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1 Understanding Osteoporosis I.M. Doctor, M.D. My Office My City, State.

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1 1 Understanding Osteoporosis I.M. Doctor, M.D. My Office My City, State

2 2 Understanding Osteoporosis - Outline zOrthopaedics and The Bone and Joint Decade zWhat is Osteoporosis zOsteoporosis myths zOsteoporosis facts

3 3 Understanding Osteoporosis - Outline zOsteoporosis symptoms and warning signs zWho is at risk? zDiagnosing Osteoporosis

4 4 Understanding Osteoporosis - Outline zTreatment options yMedication yTreatments zSteps You Can Take to Prevent Osteoporosis

5 5 zA Medical doctor with extensive training in helping you keep your bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, cartilage and spine in good working order. Who is an orthopaedic surgeon?

6 6 Educating an Orthopaedic Surgeon zCollege zMedical School zInternship zOrthopaedic Resident zFellowship (optional) z2 Years Practice Total (1) 2 16 years!

7 7 Who is an orthopaedic surgeon? zGreatest knowledge of wide range of conditions and treatment options available zGreatest experience in treating musculoskeletal health

8 8 What do orthopaedic surgeons do? zUse most effective & efficient diagnostic tools zDetermine best course of treatment

9 9

10 10 Why Musculoskeletal Problems? zMusculoskeletal conditions affect hundreds of millions of people z$230 billion per year spent

11 11 Why Musculoskeletal Problems? zMost common causes of severe long-term pain and physical disability zResearch is at a critical point

12 12

13 13 Understanding Osteoporosis Your Orthopaedic Surgeon Getting You Back Into The Game

14 14 Osteoporosis Osteoporosis, or porous bone, is a devastating disease that robs its victims of bone mass.

15 15 Normal BoneOsteoporotic Bone Osteoporosis

16 16 Osteoporosis is not serious enough for me to worry about zIt is a progressive disease and irreversibly weakens bones zAny movement or bump can cause debilitating fracture zChronic pain and disability are the potential outcomes zHip fractures can cause death

17 17 Im a healthy person. I do the right things so I am not at risk. Osteoporosis Myths

18 18 Osteoporosis Myths Im too young to worry about Osteoporosis now. zIt is never too early to prevent Osteoporosis zOsteoporosis can strike at any age zBone is a living, growing tissue that constantly rebuilds

19 Osteoporosis Myths Its too late for me to do anything about Osteoporosis.

20 20 More than 28 million Americans suffer from Osteoporosis Prevalence z80% are women z1 in 2 women & 1 in 8 men over 50 years old

21 Wrist Fractures: 200,000+ Hip Fractures: 300,000+ Vertebral Fractures: 700,000+ Other Fractures: 300,000+ Source: National Osteoporosis Foundation, Million Fractures Annually

22 22 $14 Billion Annually Burden of Disease zApproximately $38 million daily zCongestive heart failure costs $8 billion annually zAsthma costs $9.8 billion annually

23 23 Burden of Disease

24 24 Burden of Disease z1 out of 4 osteoporotic hip fractures result in long-term nursing home care zOne half of these are unable to walk without assistance z24% greater risk of dying within one year

25 Osteoporosis Normal Spine Osteoporotic Spine Source: National Osteoporosis Foundation, 2000

26 26 Symptoms and Warning Signs zPersistent, unexplained back pain zShorter than you used to be zSpinal deformities

27 27 Symptoms and Warning Signs zRecurrent fractures zFracture from minimal trauma zExperiencing chronic medical problems

28 28 Risk Factors zFemale zThin or small frame zLow body weight zSmoker

29 29 Risk Factors zAdvanced age zHistory of fragility fracture zFamily history- primary relative with Osteoporosis or fragility fracture

30 30 Risk Factors zPost Menopausal yHormonal imbalances can result in rapid bone loss yWomen can lose up to 20% of their bone mass in 5-7 years

31 31 Risk Factors zAmenorrhea, Anorexia & Bulimia zDiet low in calcium zCertain medications zLow testosterone in men

32 32 Inactive lifestyle Cigarette smoking Excessive alcohol consumption Risk Factors

33 33 Ethnicity & Osteoporosis z 13-16% with Osteoporosis now z 36-49% of Mexican American women 50+ have experienced significant bone loss z Hispanic Women at Highest Risk

34 34 Ethnicity & Osteoporosis Caucasian & Asian-American Women Also High Risk

35 35 Ethnicity & Osteoporosis z10% of African-American women 50+ have Osteoporosis z30% more have low bone density

36 36 Ethnicity & Osteoporosis z300,000 African-American women suffering from Osteoporosis today z80-95% of all fractures suffered by African-Americans 64+ are osteoporotic zAfrican-American women more likely to die from hip fractures

37 37 Ethnicity & Osteoporosis zRisk of hip fractures doubles approximately every 7 years z50% less calcium than RDA

38 38 Underdiagnosed Unrecognized Underreported Inadequately researched Men & Osteoporosis

39 39 Men & Osteoporosis z2 million American men suffer from Osteoporosis z3 million more are at risk z1/3 of male hip fractures related to Osteoporosis z1/3 of these men will not survive 1 year after fracture

40 40 Diagnosis

41 41 Diagnosis Before Your Appointment yPrepare to describe your symptoms yGather medical history yMake list of medications yWrite down concerns and questions and bring them

42 42 Diagnosis 1.Expect what from treatment? 2.Treatment effect on daily activities? 3.How to prevent further disability? During Your Appointment

43 43 Bone Densitometry

44 44 Bone Densitometry zAnyone with a fragility fracture zAll women age 65 and older zPostmenopausal younger than 65 with risk factors zMen over 50 with risk factors

45 45 Treatment

46 46 Medication zBisphosphonates zEstrogen Replacement Therapy zMedications made from natural hormones zSERMs

47 47 Vitamin D metabolites Parathyroid hormone New bisphosphonates New SERMs Medication-Under Investigation

48 48 Treatment zAppropriate treatment of fragility fractures zHip nailing

49 49 Prevention Calcium and Vitamin D Intake z Units per day zConsult your doctor for dosage

50 50 Prevention

51 Weight-Bearing Exercise Consult your doctor first

52 Tai-chi helps reduce falls

53 Year Olds Prevention

54 54 Prevention Year Olds

55 55 Prevention Year Olds

56 56 Prevention Over 50

57 57 Name: Ruth C. Snyder Age:Over 50 Injuries/conditions: Fracture of dorsal lumbar spine, Osteoporosis, hip fracture, and trigger finger Getting You Back In the Game


59 59 Osteoporosis While you cannot change your genetics or heredity, skeletal frame, gender, race or age, you can control other risk factors

60 60 National Osteoporosis Foundation (202) American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 6300 North River Road Rosemont, IL Resources

61 61 What are your questions and concerns? Understanding Osteoporosis

62 62 Understanding Osteoporosisc zThank you for participating today zRemember, your orthopaedic surgeon can help get you back into the game

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