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WORKING WITH THE MEDIA on your Cool Cities Campaign.

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1 WORKING WITH THE MEDIA on your Cool Cities Campaign

2 Why do media? Because it helps us win Educates a wide audience on the campaign Gets your message out to large # people Venue to promote campaign actions Promotes accountability If its in the news, youre on politicians radar Legitimacy in the eyes of public and decision-makers Its how most people get there information Local TV is the #1 news source for 70% of Americans Spreads our message to a wider audience than any other method: lots of bang for your buck!

3 The world of the sound bite

4 Tips: Keep it short and sweet Average soundbite today is 8 seconds long Visually appealing language, or clever quips are especially great (hint: good analogies are gold) Conclusion first, details second Speak your audiences language No technical terms Speak as if youre talking with a 13 year old Avoid statistics and complicated numbers

5 Its not communication if they dont get the message!

6 Golden Rule: Stick to Message! Whats the single most important thing you want to portray to your audience? Stick to message! Stick to your campaigns message! Whatever you do, stick to your message Finally, whenever you may deviate, never fear, just get back on message!

7 How to get your Cool Cities Campaign into the Media

8 Create A Steady Drumbeat Be opportunistic Respond to related news stories in your local news Celebrate every cool step your Cool City takes Be Creative! Have Fun! Think Visuals Tactics: Hold press events: cut the green ribbon, present awards Release a press statement: respond to related news stories Write letters to the editor, Op-eds, Columns Engage newspapers editorial boards Public Service Announcements Interviews on talk radio shows and locally produced television shows

9 Working with Reporters Be a resource for reporters Goal: Have reporters call you when theyre interested in an environmental issue Pitching your story to reporters Is it newsworthy?

10 More tips: Stick to message! Nothing is ever off the record Always meet deadlines Be prepared Know your media market Build Relationships Be Quotable Stick to message! For extensive Media How Tos, go to: www.clubhouse/ www.clubhouse/

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