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Quality Assurance of Postgraduate Medical Training Sian Lewis Associate Dean Wales Deanery.

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1 Quality Assurance of Postgraduate Medical Training Sian Lewis Associate Dean Wales Deanery

2 Taken from Report of the JACSTAG advisory group on local quality management of postgraduate medical training - January 2007 Terminology & Roles Colleges/Faculties/Specialist Societies Local Regional National Hospital Trusts GP Practices Deaneries Specialty Training Committees/Schools PMETB QC Environment of learning QM Commissioner/ Organiser of training QA Standards Setting


4 Fit for purpose!

5 Developing a Deanery QMS QA Unit QA Task & Finish Group Review of Existing Processes Annual Trust Commissioning Visits GP Trainer Approval and Three Yearly Monitoring Visits Specialty Monitoring (previously Royal College Visits) Deanery Triggered Visits

6 Review Objectives Robust QMS Supportive QMS Reduced Burden Wales Concordat (

7 To deliver QA we need 3 elements to our QMS Tools for collecting evidence both on a routine basis and in triggered circumstances Systems for handling the evidence and ensuring recommendations are met and be able to demonstrate this has been done Clear criteria for making judgments and guidelines for deadlines and defining penalties, an appeal process (internal consistency)

8 Achieving a QMS Identify existing tools and use them to their maximum benefit. Build new internal QC processes only where essential Put processes into a coherent framework- QMS QMS built into structures - routine function QMS must be robust and independent of enthusiasts Ensure QMS meet external standards

9 PMETB/GMC Generic Framework (of 9 Domains) Domain 1 - Patient Safety Domain 2 - Quality Assurance Domain 3 - Equality, Diversity and Opportunity Domain 4 - Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Domain 5 - Delivery of the curriculum including assessment Domain 6 - Support and development of trainees, trainers and local faculty Domain 7 - Management of Education and Training Domain 8 - Educational resources and capacity Domain 9 - Outcomes

10 PMETB Domain 8 Standard: Educational facilities, infra- structure and leadership must be adequate to deliver curriculum Mandatory: There must be access to educational facilities (including library) and resources (including internet access in all workplaces) of a standard to enable trainees to achieve outcomes of programmes as specified in the curriculum

11 Library Report Ministerial Returns PMETB Trainee Survey FPD QC Report EPEFBalanced Scorecard Trust Questionnaire Specialty Panel Report DEANERY QC TEAM REVIEWS DATA AND PRODUCES REPORT Trust Action Planning meeting Deanery & Trust QA Committee QC Team Monitor Deadlines QC Team Informs Trust & Reports back to QA Committee on Progress and Completion of Action Points Trust SLA Monitoring Pilot

12 Head of School STCCore Training QA Committee Trainee Feedback Trainer Feedback Recruitment Trust action plans Triggered visits Trainee Feedback Trainer Feedback Royal Colleges Draft Specialty QA framework Assessments PMETB survey, RITAS, EPEFs PMETB survey, PD report RITA trends, exams, WPAs

13 How does Wales produce Specialists and GPs of which we can be proud?

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