCYS in launching the implementation phase of the KYAP.  Technical assistance for the KYAP Implementation Unit, including its establishment and capacity building.  Participation in the Steering Committee (for KYAP and World Bank Grant) Monitor and evaluation of implementation  Preparation of the baseline study to assess the starting point and monitor progress achieved in the future.  Advise to the KYAP Implementation Unit and possibly having a “Shadow” Coordinator. Support transition to local monitoring  A future Kosovo Youth Action Council would monitor the implementation after being established

19 Kosovo Youth Policy and Action Plan Thank you

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