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Tameside and Glossop GP Structured Educational Programme SEP.

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1 Tameside and Glossop GP Structured Educational Programme SEP

2 Where is this?


4 Tameside and Glossop SEP Intake 20088 200910 201016 201117 201219 201320

5 Tameside and Glossop Changes 2013 New posts Dermatology plus GP Rheumatology plus GP 4 Month Posts in ST1

6 Tameside and Glossop GPST2 ST2 GP posts confirmed 3-4 months before GP plus posts in Palliative Care and Community Paediatrics

7 Who’s Who Programme Director PCME Primary Care Medical Educator Clinical Supervisors Educational Supervisors Associate Director : Rob Stokes

8 PMETB Domains and Standards for Training 2006

9 1. Patient Safety Suitable clinical cover Well-organised handover of patient care at the beginning and end of each duty period.

10 2. Quality Assurance Release for an induction to the Training Programme Trust Inductions Working Time Directive Released for Quality inspection visits complete PMETB Questionnaires

11 3. Equality & Diversity Reports of bullying or racial, gender, disability, age or part-time discrimination is zero or appropriate action has resolved the issues?

12 4. Recruitment Local procedures to appoint to tracks and posts should follow Deanery guidelines, ensure equal opportunities and have an appeals process?

13 5. Curriculum & Assessment - Do all trainees have: Sufficient clinical & practical experience to cover the curriculum A timetable that ensures appropriate access to the prescribed training events / courses etc? Release to GP specific teaching, bleep free release? Adequate opportunities for workplace based assessments? Regular feedback on their performance?

14 Who is this?


16 6. Support Good quality verbal induction to the placement and a useful induction pack with access to a job description Meet their personal Educational Supervisor early in the programme and at the agreed intervals through it Sign a training/learning agreement at the start of the programme? Keep up to date their e- Portfolio Understand their entitlement to study leave and the process of approval Have information on how to access career advice & counselling if required Have opportunities within each placement to feedback on the quality of the teaching, appraisal & induction or any other serious concerns Have a work load that is appropriate for their learning (neither too heavy or too light)?

17 7. Training management Does the Training Programme have clear terms of reference and accountabilities? Is there lay/external and trainee input? Is the guidance for managing Trainees in difficulty understood by the education team? Are Educational Supervision Report forms submitted to the PD in good time and in accordance with the ARCP timeframe?

18 8. Resources Are trainees and trainers in the programme able to access appropriate resources eg simulations, seminar rooms, IT. Do all trainees have sufficient access to the library & internet? Is the taught programme managed within the defined programme budget? Is Study Leave managed within the indicative budget for individual trainees and across the annual cohort?

19 9. Outcomes RCGP exams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 How many can you name?

21 Feedback/problems 07971570492

22 Study Leave Process Trainee downloads study leave application form from the Deanery website Trainee completes application form after discussion with Education Supervisor and Rota Master (if applicable) and ticks the appropriate boxes on the form to indicate the leave is appropriate and has been approved Trainee emails the form to the Training Programme Director Training Programme Director approves study leave and emails the form directly to the Deanery Administrator for processing Trainee receives confirmation email from the Deanery that the application has been approved


24 ARCP Panels Remember the minimum requirements Minimum 2-3 log entries every week Keep up to date with entries 5 MSF in each cycle in ST1 Complete the COTS/CBD early Educator Notes

25 Practical Points Locum jobs/outside work Sick Leave Rule 14 days/year Out of Programme ARCP Panels Audit

26 email If you want to get an the person to contact is :- Lynda Daniels at OTHIS Lynda Daniels Primary Care Computing Services NHS Tameside & Glossop 0161-366-3205

27 Maternity Out of Programme Sick Leave The track and educational supervisor may change. Keep me informed

28 Study Leave Guidance Please read the Deanery Guidance ALS guidance All forms should be submitted and agreed in advance of the Course or event. Retrospective claims beyond 4 weeks will not be accepted


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